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    Six Sigma Assignment Help

    It is a kind of business management strategy. It was developed originally in the year 1986 by Motorola company and later been used exclusively by General Electric. Now-a-days, this strategy of business management is being used by almost all the multinational companies across the world and is been admired as a successful strategy. It is the best possible strategy that tries to remove small-small defects in the business processes by firstly identifying then and then finding out the most possible solutions in order to reduce and minimize the defects. It also helps in creating infrastructure for the people which is special one and even uses various quality management methods like – various statistical tools and techniques. It involves various step by step processes and after mastering each, specialization belts are been given to the master or the company which has mastered the technique. It is been described as a technique which determines 3.4 defects per million. This strategy was firstly used by Motorola for manufacturing processes but now, it is been used by various other process all across the industry worldwide.

    The main processes under this strategy are -

    a. A continuous effort to achieve the stable state of the manufacturing process wherein it is been checked and ensured that there are minimum defects in the entire system with as much as lesser problems so that stable and error-free state could be achieved.

    b. The broad four processes that are being followed are measurement of the process, analysis of the process, continuous improvement and the control. At first it becomes essential for measuring errors or the problems occurring in the system, then doing the proper analysis and finding out the ways of improving the situation and then controlling the processes so that the improvements done are controlled in such a manner that every step is controlled for least or no errors.

    The various tools and the methods used in the six sigma processes are as follows: -

    1. 5 Whys – it refers to the 5 whys or the question, answer technique of analysis of the quality management or the business manufacturing or the production process.

    2. Business Process Mapping – By using this tool, a mapping is been done in order to control the business processes for achieving the stable state of manufacturing or the business processes.

    As the six sigma process is the original trademark of Motorola so the certifications are being given by this company to various other companies who achieve the Six Sigma quality control and process techniques specialization.

    The various advantages of Six Sigma process are as follows: -

    1. This technique helps in analyzing the loss or the error so we can say that by use of this technique, the error process or the stage is being detected and found.

    2. This process helps in improving the various steps or the processes of the manufacturing and wherever the error is occurring, the best possible solutions or the improvement method could be applied.

    3. This method controls the various processes and hence achieves the stable state of mind and controls the entire system processes.

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