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All That You Ever Want to Know About Nursing Case Study Assignments

“Using case studies helped me show my students the real world importance of course material. It was great!”

-Ada Barlatt

There is nothing new about students getting case studies as assignments. Whatever your stream may be, you would be allocated case studies as an assignment. Most of the students fear writing it because of the technicalities involved in it. They think that if they try to write a case study without any professional help they would not be able to do justice with this technically-oriented assignment. However, this is not so.

Here, we have put an effort to assist you in writing a nursing case study assignment. But, before that it is good to know what exactly case study assignments are and what purpose do they solve.

What are Case Studies?

Case study assignments are widely allocated assignments not only in Australia but all across the world. These assignments are given to the students of different streams but more commonly to the law, management and nursing students.

These assignments are critical or rational thinking assignments which enable the students to build a practical approach. It is about applying different concepts that they learn and acquire during the course of study to the real-life situations. The assignment may contain full video documentaries, video clips or the news related articles and a lot more. With the help of these assignments students should be able to express their understanding of concepts taught in the class and relate those concepts to the real-life situations which they may have to face as a professional in future.

Nursing is one of the most commonly chosen paramedical fields as on completing the course successfully a lot of job opportunities open up. If you have enrolled for a nursing course and finding it hard to deal with case study assignment studies, here is a complete help for you.

What is a Nursing Case Study Comprised of?

Nursing case study assignments are written on various diseases like Type II diabetes, pneumonia and COPD.  In these case studies different issues related with the various types of diseases are discussed. The assignment may include history of the patients, nursing care provided to them, any nursing intervention, recommendations, evaluation and diagnosis etc.

General Tips to be followed:

Only an understanding of concept does not help. Since the assignment is technically-oriented, a number of tips need to be taken care of. Here are the general ones:

  • Make use of a professional tone and write a report like you are writing it to your boss or any senior authority. A strictly formal tone is to be maintained all through.
  • Always remember that plagiarism is a serious offence and hence start from the scratch and come up with an original case study. You can take help of a professional assignment help service for writing case studies and keep those assignments as referrals.
  • Always make use of right spellings and punctuations. If errors are detected in your assignment, marks would be deducted.
  • Whether it is a nursing assignment or any other, you would come across a lot of acronyms or abbreviations. Refrain from using them.
  • Make an active contribution to the discussions and stop being vague anywhere.
  • Always keep in mind that you are at a college-level where one or two word answers are to be avoided. So, do not answer in “Yes” or “No” and try to justify and endorse your opinion and thoughts. This will make your writing much more impressive.
  • Last but not the least proofread your case studies before submissions and make sure that they are free from any sort of spelling or grammar errors.

A-Grade Case Study:

  • Aimed at justifying and endorsing answers with the texts, films, videos and articles.
  • Inclusions of examples from the personal or the work experiences.
  • Agreeing or disagreeing with a statement or argument and opening room for further discussions.
  • Use of correct punctuations, capitals and complete sentences etc.

B-Grade Case Study:

  • Answers are written adequately but without any examples to support.
  • Agreeing or disagreeing on something without providing proper justifications.
  • Sentences are complete and sound well but lack punctuations or may have capitalisation error.
  • May have spelling errors.

C-Grade Case Study:

  • Vague answers are written without any endorsements or justifications.
  • A simple “Yes” or “No” without giving any reasoning.
  • Incomplete sentences with errors in punctuations, grammar and capitalisation.
  • Spelling mistakes.

D-Grade Case Study:

  • Completely vague answers lacking any rationale.
  • Fail to share any idea and do not contribute to the discussions.
  • Short phrases lacking meaning
  • Lot of grammar and spelling errors.

How to Write Nursing Case Studies?

There is nothing new about coming across assignments that require you to write reflective case studies from time to time. Most of the students like you get confused even if they have understood the concept well. When you need to write a reflective case study for nursing you do not know what exactly to be done, what sections to include etc?

Studying nursing can be an uphill task because it involves intricate subjects like anatomy and pharmacology etc. There will be case study reports and nursing care plans to be written also and without a proper guidance you would feel helpless.

With the help of case studies, an in-depth analysis of any real-life situations or special type of situations can be done. Nursing case study assignments are given with the aim of inculcating practical knowledge in the students so that they are well-prepared to deal with a similar situation in their professional life. It appears like a formally written essay using the nursing concepts with systematisation and organisation of thoughts.

There are certain things to be kept in mind while developing nursing assignments. So, if you come across them, take care of these things.

  • Begin with assessing or evaluating the patient case
  • Prepare enlisting all the nursing diagnoses available.
  • Come clear with the nursing that a particular case needs and specify the interventions.
  • Elaborate your nursing strategies that you think can be used in a given case.
  • Specifying the nursing care plan and discuss the results to be met in that case.

What are the Different Sections?

Nursing case studies contains different sections that can be organised into 3 broad categories.

  • Status of patient
  • Nursing evaluation of patients
  • Nursing care they need and possible recommendations

The Patient Status:

This particular section is meant for the purpose of presenting demography related data (like age of the patient, their race and more). All the background information can be put here like the family or social history of the patient. At the end reasons for seeking the medical attention are specified and a diagnosis is made. The entire disease that the patient may be suffering from is discussed which includes causes of the disease, symptoms, observations etc. It also explains how the medical assistance given to the patients can impact the nursing care.

Nursing Evaluation of Patients:

In this section an assessment of patients’ nursing needs is done. Describing all the important signs and results of test, you should be able to provide nursing observations. It is good to be specific and be able to explain why you have come to a particular diagnosis. Justifying your diagnosis make your report strong and impressive.

Nursing Care Plan and Recommendations for Improvement in Condition:

This is the final section and the most important one also. In this section, a detailed nursing plan is discussed. Here you should come clear with the nursing care given to the patient under study and how the given nursing care will be helpful to him/her.

Current-care plan is assessed and discussed thoroughly here in the section and recommendations for improving the conditions of patient under study are made. It is important to note that the recommendations can be given citing the authoritative sources only. Apart from that, all the formatting and styling needs are to be taken care of and instructor’s requirements are to be followed.

Most important of all, once you are through with the nursing case study report, you need to check it thoroughly for any type of deletions, additions or any type of grammar or spelling errors. If there are mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuations they need to be fixed.

Are Case Study Books for Nursing Assignments Helpful?

Since nursing case studies or case studies given on any other stream for that matter are meant for judging the practical knowledge it is always good to read nursing case studies written by well-qualified educators or the professionals that can render nursing assignment help. Once you have sought their help you can keep the nursing case studies written by them as samples for future reference.

Nursing care plan is a widely allocated assignment and it is a written-record of sorts. It can be useful and successfully adopted when you work as a professional.

A well-written nursing case-study is the one that can guide you about how to   make the prognosis, what all questions to ask and how complex the nursing practices are. These case studies help the students to be aware of the realities of nursing practices. These assignments also improve their critical thinking and prepare them well for future endeavors.

Case studies are to be written meticulously and hence this assignment cannot be completed in jiffy. In this type of assignment a medical treatment, therapy and other possible cures are discussed. Highlighting the given treatment plan of the patient under study, you need to discuss how the recommended treatment is improving the quality of patient’s life and much more.

How to Write Nursing Case Study Assignment Research?

You can begin with drafting an introduction and make sure that you are clear and precise. Let your readers get a clear understanding of the situations which they are looking for solutions. Keep in mind when it comes to research, you need to present a problem to be addressed clearly. Endorse your argument or discussion with the help of facts, figures and other vital statistics. Make sure to use only the trustworthy resources.

There are several things that you can made use of like tables, audio files, videos, graphs and other things to address the problem. A consistent flow and simple to read case study research that can engage the readers is a successful one

Title Page: As the name manifests, this section comprises of the title of paper.

Abstract: This is a short version of the entire case study and summarises the whole idea. It has to be logical and should have a proper flow. Also, it is to be structured properly with the subheadings.

Introduction:  This is about expressing or communicating the idea why the case that you are studying is interesting.

Case Presentation: The section has a raw data which describes complaint of the patients, any crucial information, description, history and description of the clinical exam results and more. This section can also include other related disorders.

Management and Results:

All the nursing care plans and their results should be discussed in this section.

Discussions of the case: In this section, a discussion about the case is made with the proper statistics to endorse.

Acknowledgement: This is a word of gratitude to all those who have offered assistance in preparing the case study. However, a care is to be taken to not offer the patient under study.

References or Citations: This is about the sources that have been used all through the case study research. It is good not to exceed beyond 15 references. Also, refrain from using personal communications in the citations.

It is good to remember that a nursing case study is a formal academic research paper that is utterly useful in your future endeavors as professionals. You should sound authoritative all through the paper and should be able to endorse your recommendations and city them as per the style and formatting needs. To make it truly impressive make use of tables, facts and figures, video clips and other things to support your discussion.

Why an Assignment Help Service is Desirable?

Nursing case study is an assignment that needs a lot of critical thinking. It has a complex nature and this is the reason why a lot of students seek the help of a professional nursing assignment writing service. These services have subject experts that are well-qualified and highly experienced in writing case studies. With all their expertise they analyse the case study data, gather evidence-based literature and devise the nursing interventions which are in line with them.

A well-balanced and meticulously formulated nursing case study written by professionals can help you secure high marks, builds your reputation and can be kept as a sample for future reference.

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