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How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper

How to Write an Abstract for a Research Paper
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Writing a research paper is a two-fold challenge. The first aspect involves intensive first-hand research to be conducted by the author of the research paper. The second aspect involves the interesting and crisp presentation of the research so conducted with relevant inputs and information. A research paper is one the most cumbersome tasks that a student comes across in his/her academic journey.

The basic motive behind assigning a student with the task of accomplishing a research paper is multi-dimensional:

  • To assess the knowledge and expertise of the candidate in the particular topic or subject matter.
  • The presentation skills of a candidate.
  • Assessing the candidate on the abilities like – critical thinking, creative writing, time management, et al.
  • Testing the candidate on his/her ability to assess the problem from various dimensions and thus finding a long term and sustainable solution to that problem.

Writing an outstanding research paper involves a student’s proficiency on multiple fronts. To begin with, the research undertaken by the candidate must involve all the aspects of the topic or problems associated with the main theme of the research paper. The research conducted must be authentic and original. Then comes the writing part. The research paper in spite of being laden with information must not be confusing and plain. The information must be conveyed to the writer in an interesting and gripping manner.

Apart from the above mentioned, a research paper has several other important dimensions to it such as – the introduction, the table of contents page, acknowledgements, references, conclusion, abstract, and others. These features when combined gives the research paper a proper structure and ensures the smooth flow of the entire price of writing.

In this article, we will be dealing with one crucial aspect involved in writing a research paper, that is, the abstract. An abstract is an inevitable feature of a research paper. It serves an important purpose for the potential readers of the research paper.

What is Abstract with regard to a Research Paper?

To bring a perfect consistency and sequence to any piece of writing, a proper structure is required. A well-structured piece of writing is a sign of a competent and proficient writer. A quintessential structure for any piece of writing involves many aspects like – the introduction of the entire piece of writing, the acknowledgements, the preface, conclusions, abstract, references and many more.

An abstract is one such crucial aspect of writing a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation. An abstract is vaguely similar to introduction of the research paper but aims to serve a completely distinct purpose. An abstract is written with the simple motive of making the reader aware about the main theme of the research paper.

It should educate the reader about the main topic for which the entire research paper is based on, the dimensions and various aspects covered while dealing with that topic, the problems considered and the ways to conclude their solutions. An abstract is mainly written for the convenience of the reader. It helps the reader to decide whether to proceed with further reading of the research or not.

How to write an excellent abstract of your research paper?

An abstract to a research paper is written with the basic motive of educating the reader about what he/she should expect from the overall document. It acts as a deciding factor for a reader to decide whether the research paper caters to their purpose of reading or not and thus helps them to decide whether or not to further dig in the document. Therefore an abstract must be carefully written. It should be a collection of a few chosen words that brings out the essence of the entire document.

Thus, we bring to you some important points to remember while crafting an abstract for your next research paper:

  • The most important point to remember is that begin drafting the abstract to your research paper only after the completion of the main body of the document. Remember, that the abstract acts as a suggestive gist of your research paper and therefore it must be written at the last. Consider the abstract as reflection to your entire and document and therefore must be written excellently with carefully chosen words.
  • Begin writing the abstract by introducing the main theme of your research paper. Mention about the inspiration or motive behind choosing that particular topic. Write about all the aspects that you have covered extensively in the research paper. Do not elaborate on the methodologies used and the approach adopted, just drop some essential hints here and there. Write in an engaging manner so as to incite the interest and curiosity in the reader. Mention briefly about the problems related to the topic dealt with. Conclude your abstract by giving hint about the solutions of the problems, mention the major takeaways from your experience while writing this research paper. Include your opinions with clarity. There should not be any confusion or ambiguity.
  • The next major concern that students are faced with is regarding the length of an abstract. Always remember that an abstract is kind of a glimpse to your entire work. And you do not want to reveal too much information too soon. So write accordingly and smartly. A typical abstract is normally the length of a paragraph, around 300 words. Though an abstract is not restricted by any hard and fast rule. It must be in accordance with the theme and length of the research paper. Ensure to write an effective abstract. The key pint here is to remember that the abstract must not be too lengthy as it is just a suggestive input for the better clarity of the reader. You should write in an engaging manner. Include all the essential points but so not go over the top by including too much information where it appears irrelevant and uncalled for.
  • The next important thing is the placement of an abstract in the entire document of research paper. It is a general practice among the students and the professionals to include the abstract page in the front section of a research paper. An abstract appears before the starting of the main body of the document. As an abstract contains the main idea behind the entire research paper, therefore it is even advised to include the abstract page in the beginning of the document.

Abstract – Neither an Introduction nor a Conclusion

The most common dilemma that many students face is the confusion between certain aspects involved in the process of accomplishing the task of a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation. Though these dimensions may appear similar superficially but they certainly serves different purposes in a research paper. Therefore, to help you better understand these aspects and keep the confusion at bay,

we bring to you the list of such aspects:

  • Introduction: Yes, it may appear to you that the purpose for which an introduction is written is similar to that of writing an abstract. But you are mistaken. The purpose for writing an introduction for any piece of writing is to introduce the topic as a whole. It does not have to implicitly express the writer’s motive or inspiration, it is just to make the reader know what the entire document is all about.
  • Conclusion: Again, it appears to be somewhat similar to an abstract. But it certainly caters to serve a distinct purpose. The conclusion is written to give a strong ending to your document. It binds your document as a whole and imparts a character to the completion of the document. It contains the major takeaways from the entire document. It may include the writer’s personal beliefs and opinions on the entire research paper. It is written to conclude your entire piece of writing in an emphatic manner.

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