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A dissertation is an academic work which forms an essential part of every academic curriculum. A dissertation entails intense research and thus reflects the cognitive and analytical skills of the researcher. The universities today have made dissertation writing an inevitable part of the curriculum. Hence, dissertation writing requires proper academic skills along with the intellectual capabilities.

A dissertation writing is a lengthy procedure and thus involves systematic researching. When starting to write a dissertation, it becomes a mandatory on the part of the researcher to frame the contents and the chapters first. This strategy is a step towards high-quality research. Writing a dissertation undoubtedly requires high efficiency, skills and dedication. Thus, a dissertation requires to be appealing and impressive from the first page itself.

Along with rigorous research, dissertation requires proper referencing at the end. Every university prescribes a different guideline basing on which a dissertation has to be written. Thus, there are even multiple referencing styles which is prescribed by the university in the rubric which the student has to adhere to strictly. The referencing styles followed by the Universities majorly are MLA, Chicago, APA, Turabian, Harvard, IEEE, etc. Every referencing style demand a different kind of title page for the dissertation.

The title page of a dissertation is the first page of the research. This is a common page for every student enrolled in a course in the university. But to fetch good grades in dissertation, the title paper has to be appealing and informative. The basic checklist for title page includes:

  • The title of the document which is the same as that of the one mentioned in the abstract and the approval page. It should be noted that the title of the document uses all CAPS.
  • Secondly, the name of the author should match with that on the abstract and approval page.
  • Current semester publication date needs to be written
  • The name of the Department the student belongs to should be correctly written on the title page.
  • The title page should also have the submission date.
  • The title page should mention the degree program too

Apart from this, to make the dissertation more authentic one can include the student number, supervisor’s name and the university’s logo.

The title page format is given by the department. It is necessary on the students’ part to check the specific guidelines for margins, spacing and font size.

How can a dissertation be systematic?

A dissertation is a detailed study conducted by a researcher on the topic of his interest.

A dissertation involves not only intensive research but also requires certain steps to be followed in formulating it:

  • Introduction: A dissertation should have a very gripping introduction which should include the research questions and the aims and objectives of the research being conducted. The introduction should be such that the readers get an over view of the entire research conducted. A good interesting introduction is one which makes the readers understand the whole research.
  • The review of literature: An important part of every dissertation is the review of literature for any research conducted. A literature review ensures that your research gets supported by strong arguments. Hence, arguments look genuine, reliable and coherent when there is a strong literature review done in the backdrop of the dissertation.
  • Methodology: The methodology involved in the research can that be of a primary or secondary research. It depends on the topic of the research and the study conducted. A research can be done by using questionnaire, interview schedule or using a survey method. A researcher selects the sample to be researched on and thus further proceeds with the methodology.
  • Data analysis: Once a data is collected, the researcher analyses and evaluates the data. This evaluation gets the result of the research conducted. Once this evaluation is done, a dissertation can turn towards establishing the arguments made by the researcher. The data collection done can thus be based entirely on the researcher’s method of data interpretation.
  • Conclusion: Lastly, a dissertation ends with a conclusion or discussion which is entirely reflective in nature. The conclusion makes you establish the arguments more strongly. One can prove the purpose of the entire research based on the information gathered by him throughout the research. Moreover, a conclusion is the nutshell of the whole research and thus, it summarizes the findings and arguments of the dissertation.

A dissertation can be reliable and valid when all the information therein is organized in a logical manner. A dissertation looks authenticate when its title page is made in a perfect manner The format of the title page is usually set by the department. Every dissertation is required to follow a certain rubric as prescribed by the universities, thus, a title page is formulated based on the rubric and pattern set by the university.

A title page marks a dissertation to be valid. Hence, the font size, margins, spacing, submission dates, supervisors name, and the students number make the dissertation more authentic. The title page of a dissertation is very important for any dissertation to be submitted in the university.  The researcher is known for the contributions made by him in the relevant topic of his choice. Hence, a title page mentions the name of the researcher who has contributed his research findings and the arguments he feels holds true for the study conducted.

A dissertation becomes systematic when it begins with an appealing title page stating the name of the research conducted. The tile page is followed by an abstract which makes the readers interested in the dissertation. A title page depends on the kind of referencing style used in the whole dissertation. A dissertation becomes valid and reliable when there is proper referencing done throughout the text.

While formulating a dissertation, there are multiple sources a student refers. These sources include-books, journals, articles, magazines, etc. Hence, it becomes mandatory on the part of the researcher to cite these sources throughout the dissertation. A dissertation always follows a particular referencing style and ensures that the citations are made in text and the referencing is done. Without referencing a dissertation is incomplete. The sources used by the researcher forms a crucial part of the entire dissertation. A research is completely valid when the referencing is done adequately and the sources are cited in an appropriate manner. Therefore, referencing after title page forms an essential part of the entire dissertation. A dissertation thus looks organized when both the title page and referencing is done in an appropriate manner.

Is title page grade scoring?

The answer to the question is yes. The title page is definitely grade scoring. The first impression one makes of the dissertation is through the title page. A title page does not have to be flashy and over-loaded with information. Rather, it should be pin-pointed towards the entire dissertation. The topic mentioned on the title page should be such that the readers become inquisitive to read through the entire dissertation. A cover page is not only important for the researchers and the readers but, it is important for the grades also. As every university defines a certain rubric for the dissertation to be made, the title page plays a vital role in defining the grades. The Professor when sees the title page should get an idea about the topic of dissertation instantly. The idea being that once the professor finds the topic on the title page interesting, he would definitely want to read through your whole dissertation.

A title page is undoubtedly grade scoring as it reflects your idea of presenting your dissertation in a brief manner. The title page showcases the creativity of the researcher through the presentation of relevant information he makes on the title page. A dissertation can be adjudged through the kind of title page it carries. A title page sets the tone of the dissertation in a positive manner. A title page should have the minimum information on it so that they reflect the validity of the dissertation.

The guidelines prescribed by the university, mentions the kind of title page a dissertation requires. There is a certain weightage allotted to the title page which is around 5-8% of the whole dissertation. Hence, a title page is definitely important for scoring grades for the dissertation. A dissertation along with the title page requires other criteria to get fulfilled as demanded by the university guidelines. The guidelines are usually stringent and ensure that they bring out the best in the researcher. Hence, the weightage in grade varies when there is deviation from the set rubric standards. A title page ensures that the dissertation gains an impression of the professor and becomes a high-grade quality dissertation. The dissertation to be high grade scoring should also be submitted timely. Moreover, a dissertation which is plagiarism free and error free is more interesting to read. A dissertation comprises the arguments of the researcher in a logical manner. It is very important to present the findings a researcher has in a coherent and logical manner. A good dissertation is one, which has the ideas put in logically and systematically. A dissertation entails rigorous research and thus the effort should not go in vain. Thus, the title page is a gateway to the research conducted.

A title page other than bringing credibility of the dissertation ensures that it mentions the date of publication and submission correctly. A research presents many arguments and it is one of these arguments which can be taken forward for the study at higher level. A research can open the gateways for many more researches ahead. Therefore, a title page becomes essential in this regard. It is the title page which shall be saved for the years to come and any reference made in the future research conducted on the similar topic can cite the dissertation made by you.

A dissertation has aims and purpose of the research clearly stated therein. Therefore, these aims can also get further research ideas to another individual. A title page therefore, ensures that the whole dissertation remains credible throughout the upcoming researches. A title page can easily guide an individual to delve further into research based on the topic provided.

A Title Page is a must for your Dissertation

A title page makes the readers inquisitive to read through the dissertation. A title page of a dissertation should definitely follow the requirements laid down by the university as it becomes not only grade-scoring for the dissertation but also reflects a good healthy research. To justify the dissertation title page, it must be ensured that the following page of the abstract should be such that the over view of the dissertation is reflected. It is very important that the arguments are presented in a logical and rational manner so that they make sense to the readers. A dissertation thus, should be logically synced until the end so that it keeps the readers gripping.

Therefore, a complete and perfect dissertation is one which caters to all the requirements of the rubric. It should be remembered that a dissertation does not mean overloading the paper with facts and information only. Instead, there should be logical presentation of arguments in a meaningful way. This makes the dissertation highly credible and valid. A research should therefore make sense to the readers. The purpose of including dissertation as a part of the curriculum is to bring out the capacity of the individuals in terms of cognitive and analytical ability. Writing a dissertation definitely requires a lot of effort and every page should be taken care of in order to get the top-notch grades.

The title page being the starting of the dissertation, one should ensure that it meets the requirements of the rubric entirely. This shall definitely make you achieve high grades as it sets a base for the impression of your dissertation. It is mandatory that the prescribed requirement standards are adhered strictly without any kind of deviation. A title page should hence, mention all the details relating to the dissertation and the researcher and follow an appropriate format to make the dissertation credible from the very beginning.

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