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The human resource planning refers to the planning and scheduling of the step by step procedure of achieving the targets and the current as well as the future requirements of the Human Resources. It will range in all the areas as whatever may be the requirements, planning plays a very important role wherein we design our paths according to the plan that we have drafted in achieving the objectives.

Planning will start with analyzing and research of the current and the future requirements of the enterprise. Human Resource Planning has to be done in all the areas like – Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development, Performance Appraisal, Policy draft and implementation. Planning gives a direction and sets the targets or the deadlines of achieving the various objectives or the targets set.

The planning will be done for both: Short term objective as well as the Long term objective. Short term objective will not involve a lot of planning mechanism as it is with respect to the short term objective that may not be very complicated. For long term planning too, Human Resources plans very descriptive and easy steps and planning procedures which can be used in a long run to achieve the target.

Human Resource department is said to be heart of the organization as it helps in controlling the human resources so in case the resource control is not done with proper planning and in a controlled way then it may lead to various other problems which can create blunders in the long run.

Planning involves implementation in certain stages which are as described below: -

a. Identification of the current needs – First of all it becomes necessary for Human Resource person to study the current situation of the organization and its needs in the longer run.

b. Analyzing the infrastructure and other requirements involved in achieving the targets or the objectives – For the possible identified needs, what all are the resources available and how they can be exploited.

c. Identification and usage of the possible sources of solving the entire problem –There can various ways and alternatives of solving the various issues, so identification of the best possible source is essential so that there is no unnecessary wastage of time.

d. Drafting and designing of the plan for the objective – Designing of the plan and in detail explaining all the stages so that everything is streamlined.

e. Implementing the same step by step in order to avoid any problem – In case the plan is carried out in step by step way then there are less chances of errors and even theprocess or the plan is implemented smoothly and in order.

Planning has been into existence from the very beginning, and is done in almost all the areas and so has to be done even in the Human Resource Department. Human resource department needs to be more careful in terms of planning as it is said to be the heart of the organization and every human is important has to be properly taken care of.

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