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What Are the Laws and Regulations That Serve the Interests of the Tenants?

When you move to a new place, the first thing you need to know about the accommodation at that place. Whether you are a student or have moved for professional purposes, you need to take a house for rent at that place. There are several incidents where tenants are being a fraud or they get into a certain legal trap which makes their life miserable. So, when you take a house for rent in a new state, you must know the proper rules and regulations and guidelines that take care of the interest of the tenants.

Usually, the tenant laws are determined by the state government of that particular state and you should have ideas about that. Apart from that, there are certain simple things that you need to follow to secure your interest as a tenant. Read on to know more-

  1. Always Have a Written Agreement

This is one of the basic criteria while taking rent at a new state. To get the law safeguard of your interest as a tenant, you need a written agreement between you and the owner. You should not depend on any oral promises given by the owner and you should never settle for it. The agreement must be a legal form that has to be signed by both the tenant and the owner and the tenant should keep the Xerox copy of the agreement while the original must be with the tenant. The tenant should not pay the rent until the owner serves him with the Xerox copy of the agreement.

  1. Check out If the Property Has the ‘Uninhabited Condition

When a property requires more than 50% of the renting cost just for maintenance, it is considered as the ‘uninhabited property’. But, if the owner doesn’t take effective steps on the issue, the tenant has every right to vacate the less by giving 15-days notice or lesser than that. They can also launch a complaint against the owner to the local concerned authority to take legal steps against the matter.

  1. Know the Maintenance Regulation Thoroughly

Both the owner and the tenant are equally responsible for maintaining the property. While taking rent, you should ask for written details of any disputes in the property so that the owner never blames you for those existing damages. Besides that, you should also know your limits as a tenant. You should never do anything that is beyond the law, like you should not extend any part of the house or pull down a wall, etc. You should use the house very carefully without making any damage; else the maintenance cost can be deducted from the security deposit.

  1. The Landlord Can’t Enter the Premises without Permission

This is another law and regulation that secures the interest of a tenant. The landlord or landlady cannot enter the premises without the permission of the tenants. If he/she has to make any repairing of the house or want to entry for any other reason, they have to provide a written notice, 24-hour prior to entry. They have to inform you about their arrival and they are not allowed to make any surprise visit.

  1. Know about Your Basic Rights

Being a tenant, you have certain basic rights that no owner can take away from you. You are eligible for vital services like electricity, water supply, parking, sanitary services, communication links, etc. As a tenant, you have to remember that these rights are for tenants and these cannot be denied even during the non-payment of rent. If any tenant is making issues with paying the rent, the owner can take a legal step against him, but these facilities cannot be cut off ever.

  1. Have Idea about Landlord-Tenant Act

While you are taking rent in a new city or state, you must aware of the landlord-tenant acts which are almost same in many states-

  • The landlord has to give the possession of the property to the tenant on the agreed date on the agreement paper. If there is any failure, it will be regarded as a violation of the landlord-tenant act.
  • As a tenant, you can enjoy the property entirely for the period of the contract and the owner is not eligible to enter the property without prior notice.
  • The landlord has to deal with a property that complies with all housing laws while the tenant is also responsible to maintain the property well.

So, these are certain laws and regulations that will keep the interest of the tenants safe and you can take any suitable property as rent while you are in a different state, region or country for study or any other reason. While moving to another state, you should have ideas about the tenant act and proceed accordingly.

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