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Top 8 Techniques on How to Learn New Skills

While growing up, we learn so many new things and finally adapt our own patterns of learning. But, these patterns are not helpful because they might restrict us from learning new skills which seem out of hand or difficult. Our mind is the master player who runs the trigger of Do's and Don'ts. It seems uncomfortable for some people to learn new things from the beginning as they feel shy, or think they might fail. But, in today's time, it has become essential to learn new skills and keep yourself updated.  

Why get scared and stop working on yourself? We have compiled up the top 8 techniques on how you can learn new skills. For learning something new, you have to clear up your mind and just focus on what is being taught. We understand that sometimes it is hard to give up on our typical learning styles and adapt to new ones. But, this is where you need guidance.

Try out these amazing and easy techniques and you will surely win over your old self.

  1. Throw away your Old Learning Style

As mentioned in the beginning, we all adapt our learning styles and patterns.  It is because we place ourselves into a comfort zone where we start neglecting things outside it. Which style are you currently following? Kinesthetic, Visual, Auditory, etc? We all have been believing that there is only one style in which we best learn. But, as per a scientific research, humans can easily learn in more than one style.

 Learning style doesn't matter, what matters is the content that you want to learn.  For example, if you want to improve your cooking skills, then who says it can be only done via reading instructions. You can learn visually, watching videos. It will surely help more.  This situation can be reversed as well. Reading cookery books in place of watching videos online.  If you feel that you are not able to learn a new skill, then find a replacement for that method of learning. In today's age, everything is available easily. Restricting your mind to just one method will not help you. Widen your prospects and things will start working.

  1. Find meanings when you learn

This works for most people. Remember, how many things we were taught while growing up? No? Well, the reason is that we were not able to find meanings behind all. We only remember things that hold some meaning in our lives or which we connected with. If you just go on memorizing without understanding, then you will surely forget. But, if you will connect things practically by finding the meanings, then you will be in advantage.

Another example is of learning a formula. By just memorizing, that formula will exist in your mind for the time being, but later you will forget it. On the other hand, if you understand its relevance in practice and how you can use it, things will be different. You will be able to understand the concepts well. Mugging up will only last for a few days and then it will vanish. Learning new skills has the same concept. Don't just learn, rather understand while you learn and connect things to your life. It will become easy for you to remember.

  1. Start doing things practically

As we know that humans are great learners but, only if that learning is implied practically. Theory vanishes away if it is not supported with practical. Similarly, when you are at college, you learn things regarding your course and even score high grades. But, when that knowledge is used in office practice, then you get to know what you learned all those years. Again, by just memorizing without understanding and practicing, you will not be able to adapt a new skill.

A new skill needs time and lots of practice to come into actualization. Start writing things down again and again. For example, if you want to learn SEO content writing, then after you learn how it's done, start applying. Start writing your own test blogs and see how they are coming out. With this, you will be able to learn fast. You will also get to know where you need more effort and practice. Dive into practicality and don't just only stay with theory. The more you test your new skill, the more easily you master it.

  1. Get curious about the new skill

You must be thinking that why become curious? Well, some people become really excited and curious about the new skill which they have opted to learn.  Curiosity generates interest in learning a new skill. For people who can't naturally be curious, can start asking questions and see what the new skill is all about. Learning a new skill adds to your knowledge.  The whole point is to learn a new skill and that can only happen when you show some mutual interest.

  1. Believe in yourself

Initially, when you start learning new things, it may feel hard. But, at such times the key to win is "stop overthinking." If you keep on thinking that you don't the skills, how will you do it, etc. then it will only become more difficult. Be honest and just write down your fears. Then for the initial few days when you go on to learn, try to avoid these fears.

Even if you are a total fresher and others around you are well at that skill, don't get demotivated.  Believe in yourself that you can easily do things and start implementing this in your life. Use psychology factors to overcome the issues of resistance. Our mind immediately says a no to things which it finds out of the box. Just sit down and plan your day. Give a specific time to learning the new skill.

Reschedule and prioritize your skill first. If you are not willing to make out time for your skill, that means you are not considering it important. Sometimes, it's ok to give yourself a relaxation time, but it should not come out as a regular habit. The only way is to learn using a fun method that strikes your interest.  

  1. Share your knowledge with others

One of the most appreciable techniques for learning a new skill is to teach it to others. When you share your knowledge with someone else, then you are actually understanding the skill in brief. You break it down into smaller pieces so that the other person can understand.  When you learn intending to share your knowledge with others via teaching them, then you learn more intensely.

Start sharing things about what you have learned with your friends or family members. For example, if you are learning business management skills, then start making presentations and showing it to your mentor or superiors. They will guide you in the right direction. This will solve both purposes and will help you improve in your new skill. Taking guidance from someone more experienced than you is important.

  1. Take the help of your mentor

A mentor will always help you find the right path. If you feel that you are about to fall apart, straightway walk to your mentor and seek guidance. Your mentor will share various experiences with you and will help you understand the other perspective. You can look for a mentor among your family & friends to help you through.

 You can also approach an expert in your field. When you reach to such experts, don't just leap on with your issues, rather convey what help you can offer them. Never start by saying, "will you be my mentor?" Rather find ways through which you can connect with them professionally and get helped. Being with them will always motivate you. Start step by step and see things changing for real.

  1. Relax and take breaks

Let your brain work in both modes- diffused and focused. For learning things quickly, your brain needs to function with both modes on. In focused mode, your brain only catches things that are served on the table. It does not enter the kitchen where the whole procedure of how and when works. On the other, in diffused mode, your brain tries to search deep within things it sees. 

So, you need to let your brain relax. It also needs some time to think freely rather than just focusing on an individual thing. Between your skill session, take some breaks and let your brain work on what you just learned. If you go on memorizing, then things will cook up together leaving you with a heavy head. Because of this you will also leave learning and will get dispassionate.  The best technique is to take frequent breaks in between while you are learning a new skill.


To learn a new skill, you need to become true to yourself first. Set your goals and start working on it. There is no fixed method for learning a skill. Don't let your mind fool you. Show your mind that you are bigger than it and then start moving in the right direction. The 8 techniques which we discussed above are really helpful and once you start implying them, then you will surely see the difference.

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