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A student comes across many writing assignments and challenges in his/her academic life but the task to accomplish a research paper infallibly is considered as the most cumbersome. It requires a writer to produce the paper based on the first hand research. Apart from the intensive research, the art of bringing the entire document together requires both expertise and creativity. A research paper is an important exercise to be undertaken by the students in order to prove their mettle in a particular topic or domain.

The purpose of assigning the task to produce any scholarly work like a dissertation, a thesis or a research paper is to assess the overall capability of a student.

A well-crafted research paper is one that has gripping representation of information and a perfect structure and format. A research paper or any form of long piece of writing is a pinnacle of various features and dimensions. These dimensions when combined appropriately results into an outstanding piece of work. Apart from the high quality resource material, research inputs and data, any piece of writing requires a perfect structure to become a well-crafted document.

There are various factors that play a crucial role when it comes to structuring any document. These include - the title page of the document, the table of contents, acknowledgements, introduction, the main body of the document, abstract, thesis statement, et al. To give any document or piece of writing a perfect structure, one needs to include all these features in the document appropriately. In this article, we will be dealing with one such crucial aspect of writing a thesis statement for a research paper, its importance and the right approach to create a perfect thesis statement for your research paper.

What is a Thesis Statement in a Research Paper?

Producing a research paper or any sort of scholarly work is not only restricted to dispersion of information in plain text. When one writes such sort of informational articles, the right presentation and technique are equally crucial factors. There are various crucial aspects that help bring together the entire document, having a thorough consistency and a smooth flow of information. One such aspect is the role a thesis statement plays in a research paper.

A research paper is not a literary form of writing dealing with a general topic. It is more of a subject-specific, research-based document that provide crucial and vital insights on a particular topic. Therefore, a research paper is written keeping mind a particular set of readers. And here comes the role of a thesis statement in the entire document. A thesis statement is created to educate the potential readers about the prospects of the entire document.

It contains a brief insight of the research paper that help the readers to decide whether this particular research paper caters to their interest or not. A thesis statement makes the reader aware about the main theme of the research and helps them to analyze what the document hold for them and whether they should further proceed with the reading or not.

How to write a crisp and relevant thesis statement?

The task of producing a research paper is in itself tedious and gruesome. It is an occupying task and requires the writer to be at his/her best while crafting the document. Sometimes, a research paper with excellent information and relevant data inputs fails to leave a mark, ever wondered why? This is so because the art of producing an outstanding research paper involves dealing with all the aspects with equal zeal. Every dimension has to be considered with equal importance.

Therefore, we bring to you some important points that will help you create a perfect thesis statement for your research paper:

  • A thesis statement must be written before beginning to write the main text of the document. Once you are sure about the main theme of the research work and the respective dimensions to be dealt with, start with your thesis statement first. One should write about the main topic and drop some hint regarding the approach that will be adopted during the entire course of writing.
  • A thesis statement should not be vague. It should clearly state the purpose of the research paper and what it seeks to achieve. A thesis statement is the essence of the entire document and the main theme of the research paper has to revolve around the gist of the statement.
  • The one important factor that concerns many students is the length of the thesis statement. As it is very clear from the name itself, it has to be a statement. It cannot be a paragraph or anything beyond two to three lines. One needs to be pretty concise while writing a thesis statement. You have to choose your words carefully and make sure that you deliver the theme of the research paper and your approach towards it.
  • A thesis statement has to appear before the main text of the document. As it educates the readers about the theme of the research paper, one needs to attach the thesis statement before the introduction. As it is short and crisp, it helps the reader to analyze whether to proceed further with the research paper or not. Therefore, make sure to write a gripping statement that generates enough curiosity in the reader so as to make him/her read the entire document.

Other Aspects that you should not confuse the thesis statement with:

Many students in spite of having sufficient resource material and information, fail to create an impactful research paper. This is mostly because they fail to structure and format their work as per the requirements. Though there are no hard and fast rules to go by regarding writing any scholarly work. But there are certain practices followed by the experts and professionals that make their piece of writing stand apart. Each and every aspect involved in the process of writing a research paper is equally important.

Many students confuse some aspects with others as they appear superficially similar. Therefore, we bring to you some aspects that might appear similar to a thesis statement but are definitely quiet distinct.

  • Abstract of a Research Paper: It might appear to one that the purpose of an abstract is similar to that of a thesis statement. This is where the catch lies. Both are distinctly different and serve different purposes. An abstract is the gist of the entire document. It gives a detailed information about the topic of the research paper, the motive behind writing it, various dimensions that will be covered in the document, etc. The abstract also contains some inputs and opinions by the author. It gives some suggestions about the methodologies adopted by the author while writing the research paper and what the author intends to achieve by producing this research. While a thesis statement is basically the summation of the theme of the entire document in two to three lines.
  • Preface: Many students get confused between an introduction of the work, the preface and the thesis statement. While we know about the thesis statement. It is better to be clear about these two features as well. An introduction is an opening to the document. It briefs a reader about all the aspects of the document and prepares the reader for what the document contains. It is usually long piece of writing as it contains all the major hints about the document. While a preface is a completely different feature. It along with introducing the main theme of the document, also contains brief about the author. It educated the reader about the author’s background, his motivation or inspiration behind undertaking this piece of work, what he seeks to achieve by conducting the research. A preface is mainly an author’s introduction to his work. It gives the document a sense of belonging.

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