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Excellent Guide for an Excellent Management Case Study Assignment

Case studies form an integral part of academic modules related mostly to professional courses. The case study assigned to any student or candidate serves as a testament to his/her expertise in a particular subject matter. There are numerous assignments and challenges that a student faces during the academic journey, like multiple coursework, examinations, tests, etc. However a case study is perfect balance of all.

It incorporates the features of any assignment and even serves as a test to the candidate’s ability and proficiency. The accomplishment of a perfect case studies is a sign of the writer’s comprehensive knowledge in that field and his/her ability to solve problems using that knowledge.

We often fail to realize that each and every assignment holds a different objective and therefore requires a different approach to accomplish it. A case study is a unique assignment that a student comes across. It is a pinnacle of right knowledge and right ability to execute that knowledge in solving problems.

A case study is an ingenious and authentic way to assess a potential student or candidate on:

  • Right Knowledge: This forms the basis for accomplishing any case study. Without acquiring the required expertise on a particular subject matter, solving any case study is out of the bound. Sound knowledge and proficiency are the key requirements to accomplish any case study perfectly.
  • Right Approach: The mere possession of knowledge cannot be an absolute parameter to assess a student. Along with the proficiency in the subject matter, a student ought to acquire a right approach for analyzing a situation and thus solving the problems. A case study in this respect, proves beneficial as it helps the assessor to assess the candidate on the approach that he/she may resort to.
  • Critical Thinking: Another main objective that a case study serves is to assess a candidate on his/her critical thinking ability. The nature of questions in a case study helps the assessor to judge whether the candidate possess required thinking and problem-solving ability or not.

Many students find the task to accomplish any case study with perfection as tedious one. And no doubt that without the right guidance and help, this task may even appear to be gruesome. Therefore to help you out in such situations, we bring to you this article, where we deal in detail with all the necessary elements required in a case study. We bring to you a detailed guide on how to write an outstanding case study. Read on and all your queries and doubts regarding a case study will be resolved.

Important topics for a Management Case Study Assignment:

We understand that management as a subject can be quiet tricky. Its numerous branches and dimensions, make it all the more difficult for a student to produce a case study based on management. Therefore, to make things a little simple for you, we have curated a list of some important topics under management that may help you select your main theme to base your case study on:

  • Communication: Management is a wide and infinite topic as an ocean. But there are certain core dimensions that are required in every field of management. And Communication forms such an important topic. The role of management in any organization is to felicitate the process of communication between different hierarchical levels. Hence it accounts for an important dimension and could be an ideal topic to deal with. You may start by defining communications and the crucial role it plays in an organization.
  • Then you may proceed by mentioning various theories on communications and their particular role at an organizational levels. Then you may mention about various hurdles and challenges which managers face during the process of communication. Finally conclude by giving your solutions and opinion on related problems.
  • Perception and Decision Making: Another core area of study might be analyzing the aspect of perception and decision making. A manager’s role majorly comprise of dealing with employees. And to assess an employee, it becomes crucial to analyze his/her perceptions about the organization and how it affects their decision making. This topic may be dealt with from a point of view of a manger. Define the important terms of this dimension and talk about various theories related to it.
  • Then also include various models and schools of thought to supplement your study. Finally describe all the hurdles and difficulties a manger faces while analyzing the thought process of an employee. Conclude by suggesting appropriate solutions.
  • Motivation: Yet another important branch of management is motivation. One of the core responsibilities of management of a company is to keep the employees constantly motivated. One can use this aspect of management to base the case study. Motivation is one of the prime factors that helps the organization to retain its employees and form long lasting association. The case study based on it might deal with all the crucial aspects involved in motivation.
  • Mention all the important and relevant theories that are practiced by the organizations. Then talk about how the lack of adequate motivation may affect the organization negatively. Highlight the problematic areas and conclude by giving suitable solutions.
  • Human Resource Management: It is the most sought after branch of management and thus forms an ideal subject matter for a case study. Begin by introducing the topic in brief. Mention about important theories and models of human resource management. Talk about how important the employees are for any organization and thus form the most important resource. Mention about various challenges and hardships that managers face to manage the human resources of any organization. Critically analyze all the dimensions and conclude by providing solutions and relevant insights.

A Step by Step Guide to Write an Impeccable Management Case Study:

Management as a subject is like a vast sea to dive in. And dealing with a case study based on management is an equally challenging task. A candidate is required to have outstanding knowledge on a particular subject matter to deal with the case study. However, it is often observed that despite having ample knowledge, many students fail to accomplish the task of producing a case study effectively. This is mainly because of the absence of right approach and technique to write a case study infallibly. Therefore, we bring to you a detailed step by step guide that will help you to create an outstanding case study:

  • Management as a whole is an extremely broad spectrum subject. Therefore, it is next to impossible to deal with the subject in entirety in a case study. Hence, a candidate is required to choose a particular branch of management to base one’s case study on. And here is the catch. Most students fail to choose an appropriate subject matter. Thus it is advised to choose the topic carefully. While making the decision, look for the topic which complements your area of strength.
  • Choose a topic where your proficiency and expertise lie. Make sure to choose the subject matter that you can justify with. While finalizing the choice, do not set any unrealistic target for yourself. Go for the topic that you are comfortable with. Always remember that making the right choice implies half the battle is won. So, choose smartly. Once a topic has been chosen, do not get confused with other topics. Once you have made the choice, stick with it and justify it through your work.
  • The next step involves intensive research. This is a crucial step that many students give a miss as they fail to realize the critical importance of research. Therefore, once the topic on which the case study has to be based is finalized and known, begin by researching on the topic extensively. As a case study is not only about information, it requires practical applicability of that information as well, therefore research on the topic from an analytical pint of view.
  • Gather relevant and strong information that might be useful for the case study. Also, apart from the theoretical inputs, look out for data, research papers, critical facts that might be used later to support and supplement your opinions. While researching, always remember to search using authentic sources that provide genuine and reliable information. A strong research acts like a strong foundation to build your case study on.
  • Once the research part is well accomplished. The main part of writing the case study begins. So before directly jumping on the main text of the document, start by writing a strong introduction to the case study. Here, mention about the main objective of writing the case study and what you want to achieve by undertaking the study on the particular subject matter. Also, in the introduction, include some hints about the approach that one is going to resort to while dealing with the problems.
  • Remember, that introduction serves as the preface to your entire document. One has to tread a narrow path while writing an introduction as it has to be aptly engaging without giving up too much information too soon. An introduction is the first thing that any reader refers to, it must be written in engaging and engrossing manner that appeals to the reader and encourages him/her to dig in further.
  • After writing an outstanding introduction, now comes the main part. Therefore, start by briefing the reader with the main theme of the case study. Then analyze each and every aspect of the subject in an orderly fashion. Describe the subject matter to the readers using appropriate theories and methodologies. Critically analyze the subject matter in question and its practical applicability. After giving a thorough analysis, mention about the major loopholes and shortcomings that you might have observed.
  • Highlight the critical areas and dimensions that need modification. Back up your observations using relevant citations, references and data. Use engaging media to make the document more interesting. Also, remember that if your subject matter is quiet lengthy then it is suggested to divide the entire text into appropriate sections or chapters. Dividing the text into smaller parts will make it more presentable and easy to read. Also, if dividing the text into separate parts, give appropriate headings or titles to make the reading convenient for the reader.
  • The job does not end here. As we know by now that a case study is not an absolute informative document. Therefore, next comes the part to utilize the above mentioned information in solving problems. Hence, it is required that after highlighting all the possible flaws in a subject, the writer has to deal with the problems comprehensively. Therefore, the next part must include the solution of all the problems that the writer might have highlighted.
  • Make sure that the solutions you provide must resonate with the problems in hand. The solutions must be authentic and must be sustainable and viable in the long run. After suggesting solutions, next come the part to conclude your document. Give a strong conclusion to your case study. You may even include your opinions in this section. Remember, that the conclusion must complement the entire case study. There should not be any overlapping and contradictions.
  • Once the entire text of the main body of the case study is accomplished then it is time to structure your document. So, start by giving an appropriate title to your case study. The title must be in resonance with the essence of the case study undertaken. Then create a table of contents page for your case study. A table of content is like a navigating tool for the reader to refer to any part of the document as and when required.
  • After this, write acknowledgements for thanking all the people who have helped you to accomplish the case study successfully. At the end of the document attach a reference list after conclusion. Include all the sources from where you have used the information in the case study. This reference list provides validity and authenticity to your work and also protects it from the apparent plagiarism.
Errors to Lookout to produce an Infallible Case Study:

As students and professionals, we strive very hard to achieve the desired result of creating an outstanding case study. But many a times, owing to some silly mistakes and carelessness, we miss the target. Therefore, to ease out your task, following is the list containing the most common mistakes that students commit:

  • The failure to realize the difference between a case study and a regular assignment. This is the most common mistake that students make. Therefore, as mentioned above, deal with the case study with a different approach from a regular assignment. A typical college assignment is generally a descriptive piece of information that requires the student to write elaborately on a subject or topic.
  • However, on the other hand, a case study is unique in nature as it involves the use of right knowledge and information to solve the related problems. Hence, it is highly suggested to realize the difference between difference assignments and choose the appropriate approach accordingly.
  • Another mistake that most students commit is the failure to target a particular set of audience. As it is a known fact that a case study is a little technical and subject specific in nature, hence it should be written keeping in mind a particular set of audience. Choosing the right readership for the case study helps the writer to focus on core area of study. It helps him/her to write from a particular point of view that will appeal to the audience. Therefore, select your audience base carefully as it will you to focus on the subject matter more specifically without any diversions.
  • The other mistake that surfaces commonly is to keep the text too bland. Though a case study is a scholarly piece of writing and this fact apprehends many students to avoid using relevant media in their document. Yes, a case study is a scholarly piece but it certainly requires presentation and appeal. Hence it is highly suggested to use appropriate and relevant media in between the text.
  • The use of media serves dual purpose – one, it supplements your inputs and opinions in a more emphatic manner and second, it makes the document more engaging and appealing. Hence, along with strong writing, use of good media like relevant pictures, graphs, data sets, etc. is highly recommended.
  • Another mistake that students often make is not to structure and format the case study appropriately. Remember that a proper structure and format add substance to your work. It showcases the professional and proficient attributes of a writer. Therefore, always structure your case study appropriately and format it according to the set guidelines or best followed practices.
  • We come across many cases, where the writer in spite of being well versed with the subject, fails to score good in case studies. This is so because of the lack of right technique and skills required to structure and format the case study.
  • Last but definitely not the least, the mistake to use complicated and heavy vocabulary in a document. Many students carry this false inhibition that use of heavy words makes their document more worthy. However this holds no ground. Instead, the use of simple and easy language is appreciated and recommended. The main purpose of language is to convey the message and the use of complicated words inhibits this process. Refrain from using any fancy words.
  • Stick to the basics. Keep the language simple and easy on eyes. Remember that language must be used in a manner to complement your work and not to create complications or difficulty.

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