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Guide to writing a Nike SWOT and PESTLE Analysis Case Study

The case study has since long been one of the primary staple of marketing departments everywhere. This academic piece of writing requires individuals to investigate a problem while offering alternative solutions and proposing the most effective one at the end. Are you confused about writing the perfect case study by abiding to all norms and rules? offers an innovative and resourceful help to guiding you through the process of achieving quality assignments and higher grades at the University.

A case study involves a wide plethora of essentials that needs to be followed towards building a sustainable outcome. Today in this article, we will learn the essentials that make a case study perfect. We will be dealing the brand Nike today, a sports brand based in the United States. By establishing itself as the world leader in the wide field of sports, Nike today boasts of more than 47 market shares in the global scenario. Due to the strength the brand offers, a lot of students might find it difficult to do the assignment properly.

What makes Nike an appropriate subject of study?

Nike is a high profile fashionable sports brand supplying company based in the United States. At present, it has established itself as the world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of sports products including shoes and clothes. By operating in 47 global market shares, the brand is an extremely popular brand that deals with the manufacture of a wide array of sports equipments.

Besides, Nike also makes its way to being the topmost of three companies offering products that are compliant with the climate, making its way towards building improved image to the customers. The marketing strategies involve the energy dedicated towards achieving the market goals. It believes on the strategy of ‘pyramid influence’ where an extremely small percentage of athletes pave their way towards influencing the brand and product choice. It pays serious heed to the technology production, the design and selling.

Let us explore the ways of creating a perfect case study on Nike SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Case Study. Following are the two most popular analyses in a case study:

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is an effective that helps in the development of a business strategy. The term SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. While the first two factors are purely internal to the company, the last two points on the other hand are completely external. Some of the examples include intellectual property, the location and patents. The opportunities and threats are factors that are going on the outside of the company in a large market.

A wide range of advantage can be taken of the opportunities and also protection against the threats, however you cannot change them. Some of the examples include shopping style, raw materials costs, the competitors and others. The SOWT analysis organizes all of these important factors in an organized list and presents in the form of a grid.

While performing a SWOT analysis, you need to be armed with a concrete strategy that will help in prioritizing the work required to grow the business. This method of analysis will help you to look at the brand in a number of new ways along with new directions. An analysis is done on the strengths and weaknesses and the ways in which it can leverage the points to benefit from the opportunities and threats existing.

How do to SWOT analysis of Nike?

  1. Determine the primary objectives

It is essential to decide on a key project along with the strategy you wish to involve. Place this at the top of the page. While determining the objectives, study the topic well and research on Nike in order to frame them well.

  1. Build a grid

A large square needs to be drawn while dividing it into four distinct smaller squares

  1. Each box needs to be marked

The word ‘strengths’ need to be written above, with ‘weaknesses’ on the right side. Moreover, ‘opportunities’ need to be written inside the box along with ‘threats’. These are major titles which need to be well distinguished from one another with the help of font size and colour.

  1. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses

The strengths and weaknesses of the brand need to be analyzed. These factors need not just be based on quality, but can also be based on quantity. Students need to list these factors in the form of bullets in order to make it clear to be read by the readers.

  1. Draw appropriate conclusion

It is imperative to analyze the analysis by finding out whether the positives are more or the negatives. If the positives are more, it can turn out to be a good decision for carrying the objective out. However if they do not, students need to make proper adjustments otherwise the plan needs to be abandoned.

PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE Analysis, sometimes referred to as PEST analysis is considered as one of the concepts in marketing principles. This concept is utilized as a tool by a wide range of companies to efficiently track the environment that is been operated or to launch a new kind of project. A PESTEL analysis refers to a tool or a framework been used by the marketers to help in analyzing and monitoring the macro-environmental factors which tend to pose a strong impact on the organization. This results in the identification of the necessary threats and weaknesses used in the previous analysis.

The work PESTEL stands for six different words that include Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal. Let us look at all of these factors in detail.

  • Political Factors:

These factors involve how and to what extend does government intervene in an economy. These include government policy, foreign trade policy, political stability and instability, labour law, trade restrictions, environment law and so on.

These factors often contribute to having a considerable impact on the organization and the way in which they perform business. It is crucial for the organization to respond properly to legislation of today and of the future and adjust the policies accordingly.

  • Economic Factors

The economic factors contribute to having a major impact on the way an organization does business and how profitable they are. Some of the factors include interest rates, economic growth, inflation, exchange rates and others.

These factors need to be evaluated and broken down into distinct factors pertaining to macro and micro. While the former factors usually deal with the process of demand management in an economy, the micro factors deal with the way in which people utilize their incomes.

  • Social factors

These factors are also known as socio-cultural factors which are the prime areas that involve shared attitudes and beliefs of population. Some of the factors include growth of population, health consciousness, distribution of age and the attitude of career. All of these factors are of major interest as they contribute to playing an important role on the way marketers understand the customers and the essentials that drives them.

  • Technological factors

We all are aware of the technological scenario today and the manner in which the landscape is changing every single day. It further has a direct effect on the manner in which the products are marketed. Technological factors that has a direct impact on marketing and management in the following three ways:

  1. Innovative distinct manner of production of goods and services
  2. Innovative distinct manner of distributing the goods and services
  3. Innovative distinct manner of making communication with the target markets
  • Environmental Factors

The factors include the factors which influences or are well determined by environment that is built in the surrounding. The environmental factors have become an issue of the world since the last fifteen years. These issues have paved way for its importance due to the environmental conditions of the past and today. Some of the incidents include scarcity of the raw materials, air pollution, climate change, carbon footprint targets and so on. Apart from these issues, there are several other issues that are largely faced by the marketers.

  • Legal Factors

There are specific laws that tend to have an impact on the culture of a business along with a few laws which has an impact on the culture of business in a specific country. Alongside, there are also certain policies which are maintained by companies for themselves. The legal group of factors comprise of health and safety, advertising standards, equal means of opportunities, consumer rights and laws, product safety and labelling.

It is essential for the companies to know the right terms of legality in order to perform trading successfully. When a company trades globally, it undoubtedly gets quite tricky as each of them has their norms and regulations. The factors comprise of both internal as well as external sides. It is only after completing a detailed analysis of a PESTEL; students are able to use the details to identify the strengths and weakness required for SWOT analysis.

Essential steps to framing a quality case study:

We have by now understood the essentials of a case study well. Now that you are aware of the two kinds of analysis that needs to be done in NIKE case study, let us look at the steps for creating a professional case study to beat all records.

  1. Extensive research

With a case study on a major topic like NIKE, it becomes a pre-requisite to start the case study after doing a thorough research. Hence, the first step that involves writing a professional writing piece is performing an in-depth research of NIKE as a brand. The brand has been present for a very long time and this international company comprises of a sea of information that needs to be researched well.

Hence, the step involves acquiring all vital and relevant information that is essential to be included in the academic writing piece. At the same time, you need to refer a wide array of research papers and company statements to avail an overall view of the organization. While performing the research procedure, it is important to entrust only genuine and valid resources. This is because no fake information can be included in the case study, rather needs only accurate and authentic set of information.

  1. Set realistic goals

Before you sit down to create an effective case study, it is essential to define the goals that your case study is set to attain. These academic pieces are just more than simply being mere tools for use by self-motivated prospects researching the company. While starting the case study about the brand NIKE, write the goals that you want to establish at the end of the study. As each and every case study has a distinct goal, hence the goals need to be assessed in a manner that is realistic and not some unrealistic that cannot be achieved.

  1. Gather necessary relevant information

It is essential to acquire all the necessary information that will help in framing the masterpiece. A wide array of details has already been figured out in the first step of researching. Hence, this stop revolves around acquiring necessary information such as essential documents, company statements, citations, critical reference, quotations and other related information pieces that will help in supplementing and complementing the case study on the unique Nike brand.

At the same time, it is also crucial to remember that the third party sources to be used need to be adequately cited with proper reference. If the students miss out on essential reference, it might result in plagiarism leading to cancellation of the case study in the University.

  1. Identify a captivating angle

The third step involves the identification of an angle for Nike SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Case Study and a compelling one. This is because the more compelling the angle gets, the better the story. Moreover, the better the story you form, the more engaging does the case study get.

Try finding an interesting consumer for the next case study. Try assessing the way in which people are using the products and services of Nike. Check whether the consumers are using the business to efficiently solve the unusual problems. At the same time, students need to get creative while on the search for someone willing to serve as the primary basis for the next case study.

  1. Tell a story that is convincing enough

People love reading a story and some of the greatest stories can be built of Nike, the shoe brand. A prominent case study helps in allowing someone to know the customer in case study including the following:

  • Who is the target audience and what do they do?
  • What are the goals of the customers?
  • What are the needs of the customers/target audience?
  • How did the needs get satisfied and help the customers to meet the goals?

A final conclusion needs to be made by following up with customer throughout the case study process and offering an update post few months to reflect how the Nike products are continuing to impose a long term benefit on the customers. This helps in offering a detailed opportunity to check that the goal does not only meet immediate requirements, but also ensure long term benefits.

  1. Easy formatting method

While reading a piece of content, individuals usually want to read a small piece of content divided into a number of paragraphs. Nobody likes reading a huge chunk of text, irrespective of the useful content within. Hence, be sure to make use of a set of proper formatting elements like used in blog posts, articles, copywriting that includes the following:

  • Headers
  • Images
  • Bulleted lists
  • Italicized and bolded text

The formatting elements help the readers to find the most essential parts of the case study and acquire a great impression about what the brand could do for the customers.

  1. Data and statistics

The case study is not just a story; however this does not mean that you should only rely on the anecdotes to highlight the points. Along with framing a story, you also need to highlight the data and statistics that support the story with sufficient data. Data to be included need to directly reflect the challenges posed. Although not all company is a data driven one, however while writing a case study on Nike, you can highlight ample amount of data highlighting various essentials of the brand.

Be sure that you include some data and evident that further supports the major points and help you to reiterate the ways in which the featured client overcame the issue with the help of Nike products and services.

  1. Make it presentable

Content filled in a few pages usually tend to look boring, and hence the academic piece needs to be written in a manner that is presentable. While writing the case study, support it by adding supporting images, data, charts and other diagrams that make it look presentable and interesting. In this manner, the case study becomes presentable and offers an interesting look.

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