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Carbon Fiber Assignment Help

Carbon fiber is the reinforced polymers which are very strong and light. The term carbon fiber refers to the material made of thin carbon fiber which is bound together by resin in the presence of heat and pressure. The carbon fiber is the graphite fibers which are about 5-10 micrometer in diameter. The carbon crystals are aligned parallel to the axis of the fiber. The strength of a carbon fiber depends upon the weave; the more complex weave carbon fiber will be stronger.

Sometimes carbon fibers are mixed with other materials such as aramid, Kevlar, Twaron, aluminum, or glass fiber. Most expensive polymer used is carbon nanotubes.The resin is used to bind these fiber together .epoxy resin is used for this but some time polyester, vinyl ester thermoplastic are used. The most common raw material used to make carbon fibers ispolya crylonitrile (or PAN), the mostly carbon fibres are made up of PAN.

The carbon fiber are used where low weight to strength ratio is required and also requires good rigidity.The carbon fiberhas high stiffness, high temperature tolerance, high tensile strength, low weight and low thermal expansion thus make it very popular in civil engineering, aerospace,military, and motorsports. These fibers are very expensive so these are mainly used in motorsport, aerospace and military.

The fibers are first weaved together and these are dropped into resin where the fiber makes bond with each other. Then it is heated and pressed together and material is completely fused with each other. Then a mold is filled with carbon fibers and allowed to cure by vacuum until it takes the desired shape.

The one fiber filament is bundled with thousands of other filament thus giving the material very high strength. The former carbon fibers of diameter about 7-8 micrometers but now days’ carbon fibers have diameter about 5 micrometers.

Carbon fibers are continuously replacing the conventional materials used for manufacturing the automobiles and heavy duty machine parts. The strength of carbon fiber is better than metal and weight is closer to plastic thus gives low weight to strength ratio.The metallic parts are always prone to corrosion any these are very heavy in weight but carbon fibers are light in weight so ultimately reducing fuel consumption and better handling of the vehicle. When toughness is required in carbon fiber the fiber is reinforced with some other material.The same weight shaft made of carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than that of aluminum. In addition to certain mechanical properties the carbon fiber gives unique and beautiful surface finish.

There are some drawbacks of using carbon fibers. Under the loadingcondition the carbon fibers are permanently deformed once the ultimate strength is exceeded the carbon fibers fails suddenly. Also the properties of specific carbon fiber are specifically foam core sandwich is good in bending but fails in crushing or compression. Carbon fiber and a lot more expensive than the traditional metals and the manufacturing of carbon fiber require the special techniques and skills. Special tolling and machining is required to make carbon fiber of desired shape and finish.

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