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Community Management Assignment Help

It is a process of managing the various issues or the resources pertaining to the community by various community individuals, volunteers etc. The management of the resources can be either informational or the material. The material resources could be – assets, buildings, and infrastructure etc. The various informational resources could be rights, rules, laws, regulations etc.

In case there is no proper management or the people to take care of the community, the entire resources and the assets of the community would be depleted and destroyed. As these resources are meant for the common usage, the personal attachment to them is not there so people will never take care of them with the intention of maintaining them for future usage. Whereas in case of governmental interference, government forms a team or a group of people who take care of the community’s various resources. Community management is although being the responsibility of the government but still it is the contribution of all the citizens that can give a rewarding achievement of safeguarding the public property, infrastructure and the various other resources and the materials that form the part of the community.
Community is the responsibility of all the citizens but the management if not done by the government, it would ruin all the resources and in-turn would become a cumbersome process. Once the resources are ruined, it would be difficult to get them at the same level and pace as it was before.

The various ways by which government recovers the money to do the task of community management are as follows: -

a. Taxes & Duties – The various taxes like sales tax, income tax, maintenance tax, custom duty etc that people pay help in maintaining the resources and different assets of the community.

b. Various departments have been set up by the government which takes care of their individual resources as health & safety department takes care of the hospitals, clinics, day care centers etc, foreign ministry takes care of the embassy facilities, investments of the foreign companies etc, Panchayat takes care of the village needs, educationministry takes care of the resources that need to be availed for the education and study purpose.

Community Development and management responsibilities in India lies with the government whereas if we talk about the foreign companies then this responsibility of all the citizens of the country and in case they exploit or misuse the resources then every destruction has a fine or legal action been associated with it. The government is very strict in the countries outside and they do not allow the misuse or wrong use of the resources. There can be imprisonment too in case the citizen does wrong to the public property or the infrastructure.

So in the end it could be recommended that all individuals who are the part of the community take care of its various resources and materials and they feel responsible enough to play their role of safeguarding the public property as well as pay their maximum contribution to the resources and the community for the efficient community management.

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