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    Change Management Assignment Help

    Change management refers to a process of bringing about a change from the current state to the desired state in future and also managing the brought changes so that they do not disturb the existing system. Change management is brought about for a definite purpose or the objective. Change management basically is a process to ensure that change that is brought about for a good cause or development should be managed in such a way that it results in the having minimal impact of the processes and people barely get affected.

    Now-a-days organizations have developed a separate department for the change management wherein the department’s key task is only to manage the change and ensure that change brings about a very low effect on the operations or successful running of the organization. This department has dedicated and specialists people who make the planning of what is the change that has to be brought about and how it need to be managed properly ensuring a transition is also brought about and at the same time there is not much turmoil in the system and processes.

    Few examples that could be discussed for the organizational changes that are enabled and managed by the Change Management process are as follows –

    • Changes in Mission or vision statement of the company – As the company progresses, the mission and the objectives change and the desire to excel and get growth in few of the segments comes up so the mission and vision statement change.
    • Changes in the processes, policies and procedures of the company – Once the company the market research and finds out that there are a lot of competitors in the market and in order to fight competition, it needs to plan the change or the transition. So it changes or modifies its existing processes, procedures.
    • Changes such as complete transition of the manpower – In case it is felt by the company that it requires young, dynamic and talented manpower in replacement of the old age people working within the enterprise and not producing the desired output then it may force the old and elderly people to take Voluntary Retirement and young crowd to take their replacement.
    • Technological Changes – The Company may be running on the obsolete technology and the competitors entering the market are able to produce the desired output and productivity in lesser time, lesser manpower due to the presence and adoption of new technology. So the company would be forced to think on buying the new technology in order to fight competition.

    So changes come for goodness of the society, public, employees, organization and country etc and they need to be planned in such a way that they are managed properly without resulting in a lot of resistance from the people as if we will bring about all the changes at one go then it is obvious that it will definitely result in losses, anger of the people, non-acceptance from the society etc and ultimately give a back foot to the society and country as a whole.

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