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Know How Much You Need to Spend on Education and Living in Australia

Known for its pristine beauty and top-level education, Australia is a wonderful study destination that has been attracting students from far and wide. Some Australian Universities are world-renowned and international students who wish to study here always want to know the costs associated with living and studying in Australia. We have put an effort to provide a detailed idea about the same.

Living expenses and costs of studying in Australia are lower than the United States and United Kingdom. International students also have the opportunity to work part-time while they study and earn their living.

A Quick Idea About the Tuition Fee

International students need to pay an upfront tuition fee. There are some institutions that charge for the other costs as well apart from the normal tuition fee, which includes cost of the sports, laboratory, library fee and more. Cost of excursions, stationery, books and other types of essential materials are also covered.

Tuition fee for the International students begin at 20,000 A$/year and average fee then goes up to A$30,000.

Tuition fee of most of the Australian universities depend on the number of units that a student has and on the yearly fee of a course is the cost of 2 semesters of a full-time.

Australian Universities charge tuition fee based on the numbers of units that student take and the annual fee of any course is the cost of two semesters of a full-time study.

Degrees in this country are shorter in duration than the other countries which reduce overall cost.

  • A bachelor degree is 3 years for a full-timer (24 units)
  • Professional honours degree is of 4 years (32 units)
  • Masters degree is typically 1.5 years (12 units)

Some Australia Universities offer scholarship or fellowship program for the international students. Those who wish to cut-down their tuition expenses can inquire about the same and find out whether their chosen University is offering a scholarship program.

Australia has only 2 International and one private University but there are as many as 40 public universities. Students can grab any type of study degree from these Universities. Tuition fee differs and depend on the chosen course, level of study and on the chosen University. Studying in Australia is a costly affair as far as tuition fee is concerned.

Australia has around 40 public, 2 international and one private university. Any type of study degree can be grabbed from these Universities. Tuition fee varies according to your chosen course, degree level and the University chosen. Australia is one of the most expensive countries as far as costs of university and the average tuition fee for an academic year is concerned.

For the Full Time Degree Courses the Average Tuition Fee:

Bachelor’s Degree: The course ranges between 15,000-33,000 Australian Dollars per   year.

Master’s and PhD Degree: The course ranges between 14,000-37,000 AUD/year

Most Affordable Universities In Australia

  • IPAG Business Schools: The average tuition fee 15,000 A$/year
  • University of New England: The average tuition fee is 18,000 A$/year
  • Victoria University: The average tuition fee is 22,000 A$/year
  • University of Wollongong: The average tuition fee is 16,000 A$/year

Top Ranked Australian Universities

  • Australian National University: Average tuition fee ranges from 36,000-37,000 A$/year
  • University of Queensland: Average tuition fee is 32,000 A$/year
  • University of Sydney: Average tuition fee is 37,000 A$/year

Scholarship Programs

Though most of the International students pay their full-fee but Australian Universities do offer Scholarship or fellowship programs. International students can apply for a scholarship if the university they have chosen to study is offering the same. Scholarship in the country is given by the Government here but a number of educational institutes also offer it.

Those who come to Australia for taking up English language specialty courses cannot be granted scholarships. However, there are certain institutions that offer English training scholarships.

 What is IPRS?

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships Schemes or IPRS are meant for the students who want to take postgraduate research qualification in the country who want to have experience of working with researchers in Australia.

IPRS or International Postgraduate Research Scholarships Schemes allows the international students to undertake a postgraduate research qualification in Australia so they can gain experience while they work with the researchers in Australia. Scholarship takes care of health-care costs as well as tuition fee for those who are eligible for it.

Australian Awards are not intended to promote education and knowledge alone, it also promotes the ties between Australia and the neighboring countries.

Working While You Study:

International students have the permission to work in Australia while they study. They can work part time for up to 40 hours every fortnight and study simultaneously. This enables them to take care of their living and studying expenses. They can find work easily in retail, administration and hospitality.

There is a particular set of law and order that governs the Australian workplace. For working in Australia students have to acquire Tax File Number of TFN from the Australian Tax Office.


Fee for the Student Visa (subclass 500) is 575A$ which is equivalent to 414 US dollars. To obtain the visa, students need to organise OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover both for yourself and for your family members and it has to be valid as long as they stay there. Students have to make sure to choose a government-approved and certified Visa service provider.

Cost of Living in Australia:

Students have to present an evidence which can support the fact that the can live and study in Australia.

Under the rules and regulations of migrations, student’s visa applicants and their family must have access to these funds so that their living costs can be met.

  • 18,610 A$ a year for the student
  • 6,515 A$ for his/her partner
  • 3,720 A$ for the first child of student
  • 2,790 A$ for every other child

Students have to present a proof that they have sufficient funds to rely on when they are in Australia. Cost of the living varies with different cities. But, Australia Government’s Department of Home Affairs demands that the student visa applicant should have a proof of $20,290 AU as a living cost per year which is equal to 14,600 US dollars per year. This cost goes up if the student has a partner, family member or children.

In addition to the proof of above-mentioned funds, students also have to show that they have a return air fare for themselves and for their partners. Apart from that, if they have children they need to give an additional proof that they have enough money to support the education of their children aged between 5-18 years.

The above-mentioned living expenses are the amount required by Australia immigration standards. The official study in Australia recommends budgeting between $85AU and $440 AU per week for accommodation. The cost varies depending on whether you stay in the shared accommodation or the private rented one.

  • Groceries and Eateries: $80-$280 per week
  • Car or other vehicles: $150-$260
  • Public transport: $15-$55
  • Phone and Data: $20-$55
  • Entertainment: $80-$150

When this is simplified, it works out to be AU $311 or 224 US dollars per week. Most of the Australian Universities provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of living including accommodation and other living expenses. Keep in mind that the costs of living listed by your university will be for an academic year which is 40 weeks and not for the calendar year. So, you will have to shell out more if you want to live for a longer time.

Here is an average budget you will have to incur for living in the most popular cities in Australia:

  1. Sydney: 1,900 A$/month (minimum)
  2. Adelaide: 1,300 A$/month (minimum)
  3. Canberra: 1,400 A$/month (minimum)
  4. Melbourne: 1,500 A$/month (minimum)
  5. Brisbane: 1,400 A$/month (minimum)

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