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List of Abbreviations in the Dissertation

List of Abbreviations in the Dissertation

List of Abbreviations in the Dissertation
Table of Content

Writing a dissertation is a beautiful blend of one’s knowledge and creativity. A dissertation is not only a testament to one’s expertise in a particular subject matter but also a way to bring out one’s originality. However even the thought of writing a dissertation or thesis is a nightmare to many students.

Yes, writing a dissertation could definitely be an uphill task but one can surely ace it with correct knowledge and right technique. It is a common notion among students that a dissertation has to be laden with bulk of information. Well, this is partly true. A dissertation definitely involves a huge amount of information but the key is to showcase that information in perfect manner. And here is the catch, where most students fail to leave a mark.

An impeccable dissertation not only involves good writing but also is a result of correct formatting and structuring. A well-structured and a perfectly formatted dissertation is a sure shot key to maximise one’s scores. Many students in spite of having abundant knowledge and resource material to write, fail to pull off an outstanding piece of work. The reason for their shortcomings is mainly the lack of guideline or skills to make their dissertation accurately presentable. Therefore, it is crucially important for a writer to realise the importance of other features of dissertation writing that play a vital role in accomplishing the dissertation infallibly.

Apart from the main text of the dissertation, there are other important aspects that play a major role in bringing out the entire thing as a complete package.

A dissertation could thus be divided in to three parts

  • Front matter – It includes the pages such as the title page, the table of contents page, acknowledgement page, list of abbreviations page, introduction, and preface. These pages appear before the start of main body of the content. They are intended to felicitate and interest the potential readers to dig in further.
  • Main Body ­­– As the name itself suggests, the main text and contents of the entire document lie here. It is the soul of the entire dissertation or thesis. It is the space where the writer gets to showcase his/her prophecy and expertise in the respective subject matter.
  • Back Matter – It is the section containing the concluding pages of a dissertation or thesis. It includes pages such as the conclusion page, glossary, reference list, and bibliography. They provide a decent ending to the document. Though the section lies at the end but it forms a vital part of any piece of writing.

Here, in this article we will be dealing with one such important aspect of writing a dissertation that appears in the front section – the list of abbreviations.

What is a List of Abbreviations?

A list of abbreviations is a simple list that contains the expanded forms of all the acronyms or short-forms that might have been used by a writer over the entire dissertation. If any dissertation contains a number of acronyms then it becomes inevitable to include a list of abbreviations. It thus acts as a tool for the reader to easily refer to the meaning of any acronym so used that the reader was not aware of. It even makes the document easily comprehendible for any reader.

Though a list of abbreviations is not a mandatory feature to be included in the dissertation. But it become highly advisable to include one if a writer has used many acronyms or short-termed phases in the document. A list of abbreviations also reflect on the professional attribute of the dissertation. It makes the dissertation well-comprehended and appealing.

How to Create a List of Abbreviations?

Creating a list of abbreviations is a rather fun task. It is a simple list that one needs to create after writing the entire dissertation. We have created a list of important points that might help one to create a flawless list of abbreviations.

  • Keep the creation of the list of abbreviation for the last. Make this list only after finishing writing the main text of the dissertation. Once done with writing the main body of the document, go through the entire text thoroughly. Note down all the terms and phrases that might require an expanded form.
  • Once the terms to be included in the list of abbreviations are finalised, arrange them in alphabetical order. Do not put terms randomly in the list. A well-sort out list is the key. Give relevant and text-appropriate expanded forms of the terms. One can even highlight any term using bold and italics to lay emphasis.
  • A list of abbreviations generally appear during the beginning of the document. Though it is not a set rule but it surely is most commonly followed practice. The page containing the list of abbreviations must also be included in the table of contents. This makes the navigation for the reader easy.
  • Another important thing to remember is that a term should always be used in its full form for the very first time it is appearing in the document with its respective acronym to be included in the parenthesis.
  • It must also be noted here that no acronym should be used anywhere other than in the main text of the dissertation. It is not appreciated when a writer uses short-forms or acronyms in pages like acknowledgements, conclusion, appendices, reference list, et al. The use of acronym is permitted and appreciated only in the main text of the document.

Features not to be confused with List of Abbreviations:

Many students often confuse and interchangeably use various aspects involved in dissertation writing. It is important to realise the role and importance of each and every aspect of the dissertation. We bring to you a carefully sorted list of features that might appear similar to the list of abbreviations but are completely different:

  • Appendices: Appendices form a vital dimension of a perfectly written dissertation. It may not be a mandatory requirement from the assessor but an appendix definitely adds a professional touch to one’s dissertation. As writing a dissertation involves extensive research (either primary or external), therefore, an appendix acts as a tool to keep a record of all the additional information used in the dissertation.
  • Table of Content: It is an index to the entire document of dissertation. It contains the list of all the articles in chronological order as they are to appear in the dissertation. It helps the reader navigate smoothly through the dissertation. A table of content, in general, includes the list of the chapters as they would appear and other articles like the bibliography page, the acknowledgement page, and likewise.
  • Glossary: It could again be confused with the list of abbreviation. However, it is purposed to obtain different result. As it is known that a dissertation is a scholarly piece of work and thus might involve the use of some technical words in the main text. Therefore to make the text easier and more understandable for every reader, a glossary is attached at the end of the dissertation. It comprises of the definitions of all the technical words or phrases that might have been used in the dissertation.

Seeking Right Guidance to ace a Perfect Dissertation

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