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A career with good growth potential and job satisfaction is all a career-oriented person seeks while considering any opportunity. The search for this perfect job takes us places and it ends when one lands up with a dream job at the dream destination. Of late, this dream destination for many aspiring job-seekers has been Australia. It has emerged as one of the leading destinations for higher studies and for a better career.

Australia is recognized worldwide as an excellent education provider and an even better host to tremendous job opportunities. Australia’s never-ending zeal towards excellence and evolution has made it a hot spot for professionals and students alike. There is a humongous demand for Australian visa in the emigration services across the globe. People from different regions having different qualifications and distinct skill sets are eyeing Australia as the harbor for their dreams.

Though many people dream of entering the Australian workforce every year but only a few make to the final list. Most of the visa rejections are a result of incorrect visa applications. Many people face difficulties and lack clarity on the process of applying for an Australian visa successfully. Therefore, we bring to you a detailed guide to ensure successful application to acquire an Australian work visa.

Types of Work Visas offered by Australia and how to apply for them:

Skilled Independent Visa:

  • This type of work permit is for the skilled people possessing any required skill sets relevant to any industry or organization in Australia. Business personnel wishing to expand their business in the Australian market are also covered under this type of visa. The visa is issued under this category only to the people having high-quality skills and qualifications.
  • To apply to get visa under this category, one needs to check the eligibility of his/her profession on the Skilled Occupation List (provided by the Government of Australia).
  • If your occupation is on the list, proceed further. Check all the eligibility requirement and ensure that you fulfill them all, such as – age eligibility, basic level of English language required, health requirements, financial eligibility among others.
  • Once all the eligibility criteria is met, one needs to undergo the skills assessment. It is to ensure that you possess the required skills for a particular profession.
  • After this, one needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI). EoI is a kind of application that one needs to submit in order to apply for the visa. You can submit the EoI through a government portal called SkillSelect. This EoI, after submission is thoroughly assessed by the Australian authorities and your application is sent to a relevant employer who might need your services.
  • Once you find an employer who will sponsor you, your application is processed further. After completion of formalities by the respective sponsor, your visa reaches to the last leg of the journey. After thorough assessment of your application and the eligibility criteria you meet, the decision to grant or reject the visa is taken.

Skilled Nominated Visa:

  • This is a permanent resident work visa. It is provided to highly skilled and qualified people seeking job opportunities in Australia. The selection is based on the high demand for professionals in a particular sector. The eligible occupations are listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.
  • The process to apply for visa under this category is more or less the same as that of the process to acquire a Skilled Independent Visa.
  • The major difference in obtaining a Skilled Nominated Visa is the sponsorship criteria. Here, the visa-seeker needs to be nominated by a State or territory government in Australia.
  • Once you submit the Expression of Interest (EoI), it is assessed by the government authorities and if you click on all the required parameters, then you are nominated and the procedure follows as usual.
  • There are a number of additional benefits of obtaining a Skilled Nominated Visa, like there is no time limit to your stay, eligibility to enroll in state-run health insurance schemes, opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship, sponsoring of relatives for permanent stay, freedom to travel in and out of Australia as per one’s wishes.
  • All these make the Skilled Nominated Visa most sought after by professionals from around the world.

Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa:

A TSS Visa is one which is issued to a person who is sponsored by an Australian employer to work for the business for a short term. This is mainly to tackle a short term skills crunch in any Australian industry.

The Temporary Skill Shortage Visa replaced the now-abolished Temporary Work Visa subclass 457. Under TSS visa, anyone having the desired skill sets is eligible to apply.

A TSS visa has three segments namely – The Short-term segment, the medium-term segment, and the Labour Agreement Segment. All the three targets different industries having distinct demands and thus require different professionals. A TSS visa has an optimal duration of two to four years.

Following are the eligibility requirements to obtain a TSS Visa:

  • The occupation for which one is seeking the visa should feature on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List.
  • The applicant must be sponsored or nominated by an Australian employer. This condition is a pre requisite to apply for this visa.
  • A nominated person then has to ascertain that he/she possesses the required qualification and skill sets for the particular job and that he/she has a minimum of two years’ experience in that particular field of work.
  • The applicant has to meet the English language criteria.
  • Once nominated, the applicant has to produce required documents like health insurance documents.
  • Under TSS Visa, the employer nominating the applicant has to meet the eligibility criteria put in place by the Australian government. The employer also has to submit a duly filled Employer Sponsorship Application as per the laid provisions by the Department of Home Affairs, under the Government of Australia.
  • Once all the above criteria and requirements are fulfilled, one can apply for the TSS Visa directly on the website of Department of Home Affairs. The application thus submitted is subjected to a thorough verification and if successful, the visa is then issued to the applicant.

Employer Nomination Scheme Visa:

  • This is similar to the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa. The major difference being that visa enables a person to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. The applicant may even sponsor his/her family to stay in Australia. The Employer Nomination Scheme Visa has three streams:
  1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream: Under this, all the people possessing TSS visa are eligible to apply. This broadens the scope for TSS visa holders to stay in Australia for longer periods. It even enables them to sponsor their family to stay in Australia and allows travel to and from Australia.
  2. Direct Entry Stream: This is exclusively for people who have never worked in Australia before. And for people who do not qualify for either the TSS visa or under the Temporary Residence Transition scheme. For a person to apply under Direct Entry Scheme, he/she will have to be outside Australia while applying.
  3. The Agreement Stream: This is the type of visa for the people not eligible for a TSS visa or do not fall under any of the above two streams. For a person to apply under this stream, he/she must be nominated/ sponsored by an Australian employer under a labour agreement.
  • The process to apply for a visa under Employer Nomination Scheme remains similar to the one mentioned for the TSS visa. Any desiring candidate needs to fulfill the required criteria and choose from the above mentioned three streams. With required documents and eligibility, one may apply directly through the official website of Department of Home Affairs.

Above are some of the most sought after visas to work in Australia. The process to apply for any visa is simple and easy. Any eligible candidate is free to apply to get visa in order to get a job in Australia.

What makes Australia a hot destination for job-seekers?

Multi-cultural Society

The most important thing that attracts not only students but also expatriates from other countries to look out for Australia is its multi-ethnicity and diverse culture. People from various cultural and regional background feel welcomed in Australia. Its diverse and accepting nature makes people feel safe and secure and thus instills a confidence in people to choose Australia.


The laws in place also protect international students and professionals by preventing any discrimination. The Australian community is also quiet welcoming towards students and people from different corners of the world. All these welcoming factors make Australia a safe option for students and professionals to make their dreams happen.

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