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Relocating for better career opportunity? Got admission in your favorite university but there is no hostel facility? Do not worry an ounce. You have got our back! Relocating to a completely new placing is quiet taxing both mentally and physically. There are a lot of changes that one undergoes in pursuance of a better life. We all have to step out of our comfort zone for a brighter future at some point or the other. But with a little support and right guidance, even the most cumbersome task appears like a cakewalk.

When a student leaves for a brighter tomorrow with thousands of dreams and aspirations, some thoughts makes him/her anxious about the upcoming life, like – how will be the college, will I make any friends, will I be able to perform well in academics, where will I be staying and many more. As far as the concern for choosing a right location goes, you should not be worrying at all. This is a natural concern as choosing a right place is crucially important for ensuring a smooth college life.

Though most of the universities or colleges offer on campus residential services to its students like a hostel or a dormitory. But in some cases either a hostel has restricted number of occupancy or there is no facility at all. What happens to students in such a scenario? Normally, in absence of any hostel facility by the college or university, a number of accommodation services like paying guest rooms, rented apartments, private hostels, etc. come up around the college area. Therefore one is left to choose an appropriate accommodation for himself/herself. But this task is not that simple as it sounds. One must be cautious while looking for an accommodation.

Here, in this article, we will be dealing with the right approach one should adopt while looking for an accommodation.

How to Choose an Accommodation Perfectly?

The task for choosing an accommodation begins even before the start of the college. Anxious parents or guardians look out desperately for an appropriate and safe accommodation for their wards. Before visiting any potential accommodation, the best approach would be to filter down your list and come to a particular type of accommodation that might meet your budget as well as other essential criteria.

To choose a perfect accommodation, it is crucial to know about the type of accommodations available:

  • A private hostel: This is similar to any campus hostel in a college. The major difference being that it is run or managed privately and is located off campus. Here you may be accommodated with another three or four students in a room with common rest rooms. If you are someone that adjusts quickly and do not mind any company then this type of accommodation might suit you. A hostel rent is quiet affordable and within the reach of many students. Food service availability completely depends upon the hostel. But if a hostel provided food service as well, then it is charged separately.

The only problem with this accommodation type is that it does not provide any privacy. This sometimes create problems to students. Keep this in mind and choose accordingly.

  • Dorm Rooms: This type of accommodation is preferred by students on a low budget. This is basically an accommodation where you get your own bed to sleep but there are no separate rooms. Common restrooms are provides for a group of students. Though it is a cheap alternative but it does not prove to be a long term solution as there is zero privacy. You may consider staying in a dorm room on a temporary basis only while looking for an actual accommodation.
  • Paying Guest rooms: This type of accommodation is better in privacy and safety as compared to dorm or hostel rooms. Here, you are accommodated with a family having extra spare room to share. This accommodation provides a number of additional benefits such as – the rent is affordable and many a time food is also included in the rent (as the family you are staying with would not mind to serve an extra person), you feel homely as it feels like staying with a family, it is secure and safe. One can definitely go for this type of accommodation if you want privacy and does not even want to indulge in many household chores.
  • Apartments for rent: This is the most preferred type of accommodation among students. This basically involves sharing of a rented apartment between three-four students/friends. It is mostly preferred as it does not include any interference from any landlord or a hostel warden. It basically allows the occupants to live as they wish. It even gives students a sense of independence. Though this type of accommodation requires a good some of money. It even involves a lot of other chores as well like the cleaning of the house, laundry, paying various bills apart from the rent, among many other. But it also gives flexibility to a person. You may have your privacy. You may also choose your roommates/flat mates and even restrict the number of people sharing the flat. But while going for this type of accommodation, extra caution needs to be maintained. Get an apartment in a good society and from a registered agent. Ensure all the security checks before making the final payment.

Once the type of accommodation is finalized, then comes other factors that play an equally important role in choosing a perfect accommodation.

The following are some important points that you might consider while looking for an accommodation:

  • Location is everything: While looking for an accommodation, the most important factor is the location of the place with respect to your college or university. It must be noted that the place of accommodation should not be too far from the college as it add up to your travel expense and would even be time consuming. Choose a locality that is safe and has a good neighborhood. Ensure that the locality has all the basic ammonites like electricity, running water, proper sewage system, etc. Make sure that the locality you choose is multicultural and multiethnic. It should have a good vibe to its neighborhood.
  • Affordability: Another important factor is the price factor. It is basically a deciding factor in one’s hunt to a good place. Though surviving in a limited budget is the most challenging task in a student’s life. While you must consider cost a factor in choosing your accommodation but also do not compromise on safety and security. Make an intelligent choice. Search extensively before making any final decision. Ask your local friends and acquaintances and know about an affordable and secure establishment. Do not settle for any place before inquiring exhaustively. You may even opt for a temporary place to stay as you look out for a better option. Explore the college’s neighborhood on your own as you know your requirements better than anybody else.
  • Be responsible and accountable for yourself: When you step out of your comfort zone to pursuit a better future, the onus of your safety and security lies on you. Be ready to own your mistakes and be accountable to them. One can definitely not ensure a foolproof plan for survival. As you enter the real world, you will surely end up making mistakes but it is expected out of you to learn from those mistakes. Own up to your faults, reflect back on them and ensure that the mistakes are not repeated in the future. Always remember that you have to take care of yourself out there. Always remain cautious and alert. With a little caution and alertness, you might be able to keep your safe and secure during your stay in the university.
  • Seek professional help if required: When in trouble, always seek help. In this era of technology, you may resort to the professionals who would help you in searching a perfect place. There are a number of apps and websites providing a number of accommodation as per your requirement. Just search and you will get to know the place even without visiting it.

You may even seek legal help if required. If you are looking to rent a place all by yourself, make sure you take some legal opinion. To rent a place, you need to sign a rent agreement, ensure that you read all the terms and conditions of the contract carefully before signing. If something is not appearing right, seek legal help right away.

Apart from the above mentioned, keep your safety as priority. Make sure that the locality or area you choose is safe and easy to commute to. Let your friends and local guardians (if any) know about the place you are putting up in. Make yourself comfortable in the place and secure it with adequate locks and safety features. A new place often appears to be intriguing and appealing. One is attracted to explore the place. And it is perfectly normal. Enjoy the life that is waiting for you but be careful and smart.

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