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How to Write an Infallible Case Study on IKEA

We absolutely reckon the fact that accomplishing a case study perfectly can be an excruciating task. Students on a daily basis struggle with the day to day assignments and the additional task of comprehending a case study, adds to the burden. In such scenarios, seeking professional help becomes inevitable. Therefore, considering all the concerns and worries shared by students, we bring to you a detailed guide that will help you to write any case study with perfection.

Hence, without wasting any more time, let’s get started. To begin, it is important to understand the purpose behind any assignment. This is so because knowing the motive behind assigning any task, helps the writer to cater to the demands to the assignment in a more comprehensive manner. Therefore, whenever a case study is assigned to you, try and realize the main objective of assigning that task in the very first place. A case study is quiet unique and distinct from any other assignment that a student comes across.

It does not withstand the quintessential demands of a regular assignment. A case study is assigned with a completely distinct objective than a typical academic assignment and hence comes along with absolute different requirements and features.

A case study is not only designed to assess the candidate on the mere knowledge scale but is also a testament to his/her ability to apply that knowledge in dealing with real-life situations. Therefore, a case study along with containing information on a specific subject, also contains the practical applicability of the information to achieve the desired result. It is a blend of right knowledge and right technique. A case study is an important part of the curriculum in many professional courses.

A candidate has to produce numerous case studies as a part of his/her academic journey because they form an integral part of the assessment procedure. Therefore, whenever you are assigned to accomplish any case study, start by assessing the motive behind undertaking it, and try and maintain the perfect balance of theory and practical applicability. A well-balanced case study is a reflection of proficiency and excellence.

The task of producing a case study is in itself a hectic one and if that case study is based on any particular subject matter like any organization or group, then the task becomes more cumbersome. And this is an area where most students struggle. One such difficult subject matter for a case study to deal with is the organization – IKEA. Owing to the size and stature of the firm, many students find themselves stuck with contemplating how to deal with such a vast organization comprehensively.

If you are also the one, stuck with solving an IKEA case study assignment then you have found the right place. We completely understand the struggles and concerns that surround many students while dealing with a subject-specific case study. And to free you from that woe, we bring this article that deals with all the aspects involved in producing an IKEA case study assignment.

What makes IKEA an apt subject matter for a cases study?

To deal with IKEA as a subject matter of a case study, it is crucial to know what makes it an ideal organization from an analytical point of view. IKEA is a well-known name in most parts of the world. It is a leading retail chain of home products. The wide variety of products and their supreme quality has helped IKEA establish itself as a trusted brand in the domain of everyday life products. The success story of IKEA in itself is a case to be studied. Started as a small furniture shop in a Swedish town, IKEA now has hundreds of outlets in almost all the major cities of the world.

IKEA has revolutionized the furniture and home products industry. The main unique feature observed in the marketing strategy of IKEA is that it does not conform itself to just being labelled as a ‘furniture shop’, instead it goes by the motto of – ‘creating a better everyday life for the many people’, and thus strategically targets people from all the age group by providing useful everyday products to all.

The wide plethora of products, the assuring quality with reasonable prices are among some of the features that resonate with IKEA. This entire journey from a small town shop to multi-billion organization, upholds many aspects and dimensions that are worthy to be analyzed in depth. However, from the point of view of a case study, analyzing the entire firm as whole is next to impossible task. And deciding the perfect dimension to base a case study on is the most difficult challenge students face while dealing with an organization of such a grand stature. Thus this article intends to solve all such queries.

The magnitude of success that IKEA has achieved and the capability with which it has strongly retained that success is what makes this organization an ideal subject matter for a case study. However, dealing with a big organization like IKEA is not an easy task at all. Many students even struggle at the initial step of choosing a right dimension of the organization to deal with in the case study. There may be numerous aspects to cover but what will suit one best is where the difficulty lies.

As there are two faces of every coin, so does this one. Though the task of dealing with a vast organization is challenging but at the same time it can prove to be equally rewarding. Dealing with a vast subject matter, opens a wide range of opportunities for the writer. It presents the writer with a large number of aspects that could be dealt with. Also the challenges that such organizations face presents the writer with opportunity to test his/her ability. Therefore, there is a narrow path that leads to success and one has to tread carefully in order to achieve the desired results at the end.

However, as far as the concern for choosing a particular aspect goes, we have eased out the task for you. Read on and all your apprehensions will be answered.

Important Dimensions to base your IKEA Case Study on:

As discussed above that most students find it difficult to choose a right dimension while dealing with as vast a subject as an organization like IKEA. For choosing any aspect, the candidate must start by analyzing the firm as a whole. Analyze all the departments that play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the firm. Then dive into deep analysis by focusing only on high performing and low performing departments.

Once you have narrowed down the list then look for an aspect or a topic where you hold command and have expertise and then base your case study on that subject matter. However, to make things a little complicated, we have curated a list of some crucial dimensions that could be considered as the main theme of the IKEA based cases study:

  • Marketing Strategy: This accounts for one of the most important areas for any firm. And when the firm in question deals with the end consumer directly, then a right market strategy is most crucial. Similarly, the organization that we are dealing with caters to the end consumer directly. Hence, basing the case study on the marketing policy of the company is a sure bet to play with. While dealing with marketing aspect, always begin by introducing the company and throw some light on its present overall performance. Then subtly drift towards the main theme and describe all the marketing strategies and policies that the firm follows. Make sure, while dealing with this theme, use appropriate data, graphs, research reports to back your findings. Highlight the problematic areas and conclude by suggesting relevant solutions.
  • Finance: Another crucial department that plays a critical role in the success of any firm. Before choosing this particular aspect, make sure that you are domain expert in accounts or finance as it will include a lot of numbers. While analyzing the financial performance of IKEA, make sure to use all the balance sheets, mention about the outlying assets and liabilities of the company. Mention about the respective models and policies that the company adheres to in managing finance. Compare these policies to the policies followed by the firm’s competitors. Highlight the area having red flags or problems. Conclude the study by suggesting corrective actions for the firm to consider.
  • Human Resource Management: As it is said that a company’s real strength lies in its employees. Therefore, managing such a wide base of employees amounts to an important aspect to be analyzed. While dealing with this aspect, begin by describing about the company in brief. Then mention the number of employees that the company must be retaining at the moment. Then analyze various policies on motivation, organizational behavior and culture that human resource department of the company adheres to. Highlight any policy that has helped the company to retain its employees for longer stints. Also mention any modifications or additions required in the policies of the company so as to create a more loyal and motivated base of employees.
  • Survival in fast changing nature of business: This particular aspect is quiet distinct and deals with contemporary problems faced by organizations like IKEA. With the fast changing nature of technology and business, many companies find it difficult to retain their success glory. However, IKEA has strongly maintained its leading position in the industry. Therefore, the striving ahead of IKEA in these challenging times is an aspect to be studied. Start by briefing the reader about the company, how it came into existence. Then proceed to multiple challenges and hardships that it might have faced. Then come to the part about what are the contemporary challenges that encircle the firm today. Mention about company’s policies and strategies in handling them. Conclude by suggesting innovative ways for the company to remain a step ahead of the problems.

Guide to Write a Perfect Case Study:

It is a well-known fact that a case study requires adept knowledge to be accomplished outstandingly. However, many students fail to register the fact that along with the right knowledge and proficiency, it is equally important to have the right technique and skills to make that case study presentable. While dealing with any case study, remember that it is not an absolute informative document instead it is a practically inclined document that requires accurate precision and presentation.

Therefore we bring to you a step by step procedure to write a case study in an excellent fashion:

  • Whenever a case study involves a particular organization or firm as the main subject matter, start by researching about the organization. Research is a crucial requirement to accomplish any scholarly writing. Conduct the research from an analytical point of view. Analyze all the aspects and dimensions of the organization. An intensive research will serve dual purpose- one, it will educate you about the organization in whole, and second, it will help you choose a relevant topic based on your interest and ability. Once, the research is accomplished, focus on finalizing the topic to be dealt with in the case study. Remember, choosing a right topic is like half the work accomplished successfully. So, choose wisely.
  • After the final selection about the central theme of the case study is done, start researching on the topic per se. Analyze the organization from the lens of that particular subject matter. Gather all the relevant information on the topic. Acquire all the essential documents, company statements, critical reference, citations, and quotations to supplement your document. Remember, all the third party sources used must be adequately cited and referred to. Absence of essential reference may result into plagiarism. Also look out for engaging media to make your document more presentable like relevant pictures, graphs, data sets, etc. If you want to make your document absolutely authentic then conduct first hand researches and interviews to extract required information. All this preparation is like setting the ground with solid foundations, thus invest your time in research.
  • Once all the required information is assimilated, proceed to work on the main body of the document. Therefore begin writing your case study. Start by writing an apt information for your cases study. Remember that an information is a reflection to the entire piece of writing, thus start by introducing the topic and the main objective to choose this particular subject matter. Then briefly discuss about the main aspects that the case study will be dealing with. In addition to that, mention the approach that you will be resorting to while accomplishing the document. Make your introduction engaging and appeal. It may be a deciding factor for many readers to proceed with your cases study or not.
  • After concluding the introduction, make smooth transition to the main text of the document. Start by describing about IKEA in brief. Then in accordance with your topic, analyze the working and performance of IKEA in that particular domain. Also describe analytically various policies and strategies followed by the company with respect to that particular subject matter. Include all the possible angles in your study and analyze with accurately. After the thorough analysis, mention all the problematic area that surfaced during your research. Back your findings using relevant data, citations, graphs, research papers, etc.
  • Then proceed by analyzing the policies followed globally with respect to your chosen topic. Highlight any similarities that you may come across that resemble to the policies followed by the company in question. After that, describe in brief about the policies that are followed by the company’ competitors in that field. Highlight any contrast that many observed between the two sets of policies.
  • After the intensive analysis, start drawing your conclusions. Mention about all the problems that the company might be facing or may face in future due to certain loopholes in the policies followed. Highlight those loopholes and shortcoming and state the possible intentions of the company to pursue a particular policy. Also include various other challenges that the company might be facing from the external factors.
  • After analyzing the organization in brief and highlighting the related problems. Start concluding your case study. Remember all the proposed solutions that you might want to convey must be included in the conclusion part. Include all your opinions and insights. Write the conclusion in a way that it complements the entire document without giving rise to any contradictions and overlapping.
  • All the above accomplished work forms the main body of the case study. Now it is required to give the document some shape. Hence start structuring the case study. Begin by working on a preface to the case study that would educate the potential readers about the overall contents of the document. Then create a table of contents page that will mention all the elements of a case study in an orderly fashion. After the table of contents page, include the acknowledgements, mentioning about all the important people that have helped you in some way or the other to make this case study a possibility. Then after conclusion, include a reference list page that must include all your important citations depicting the use of external resources. As a case study quintessentially is a subject specific document, hence it is recommended to add a glossary at the end of the document. A glossary is a log of all the important terms and phrases used in the document. It is aimed at making the reading convenient for the reader.

Common errors to be wary of:

In order to produce a brilliant case study, certain errors should be avoided. To start with, it should be of utmost importance to produce a plagiarism-free document. Any trace of using someone else's work without giving a reference might result in rejection of your entire case study. Therefore you must try to keep your work as original as could be. You can and must use effective work by others but do not forget to give them the due credit.

Another common mistake that students often commit is to set unrealistic targets for themselves, for instance, setting a huge word limit or picking a relatively difficult subject matter. So one must tread carefully as it requires a lot of hard work and smart thinking in creating a good case study. Set your targets that are well under your control. Believe in delivering quality instead of quantity.

Another mistake that could be averted is not to write in a complicated fashion. It not only makes the task tedious for you but also makes it difficult for the reader to comprehend what the writer is trying to say. Work efficiently by avoiding losing time looking for fancy words. 

Choosing the Right Guide for a Perfect Case Study:

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