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A case study focusing on McDonald's is written to define some realistic business situations or hypothetical accounts of a situation or dilemma faced by the fast-food company. A case study on McDonald’s will allow the scholars to accurately analyze the numerous business issues and achievements from a new perspective and also allows them to apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities that they have developed in their theoretical lessons. A McDonald's case study might simplify general business models, theories, and frameworks for a scholar and help him to understand the practical application of the same.

A case study on McDonald's will also help a student to get a clear glimpse into the past as well as the present client success stories or sales empowerment strategies opted by the company to stand out from the crowd. When you write a case study on McDonald's it will help the readers to recognize the benefits of working with the fast-food giant and will also help them to become aware of the arsenal of tools that helps the organisation to successfully close a deal or tackle a tricky situation.

A case study on McDonald's will help a scholar in presenting two types of outcomes to his examiner or the readers

  • It will ensure that you make clear and effective forecasts to make sound business decisions. A general case study related to any business helps a scholar to identify the relevant answer to the question that what will happen if a businessman takes a similar decision in the same situation as that of McDonald's. The presented case study will provide the answer in business terms like the costs, risks, and benefits involved with the decision and hence resulting in making accurate forecasts.
  • It will act as a proof for the successful implementation of a strategy or technique in the business. Evidence plays a very important role in defending the selection of one action over the other in any business model or scenario. A well-structured case study acts as that evidence is compelling terms to justify the choice made by the person in power at the organisation.

This article will provide you with a brief outlook into the history of McDonald’s and will also present some valuable tips on how can you write an influential case study focusing on McDonald's.

A sneak peek into the McDonald’s Corporation or McDonald's in general

Started in 1948 in the country of dreams, America, Mcdonald’s has become a household name in today's era. It is the world's greatest fast-food chain well known for the hamburgers, fries, chicken, and other delicacies. The headquarters of the organisation is located at the Oak Brook, Illinois. The strategy of the first restaurant of the chain was quite simple, sell enormous portions of food at little prices. The cost of a basic hamburger at McDonald's was set at 15 cents that were approximately half the amount the competitors were charging from their customers.

Also, the fast-food restaurant had the self-service counters which made save up huge chumps of money that would have been spent on paying the salaries to waitress and waitresses. The service was quite quick as well as the hamburgers were cooked beforehand, packed, and kept warm under heat lamps. Being impressed by the thought, Ray Kroc offered to open a franchise arrangement for the McDonald's Corporation. In the year 1955, this idea came to life when the first franchise of McDonald's was started in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The logo of the fast-food chain, as we know today, the double-arched 'm’ was introduced in the year 1962 whereas the clown that represents the fast-food company, Ronald Mcdonald, emerged as the face for them in 1963. Eventually, with time new products were added in the menu of the restaurant and the products and logo of the company started defining the brand. The chain continued to reach new heights both domestically and internationally managing more than 35,000 restaurants in more than a hundred nations around the globe by the beginning of the 21st century.

The growth of the restaurant was so excessive that there was a buzz that a brand new branch of McDonald's is launched at someplace in the world every five minutes. With such great response coming from the public, McDonald's is now a family restaurant preferred by many because of its affordability, fun-filled environment, and mouth-watering flavours.

Along with its popularity, McDonald's corporation has faced its bad days as well. The company was immensely criticised for its association with the global increase in obesity. However, the company overcame this issue very smartly by introducing healthy dishes in the menu, eliminating large portions of meals served and stopped using trans-fat oil for cooking items. Along with this concern, the call to increase the wages by various employees also kept McDonald's in the limelight due to negative reasons.

Purpose of writing a case study on McDonald's Corporation

When a student pursuing his education in the area of business management or the like writes an accurate and impactful case study on a well-known organisation he provides an opportunity to various of businessmen to look down at his work and satisfy a variety of their business queries and needs. Here are a few reasons which prove that why writing a case study on McDonald's is a smart choice.

  • When you study McDonald's with a business perspective, you'll be able to provide an in-depth financial justification for the fast-food giant. It means that you'll be able to demonstrate that the actions followed by the company meet any one of the below-mentioned criteria
  • The route they followed allows them to earn enough to cover all their expenses smoothly.
  • The applied strategy is more beneficial in terms of revenue as compared to the other available options.
  • The action they had taken in a particular situation, was the most inexpensive solution available.

Make sure that you incorporate any one of these pointers in your McDonald's case study to give a relevant explanation for a solution applied.

  • Many a time a situation arises that there is more than one course of action that the company was planning to apply for its benefit. A case study assignment focused on McDonald's Corporation helps a student to provide objective and quantitative measures that effectively justify the course of action finally decided by the company. It will also allow the student to provide adequate comparison data between the two courses of action that it becomes easy to identify that the risks involved are plausible or not.
  • Your McDonald's case study can help in business planning as well. A case study allows a student to deliver to the point and nearly accurate forecasts of the expenditure and earning by the fast-food company.
  • If you've developed your case study in an exceptional manner, it can be very useful for the project and program managers of the organisation as they might be able to manage the target levels for the different departments more effectively. A well-written case study on McDonald's will provide suggest measures for minimizing costs, maximizing returns, and eliminating the risk factors involved.
  • A strong case study represents to the authorities and the readers that the decisions made by the organisation were taken responsibly, were ethically correct and were lawfully accurate.

Structure of a case study focusing on McDonald’s Corporation

Writing a strong case focused on McDonald's includes multiple moving segments. Therefore it becomes extremely important to streamline your case study from the beginning till the end in order to ensure that no steps are missed leading to the development of incomplete and unimpactful case study assignment. Here are the steps that will help you to efficiently get the job done writing while your case study

  1. Find an interesting and unique subject for your McDonald's case study. The foremost step in writing a case study assignment is to ensure that who or what you want to write about. Since, in this case, the organisation is already set you can look for other parameters like a client story, a revenue generation strategy, or brand building techniques etc.
  2. Ask for permission from the customers in order to ethically write their experience in your case study. If you're writing about McDonald's that's a different scenario but if you're writing about clients or customers, you might need to get their permission before adding their opinions or point of views in your case study assignment. Do not just randomly pull out the data from some sources and throw it up in your assignment. Create a decent permission letter and ask the potential participants. Do not forget to mention the perks they can enjoy after being a part of your case study assignment.
  3. Prepare and send in an introductory questionnaire. Once the client or customer of McDonald's agrees to be a part of your case study, the next step is to produce an introductory questionnaire and send it across to all the participants of the case study. This questionnaire will help a student in gathering information and providing an appealing shape to your case study.
  4. Develop interesting and relevant interview questions to take the process ahead. Once the participants are through with the introductory questionnaire, it is time for you to interview them. Before conducting the interview it is highly beneficial to draft your questions so that you do not lose the track. Asking appropriate interview questions will help a scholar to get all the information required to write his entire case study. Do not make the questions redundant in nature as the time of your participants is precious as well. You can adjust the questions according to the responses received in the introductory questionnaire. The questions you frame should help you to get to know the participant, to know if they'were facing a solution for some specific problem, figure out what made your customer or clients choose McDonald's over the other competitive businesses, did the solution provide resolve their problem, and what results were observed by the participants of your case study assignment.
  5. Set up an interview with your participant as per their availability. Now that your participants are there and interview questions are drafted, the next step is to schedule an interview with the involved participants. You should add the time and date of the interview on a synced calendar to make the process much more convenient. Determine the mode in which you want to conduct your interview. Will it be telephonic, face to face meeting, or a video call. Plan on a way to record your interview to ensure more accuracy while you sit to write your case study assignment.
  6. Start writing your case study assignment. Now that you have all the required information and data gathered at one place, it is time to merge it all together in a document to develop your case study. You can also download a template for the case study in order to avoid complications with the structure of the assignment.
  • Write an interesting title for your case study.
  • Pen down an abstract or executive summary that covers key points of your case study assignment.
  • Add in the details about what area or department or field of McDonald's you're focusing on.
  • Provide the information about challenges faced by the participants of the study along with their previous expectations or goals.
  • Link the above-mentioned experience with the details of how McDonald's managed to resolve that problem of the participant.
  • Feature the info about the progress and details that McDonald's made since the participant has been visiting the fast-food restaurant.
  • Add in some relevant visuals to make your case study even more interesting.
  1. Submit your work for evaluation. Now that your case study is developed, edited, and proofread all that is left to do is for you to submit your case study to your professor or mentor to get evaluated.

Get expert help with your McDonald’s case study assignment

Case study assignments have become a vital part of a student's academic curriculum in today's era. Most of the universities are focusing on imparting knowledge to students with the help of interesting examples of global firms in the form of case studies. Writing a case study assignment requires a student to apply a holistic and structured approach towards a specific scenario. The process often becomes quite intimidating for them leading to stressful all-nighters and low grades in the assessments.

For students who cannot produce influential case study assignments on their own, there is plenty of help available in the form of online case study assignment writing portals. The expert writers recruited at these portals follow an innovative and simplified approach to provide adequate help to students with an impressive framework to deliver comprehensive McDonald's case study solutions. There are numerous online platforms that produce and sell case study assignments to students to fulfil the requirements of their academic program.

The writers at these portals are highly qualified in the area of business and management along with an impressive record of industry experience. With their exceptional skills, the writers can easily analyse the situation involved in the case study, identify the main issues or problems of the scenario, and make relevant and logical recommendations. They can also help the students with an organisation or sector research to provide an interesting background of the company involved.

These experts have years of experience in solving the business case studies, hence they completely understand what exactly will be expected of you in the assignment and thus produce a high-quality case study for you accordingly. Students of various universities across the globe avail help of online case study assignment writing portals. The approach of these platforms enables scholars to achieve top grades in their case study assignments.

Why should you get help with your McDonald's case study assignment?

A student pursuing his higher education is often overburned with the excessive pressure of the multiple assignments submitted for the successful completion of their degree program. Students often have to juggle multiple responsibilities along with their education which causes them to not have enough spare time and energy to write and develop all their assignments in time and with an assurance of top-notch quality. Therefore, students often seek professional help in developing their case study assignments from a reliable assignment writing service provider. The expert writers at these portals offer reliable and affordable help services to the students enrolled in different disciplines and universities.

Most of the reputed online case study assignment writing help providers work with a motive to enhance the knowledge of the students by providing expert guidance to them. It is a smart choice to ask for help when you need it the most. Thus, do not let your overall grades face an extreme down low and get professional help with all the aspects of your McDonald's case study assignment.

Here are a few topics or segments that you can get help with while writing your McDonald's case study

  • SWOT analysis
  • Case selection help
  • Market analysis
  • Structuring of the case study
  • Financial metrics
  • Strategic approach
  • Factors driving the business of McDonald's.
  • Cash flow statement

What does an online McDonald's case study writing service offer to the students?

The internet is full of innumerable case study assignment writing portals that provide a wide variety of case studies to the students in exchange for some minimal amount. Most of these service providers offer a unique combination of quality and affordability to students keeping in mind their financial conditions. The case studies prepared are at par with the standards set by the university or institution. Here are a few benefits that a student can enjoy after getting professional help with his McDonald'scase study assignment

  • Zero plagiarism in the work and affordable service

An online case study writing portal usually offers a value for money deal to the students who seek their assistance with their case study assignments. When you plan to avail the case study writing service from any service provider you can be assured of receiving top-notch content that is completely innovative, uniques, and free of plagiarism. These portals guarantee to achieve the maximum operational efficiency while writing your case study assignment which makes them efficient in delivering your case study within the set deadline. These portals work on an extremely systematic and organised workflow system which enhances the satisfaction rate among the students. 

  • Custom solutions are offered as per your needs.

The writers at a case study service providing portal put in the best of their efforts to offer the best in the market results to the students by effectively fulfilling their assignment requirements. Every student is offered a customized solution for his case study assignment according to his discipline, university, and level of the program. The solutions are tailored according to the preference of each individual.

  • No mediator is involved in the process.

Most of the online assignment writing portals offer their services directly to the students and do not involve any mediator in the mediator in the process. The platform is user-friendly where the students can easily connect with the expert writers from the industry get their assignment written from them. This ensures the establishment of a transparent system between the writers at the portal and the students and assures better service offerings.

  • Team of highly qualified, professional writers do their magic on your assignment.

The work of these online assignment writing portals depends largely on the writers they recruit in their team. Therefore a significant amount of time and money is invested in forming a team of expert writers who can undertake the responsibility of writing high-quality case studies for the students. The writers work full time at these portals so that they have a fixed schedule dedicated to writing numerous assignment solutions for you.

  • Top-notch quality is maintained in the content of your case study assignment.

The writers recruited at these portals belong to diverse backgrounds as thus include different skills and knowledge abilities. Therefore they can create your case studies from the scratch efficiently and within the set deadline so that a student gets enough time to review the assignment delivered. Strict quality control measures are applied to maintain the quality of your case study assignment.

Now that every solution is presented to you in a brief yet informative manner, the fear of creating a compelling McDonald's case study should just disappear in the thin air. You've great help to assist you in writing your case study from scratch. Get going and come up with amazing case studies focused on McDonald's Corporation.

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