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The Outstanding Guide for a Scoring HSBC Case Study Assignment

Assignments, examinations, projects, dissertations, research papers, and many more are the essential aspects around which a student’s life revolves. In this never-ending cycle of assessment, students find themselves trapped and thus struggle with challenging tasks. One such challenging task involves the accomplishment of a case study based on a specific subject matter. A case study stands apart from the regular coursework and assignments that the students face. The question that rises now is – what makes a case study unique? Well, to know the answer to this question, we first have to understand the main objective behind assigning a case study:

  • A case study is unique in nature as compared to any other assignment like a dissertation or a thesis. It is a specially curated analysis based format of assessing a particular set of problems using appropriate methodologies and theoretical knowledge.
  • The subject specific case study allows the assessor to assess a candidate or a student on the dual front – one, on the domain of knowledge that is required to tackle the case study and the second, the ability to implement that knowledge to solve real life problems associated with the subject matter.
  • Therefore, to sum up, we may say that a case study is distinct from any other assignment as it demands and requires a completely different approach to accomplish it. It is not a pure informative scholarly document but one that utilizes the information in an apt way to acquire relevant solutions.

Many students find a case study at a higher difficulty level as compared to regular college assignments. A case study is not as difficult per se but it can become a tedious task if not approached with in a right manner. Students find the case studies to be cumbersome as they deal with it in the similar manner as that of a dissertation or a research. They fail to realize a crucial fact that apart from the theoretical information, a case study requires the student to utilize that information comprehensively to deal with the set of problems associated with a particular topic. Hence a case study is regarded as a beautiful culmination of knowledge and the skills to implement that knowledge.

Also, the task of accomplishing a case study becomes more trying when the central theme of the case study is some organization or a group or a company. In this article as well, we will be dealing with one such prominent organization - the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). One more aspect that makes it a more challenging topic to deal with is that it is a service sector oriented topic and the analysis of any service sector organization could be quiet challenging.

However, if you are stuck with a similar case study then you do not need to worry an ounce. As in this article, we will comprehensively be dealing with all the aspects and dimensions related to writing an outstanding case study based on HSBC. Keep reading as this article holds answers to all your queries and doubts.

A brief about HSBC:

HSBC is a name synonymous with banking. HSBC is a global investment banking and financial services holding company. It is the largest banking organization in Europe and a leading one at the global level. The organization has sprawled over the entire world in a span of a few years. Dealing with a big organization like HSBC in a case study is equally rewarding and challenging. On hand, it presents the writer with numerous aspects and dimensions to deal with comprehensively in the case study.

On the other hand, the grand stature and size of the organization pose a challenge to the writer to justify with the topic. Therefore, dealing with such a humongous organization or a company is a tricky path to tread on. The writer has to be on toes all the time to ensure that he/she does not get diverted from the main theme. Also, HSBC is a service provider organization and that makes the task to accomplish the case study even more crucial.

Many students find themselves dealing with the dilemma of what to include in a case study based on a big organization like HSBC. There may be numerous approaches and methodologies but choosing the right one is a difficult job. The selection of an appropriate aspect to deal with in the case study is similar to half the work being done. Since HSBC is a banking organization, you may deal with the following dimensions:

  • Analysis of the overall growth trajectory of the company.
  • Analysis of the core areas of the firm that contribute significantly towards its success.
  • Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of the company that has helped it to become one of the leading organizations in the respective field.
  • A holistic analysis of the policies of the company related to the customer services.
  • Analysis of the Human Resource Management of the company that helps it to retain the best talent pool in the industry.
  • A comprehensive study of all the potential challenges that the company faces in lieu of globalization, digitization, technology, etc.
  • A detailed analysis of the possible opportunities that the company might be exposed to in the coming years and how it should work in order to make the most of those opportunities.

The above are some suggestive approaches that a student might resort to while dealing with HSBC as the central theme of any case study. Many students find the task to choose an appropriate topic as the most challenging one. The one important thing to remember while choosing a topic is to choose according to your level of comfort with that topic. Ensure that you hold sufficient proficiency and knowledge in that domain of the subject. However, to make a sound and safe choice, one must also be familiar with the most prevalent types of case studies.

If you know what type of case study you will be following to deal with a particular organization, it will become much easier to choose a relevant dimension of that organization to analyze in the case study. And to make things simpler for you, we have curated a list of most prevalent and important types of case study that one might consider to follow.

Important Types of Case Study:

  1. Illustrative Case Study: It is the most common type of case study to be undertaken by students. Under this type, a topic is dealt with in general. For instance, in this case, case study on HSBC will imply that HSBC as an organization will be dealt with in overall terms. An illustrative case study is majorly descriptive in nature. If you will produce an illustrative case study on HSBC, then you have to deal with the organization in detail. Mention about the company’s history, growth, the revenue trajectory, etc. You may also include one or two important dimensions and analyze them comprehensively. The illustrative case study all allows the writer to critically analyzer the working policies followed by the organization. Highlight the problematic areas and mention the probable reasons behind the malfunction of a particular dimension or department of the firm. You may also compare the policies and strategies followed by HSBC to the policies pursued by its chief competitors. Highlight the area where HSBC has some scope of improvement. Your job does not end here. Include some suitable solutions that might help the company to overcome those shortcoming in the long run. Remember that the solution that you may provide must be coherent with the respective problems and must have wider applicability to them.
  1. Cumulative Case Study: This case study is highly informative in nature. It explores many external sources of information and collates the information thus derived in to meaningful suggestion for the company. Here, intensive research is required from the writer’s end. Though this type of case study appears to be somewhat similar to a research paper, however it is quite distinct in nature. A research paper generally is restricted to the part of imparting the information related to a particular subject matter. A case study on the other hand, utilizes that information to infer meaningful conclusions that may help the company to work more efficiently. As far as HSBC is concerned, if you are undertaking the case study following the cumulative type, then start by researching on the organization in a holistic manner. Research about all the important and crucial aspects related to the organization. Use credible and authentic sources while researching. Also, remember that due credits must also be given to the respective sources from where the information has been derived so as to validate your work and protect it from plagiarism. After the thorough research, utilize the information to derive useful suggestions for the firm. Suggestions must be coherent with the problems that the company might be facing.
  1. Exploratory Case Study: This type of case study is the most challenging one. It requires the writer to be proficient in a particular subject matter and he/she must have required skills to utilize the knowledge to solve the problem set associated with the topic. This type of case study do not conform to the general analysis of any topic, instead it allows the writer to analyze a given set of problems, research on them and work to achieve the desired solutions to those problems. In case of HSBC, you may choose a particular dimension in order to pursue with this type of case study. Once you have chosen the aspect, start by researching on it. Here, the crucial point to focus is that the research thus referred to must be conducted independently by the writer. It is a type of case study which requires a comprehensive approach to a particular subject. After research, highlight the problematic areas related to that aspect and mention about the possible causes behind those problems. Then suggest suitable and comprehensive solutions achieved. Also describe the methodologies and theories resorted to derive the respective solutions. The solutions thus derived must be accurate and viable, they must sketch a long term benefit for the company in order overcome the loopholes or shortcomings.
  1. Critical Instance Case Study: This is again one of the most common types of case study to be undertaken by the students. It involves critical analysis of a given situation or any dimension of an organization. It requires the writer to analyze the various policies and aspects or dimensions critically and highlight all the major loopholes and shortcomings observed. For instance, in this case, the case study based on HSBC would require one to analyze its policies and strategies critically. The critical analysis of a firm helps it to encircle the problematic areas in its operations and thus helps it to apply corrective measures to those problematic areas. The role of a case study does not end at mere acknowledgment of the problem, instead it requires the writer to analyze the root causes of those problems as well. A thorough analysis of the causes behind the problems helps to achieve sustainable solutions to those problems. Make sure to achieve viable and accurate solutions to the problems that might help the company in the long run.

Important points to remember while writing a Case Study on HSBC:

As discussed above, HSBC makes for an exemplary organization to base one’s researches and case studies on. The significance it holds from the perspective of banking industry and economy, makes it an excellent source for students to conduct their researches and case studies. The purpose of conducting a case study is simply to understand the working of an organization and analyzing loopholes in its systems to derive strong and efficient solutions to them. But the task to accomplish it is not as simple and easy as it may sound. The case study involves various dimensions and aspects of a problem.

But the main task is to highlight or acknowledge those problems. Many students find themselves stuck on how to go about the process of creating a case study. In this article, we try to help students out from this dilemma by providing a step by step guide that will help them to ace any case study related to an organization.

  • To begin with, start with your case study by laying a strong foundation of research about the organization in point, for instance, in this case that organization is HSBC. Read and study about the organization in detail. Study all of its policies, related to – accounting, employees, finances, etc., in short, study about all the policies that an organization resorts to in the domain of various services it provides. After studying about the policies and strategies, analyze them from critical angle and relate the loopholes with the current problems that the company might be facing.
  • Once you make yourself familiar with all the prospective problems encircling the organization, choose your area of strength or interest. The important point to note here is that, do not set any unrealistic targets for yourself. We always aspire for achieving the difficult things, but think practically. Choose a particular segment where your core strength lies and deal with it holistically. For instance, it may be accounting segment of the company for some or for some it may be the customer-relations segment. Whatever you chose, make sure that you are able to produce an excellent case study for that particular segment.
  • Once a particular segment has been finalized to be dealt with, study all the policies and strategies for that segment followed by the company. Analyze those policies from distinct angles and aspects. Look out for the policies and strategies followed by the company’s competitors in that segment. Draw the differences between the two companies based on the pursuance of that policy. Lookout for major shortcomings that you observe in the organization’s policy model. Analyze how these loopholes are hampering company’s growth and leading to potential losses. Draw a flowchart of all the problems that might surface in front of you and look out for the root causes of those problems.
  • Remember, picking up the right and relevant problems of the company is half the battle won. Most of the time, we come across case studies that fail to provide any comprehensive solution, this is so because, most of the time, the person conducting the case study fails to acknowledge or realize the target problems and thus the resultant case study is ineffective. Therefore, make sure that you study the problems and their root causes comprehensively.
  • After the problems pertaining to the company, in consideration, are known, work on finding accurate and sustainable solutions for them. Analyze all the problems critically. Research on the solutions of their problems. Use accurate and valid data and resources from the organization itself as use of valid data is critical. As you arrive at the solutions, make sure that you analyze the solutions from various perspective as well. Critically comprehend the solutions, look out for any loophole that might make the solution inefficient in the long run. Coming up with accurate, sustainable and lost lasting solutions is one of the main motives behind conducting any case study.
  • As the solutions to targeted problems are arrived at, start concluding the case study. Conclude by starting the objectives behind taking up the task in the first place. Include the solutions to the problems and conclude by giving your insights and opinions.

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