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An Outstanding Guide for Google Case Study Assignment

Stuck with a tricky case study again? Are you looking for a perfect guide to ace a perfect case study this time? Then your struggle ends here. As we bring to a detailed step by step guide to accomplish any case study with excellence. But before beginning, we must throw some light on the main objective that any case study seeks to achieve.

You might have faced many assignments and tasks during your academic endeavor but a case study stands apart.  A case study is not a typical descriptive and information-laden document, it is more of technical and subject-specific document that deals with real-life problems comprehensively.

While dealing with any case study, the writer has to have a broader understanding about the topic, along with having required skills to think critically and finding appropriate solutions to the problems. From the assessor’s point of view, the main objective of assigning any case study to a candidate has dual purpose – the prime motive being to assess the knowledge and expertise of the candidate regarding the specific subject matter and the secondary motive, though equally crucial, is to test the ability of the candidate to use that knowledge in solving real-life problems. Therefore, whenever assigned with the task to accomplish any case study, make sure you invest sufficient time and put the required efforts, as these will ensure the desired success in the end.

As mentioned above that a case study is quiet distinct from any regular college assignment. So, the question that now surfaces is that what makes it different and unique? The answer to this question is – the perspective. Many students fail to register this fact that a case study requires a different perspective to be accomplished. A candidate must realize that the case study is not an absolute informative document but instead it includes the practical application of that information. It is a unique blend of knowledge and apt skills that help bring the entire document together.

The task to accomplish any case study perfectly is not an easy one. Students often find it a tricky path to tread on. Along with the required knowledge and expertise, a case study also demands right skills and technique to accomplish it. A quintessential case study requires the candidate to analyze a given set problems on a holistic basis and thus find accurate and sustainable solutions to those problems.

Whenever a case study is assigned, it generally involves a particular firm, organization, group or a person as the central theme. The candidate then is required to assess and analyze the problems that might persist in that organization and thus finding viable solutions to them.

One such difficult topic that students find themselves stuck with is to create the case study based on Google. The difficulty is not in the topic per se but Google being such a huge organization makes it hard for the students to deal with it. Students find themselves stuck in a limbo while analyzing what aspect of the firm has to be assessed in the case study. Therefore, to make the task simple and convenient for you, we bring to you this article that deals with the case study, having Google as the main subject matter.

What makes the Google an Ideal organization for a Case Study?

Google is one name that everyone resonates with. Google is not just an organization but it has emerged as a way of life. From a single search window, it connects a person to the entire world out there. But one should not be mistaken here, Google is not just a search engine but is a huge firm that provides numerous services in the domain of internet. In just a short span of time, it has established itself as one of the leading global organizations. And this humongous success has made Google as the central point of research in many studies.

It makes for an ideal firm to assess from a critical point of view. It even allows and enables the writer to assess the organization from multiple fronts. Dealing with as distinct and vibrant subject matter as Google, provides tremendous opportunities to the candidate to prove his mettle in the sphere and create a comprehensive and outstanding case study based on it.

Sometimes, a multi-dimensional and huge subject matter, for instance, in this case it is Google, also creates unintended hurdles for the students. They find themselves stuck while making a choice in choosing an appropriate dimension for themselves.

Therefore, we have enlisted some crucial points that would help you to make a right choice to deal with in the case study:

  • First of all, remember dealing with a big organization like Google, is like a big plain canvas, it just requires you to choose perfect colors to paint the canvas right. Therefore begin by analyzing the entire organization as a whole. Carefully study all the major departments of the organization. Keep on making the notes alongside.
  • Once a thorough study of the entire organization is conducted, encircle the best and worst performing departments of the organization. Study these departments and their various features and dimensions carefully. Highlight the red flags that might be indicating towards the low performance or less efficiency of the firm. Also, analyze some of the best aspects of those policies that are helping the firm to strive forward.
  • When an overall analysis of the organization is done with, it will become easier for you to choose a particularly relevant dimension that would help you to base your case study on. While choosing the final topic, do not set any unrealistic targets for yourself. There is nothing wrong in aiming high but there must be a sense of practicality involved. Choose a topic that you are comfortable with and where your strength lies.
  • Choosing an area of your strength and interest will help you to bring out the best in your work. While making final decision, always remember that you must be able to justify with the chosen dimension.

Important Aspects to base your Google Case Study on:

We understand how difficult it gets to analyze as big organization as Google. There are multiple aspects and dimensions involved where a candidate may dive into but the catch lies in choosing the right approach. Therefore, we have carefully curated a list of major dimensions that would help you choose one for yourself. These aspects are suggestive in nature and the onus of selecting any topic completely lies on the writer.

Read on, as the following list will help you get an insight on all major aspects:

Considering the grand stature of Google, we have narrowed down the list to some of the important areas that a student might deal with in the case study:

  1. Leadership: This forms an important area from the point of analysis. For any firm to grow, leadership is the most important factor that provides impetus to that growth. The success story of Google is the right subject matter to base one’s analysis on the crucial role that leadership plays. Under this dimension, one might talk about leadership policies followed in Google that has helped it to reach to the zenith of success. Under it, one might start with briefly defining leadership. Mention about the important traits observed in a great leadership such as – intelligence, vision and foresight, objectivity, maturity, responsibility, and others.
Then come to important behavioral theories, namely:
  • Michigan Studies Leadership Theory
  • Managerial Grid
  • Reddin’s 3D Managerial Style
  • Ohio State Leadership Studies Theory

Describe the above theories in brief. Analyze all the theories with the leadership practices followed by Google. Highlight the theory(s) that might come near to the model followed by Google. Also throw some light on the leadership styles that are mostly followed around the world. The main leadership styles involve- Participative, Supportive, Achievement-oriented, and Directive. Briefly discuss about all the styles separately. 

Draw a comparison between these styles and the leadership style observed in Google. The point of analyzing in depth is to assess the organization holistically on one front, in this case, it is leadership. Conclude the study by mentioning all the major insights that you have discovered while dealing with the subject. Also, highlight the areas which require better policies and suggest the corresponding modifications that will help the organization to become more efficient.

  1. Organizational Behavior: Another area of importance is to analyze a firm based on the concept of organizational behavior. Organizational Behavior is nothing but an analysis of how the people in any organization act, why do they act in particular manner, and what could be predicted from their respective behavior, so as to form the policies accordingly. To analyze this dimension, Google becomes an ideal organization. As it is often said that the employees of an organization are the real resources, therefore Google, being home to multiple thousand employees, becomes a perfect case to be studied. Start by defining the concept of organizational behavior and what you are seeking to achieve. Then mention about various behavioral theories that are practiced around the globe.
Then base your study on organization behavior at three levels:
  • Intra-individual Level
  • Interpersonal and Group Level
  • Organizational Change and Development.

Analyze the firm’s policy at micro level for all the segments. Analyze them critically and highlight the loopholes and shortcomings thus observed. After thorough analysis, suggest any improvement that the company must focus on so as to improve the efficiency. You may also compare the firm’s policies with its competitors, in order to add emphasis to your opinions.

  1. Motivation: Another important aspect that helps the company to retain its success is the constant motivation that helps the employees perform par excellence. In the case of Google, focusing one’s case study on the dimension of motivation is a welcome move. The study will help to analyze the policies that Google adheres to in order to motivate the work force. Begin by describing about motivation in general. For instance, motivation may be defined as an individual’s intensity and persistence that he/she puts in to attain a particular goal.
Then you may proceed by describing about important motivational theories, namely:
  • Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory
  • Two-factor Theory
  • Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
  • Equity Theory
  • Goal Setting Theory

Briefly describe about the respective theories. Analyze the theories from the point of assessing the theories followed by Google. Mention about the theories that come near to the policies adopted by Google. Also, mention about the importance of motivating the employees and how these theories help an organization to structure its policies after analyzing the demands and expectations of the employees. Mention various techniques, like Management by Objectives (MBO), that help any organization to understand the requirements of its employees better and thus help the firm to form appropriate policies. Establish the relation between how the satisfaction of an employee is directly proportional to the growth of the organization.

  • Marketing Strategy: This aspect is one of the mostly pursued dimension while dealing with any organization. Marketing forms the basis on which a company sells its products and acquires a strong base. Strong and coherent marketing strategies are essential for any firm to thrive.
  • Google’s unsurpassable success has put it in the center of many researches and studies. For one to analyze Google based on its market strategy, begin with defining and describing the important theories followed in marketing filed. Then analyze all the major strategies and policies that Google adheres to in the domain of marketing.
  • Analyze all the problems critically. Research on the solutions of their problems. Use accurate and valid data and resources from the organization itself as use of valid data is critical. As you arrive at the solutions, make sure that you analyze the solutions from various perspective as well. Critically comprehend the solutions, look out for any loophole that might make the solution inefficient in the long run. Coming up with accurate, sustainable and lost lasting solutions is one of the main motives behind conducting any case study.
The Guide for Structuring your Case Study perfectly:

Once the main contents to be included in the case study are known, start giving substance and structure to your document. Structuring is a crucial step in the journey of creating a case study. It ensures smooth execution of thoughts and gives a good flow to the entire writing piece.

  • Title: Start by giving your work an appropriate and relevant title. Always remember that the title is the first thing which readers observe in any document. Make sure that your title is engaging and justifies the entire document. The assessment of your Case study would certainly start as soon as it lands in the hands of your assessor. So, play smartly. Try to focus on the fact that the title you give to your dissertation must justify its content.
  • Table of Contents: It is an index of your work. Enlist your work in such a way that it should give the reader an idea about what to expect and where. You must arrange the contents in a numerical order thus making it easy for the reader to comprehend.
  • Acknowledgments: It is one of the most important contents of your case study. To start with, you must acknowledge the guidance of the faculty and your mentor (if any). Then you must proceed by acknowledging people for their support in completion of your project in whichever possible way they contributed. Acknowledge the people you referred to during the accomplishment of your case study. Finally, you can conclude by thanking your family and friends for being there for your constant support. You may even include special mentions, if any.
  • Abstract: An abstract is one such crucial aspect of writing a research paper, a thesis or a case study. An abstract is vaguely similar to introduction of the research paper but aims to serve a completely distinct purpose. An abstract is written with the simple motive of making the reader aware about the main theme of the research paper. It should educate the reader about the main topic for which the entire research paper is based on,
  • the dimensions and various aspects covered while dealing with that topic, the problems considered and the ways to conclude their solutions. An abstract is mainly written for the convenience of the reader. It helps the reader to decide whether to proceed with further reading of the research or not.
  • Introduction: Introduction is a preface to your entire write up. Introduce in such a manner that it explains your thought process. Keep it simple and sum up your entire project and keep dropping a few hints here and there such that the reader remains engaged and prepared for what is coming up.
  • Chapters/Parts: If your case study is lengthy, then it is advised to divide the document into relevant chapters/parts/sections. Give a heading to every chapter, introduce it briefly and start the main content immediately. Use appropriate graphs/pictures/figures to emphasize the points you are making. Number the graph/picture/figure used in order to use it further at any point. Give footnotes wherever needed. Use italics to highlight any point. Give a strong conclusion to each chapter and also drop some hints regarding the upcoming sections.
  • Conclusion: Remember, concluding means to wrap up your project with effective insights so, end your case study with strong inputs. A good conclusion could cover up your earlier flaws. Do not hesitate to share your opinions as it adds value to your project. Keep in mind that your conclusion should not be ambiguous. It should be clear and should not reflect any contradictions.
  • Reference List: It should include the mention of all the third-party help, however insignificant it may be, that you have sought in the completion of your project. The reference list validates your usage of someone else's work. It protects your work from plagiarism and makes your work authentic.
  • Glossary: As it is known that a case study is a scholarly piece of work and thus might involve the use of some technical words in the main text. Therefore to make the text easier and more understandable for every reader, a glossary is attached at the end of the document. It comprises of the definitions of all the technical words or phrases that might have been used in the case study.
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