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Assignment Sample : Dissertation

  • Services Strategies The Advanced Sale of Services

    S U M M A R Y The practice of selling a service in advance of consumption, such as those practiced by hotels and airlines, is not equivocal amongst academics. Literature in this area is scant and there is a good deal of ambiguity as to what drives pricing and capacity allocation considerations in advance, and if advanced selling is in fact optimal. In investigating this phenomenon, this dissertation presents three separate and complete essays on the subject. As each essay delves into different issues and draws separate conclusions pertaining to advanced selling, each is formulated with its own introduction, literature review, some backgroun...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 20547 word limits : 34603

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  • The Role of Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Professional in the New Economy

    Table of Contents- Chapter 1 Introduction 7 Chapter 2 Human resource management 17 Chapter 3 The new economy 47 Chapter 4 Research methodology 67 Chapter 5 The model 79 References 102 Chapter 1 Introduction The purpose of this study is to develop a model defining the role of human resource management in the new economy. To do this it is necessary to discuss the shift in focus from personnel management to human resource management as companies move from the old economy to the new economy. This chapter defines the concepts of human resource management and personnel management, identifies the similarities and differences, and discus...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 20147 word limits : 37299

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  • Power Consumption of Network Devices

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Literature Review Power Requirements of ACPI Compliant Devices Power Requirements of Network Infrastructure Devices Theoretical Power Requirements of Data Transmission Power Consumption Analysis for the University of the West of Scotland Critical Evaluation References & Bibliography 1 INTRODUCTION- 1.1 BACKGROUND As the prices of energy continually rise in today’s world, commercial businesses, manufacturers and home users alike are all under enormous pressure from international energy efficiency organisations to ensure their computer equipment is environmentally friendly. “Greening...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 20147 word limits : 26151

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  • A Dual Band and Dual Polarized Antenna For Wlan Applications

    TBLAE OFCONTENTS- CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER 2 - BACKGROUND: DUAL-BAND, DUAL-POLARIZED AND DUAL-BAND DUAL-POLARIZED CONFIGURATIONS 7 CHAPTER 3 - THEORY AND DESIGN OF A DUAL-BAND DUAL-POLARIZED WLAN ANTENNA 19 CHAPTER 4 - SIMULATED AND MEASURED RESULTS: SINGLE-, TWO- AND FOUR- ELEMENT CONFIGURATIONS 53 CHAPTER 5 - CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK 94 REFERENCES - 99 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION- The recent growth in the ambit of modern wireless communication has increased the demand for multi-band antennas that can satisfy the requirements pertaining to WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks). The development of dual-band antennas that can co...Read More

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  • Human Resource Management Specialization

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- The success of any business depends largely on the motivation of the employees. Human resources are essential to the prosperity, productivity and performance of any company. Motivation is the key to creating an environment where optimal performance is possible. IT sector has been recognised as one of the drivers of Economic Growth. By keeping that in mind, the IT Companies in Bangalore have come up with new idea in order to provide facilities to the employees, now IT Sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the country. This study is about the employees of the IT Companies in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka w...Read More

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  • A Critical Analysis of the Factors which are Influencing Consumer Behavior in UK Fast Food Industry

    UNIVERSITY OF WALES MODULE NAME: DISSERTATION (MARKETING) COURSE: MBA – UNIVERSITY OF WALES NAME: HARSH DEVANG DESAI KCB ID: 14779 DATE OF SUBMISSION: 12-12-2011 KENSINGTON COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MBA DISSERTATION REPORT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It takes a combined effort of many to complete this report. Through this brief note, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to the making of this report. This report is a small step to pen down whatever I have learnt while working on this project. I would like to thank our Principal, for providing us such a wonderful opportunity to work on this project. Moreover, I th...Read More

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  • An Assessment of Effect of E-marketing on Customer Response in Special Reference to Animated Images

    Dissertation on An Assessment of Effect of E-marketing on Customer Response in Special Reference to Animated Images In Partial Fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Masters in Business Administration CARDIFF METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY Acknowledgement In the start it was looking very difficult to the researcher that how the research will be completed. But then with the passage of time and thorough study of literature on the subject of E-marketing, and its special strategy of using animated images, through the available books and the link of the electronic library of the university gave hand-some information on the topic. D...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 15798 word limits : 12188

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    “AN INVESTIGATION ABOUT ROAD TRANSPORT RISKS IN LOGISTICS COMPANIES IN UNITED KINGDOM AND INDIA.” ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I dedicate this project to my parents, friends and to all my professors, who gave me the strength andgrace to achieve my desire and ability to write this dissertation.I would like to thank my parents and friends for their sacrifices, encouragements andunending love. I am also grateful for their moral support throughout the duration of thiscourse.Special thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Edmund Thompson, without whose help; thisdissertation would not have taken this shape. I am grateful to him for empowering meand increasi...Read More

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  • Does Social Media have an Impact on Consumer Brand Relationships

    Does social media have an impact on consumer-brand relationships? An investigation into trust, commitment, brand personality and the engagement in social media David Nichols, BSc This work is the result of my research carried out during the period July 2010 to December 2010 tutored by Ed Little at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Where reference has been made to the work of others, this is given full acknowledgement in the text. The dissertation is submitted in part fulfilment of the degree of Masters of Science in Marketing Communications at the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2010. The dissertation may be m...Read More

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  • CRM in Tech Mahindra

    Contents DECLARATION.. 7 ACKNOWLDGEMENT. 8 LIST OF TABLES. 9 ABSTRACT. 10 CHAPTER ONE.. 12 Outline. 12 1.2 Introduction. 14 1.2.1 Key customer focus. 16 1.2.2 Customer relationship management organization. 16 1.2.3Technology- based customer relationship management 17 1.2.4 The principle of Pareto. 19 1.3 Background of the Study. 20 1.4 Problem Statement. 22 1.5 Research Objectives. 25 1.6 Research Questions. 25 Scope of the Study. 26 1.7 Significance of the Study. 26 CHAPTER TWO: Critical Literature Review.. 29 2.1. Introduction. 29 2.1.1 Literature Search Strategy. 29 2.1.2 Structure of literature review.. 30 2.2 Custom...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 13264 word limits : 22258

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  • Case Study of Coca-Cola UK

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would never have been able to finish my dissertation without the guidance of my supervisor, help from friends, and support from my family. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my advisor for his excellent guidance, caring, patience, and providing me with an excellent atmosphere for doing research. I would like to thank , who as a good friend, was always willing to help and gave his best suggestions. It would have been a lonely lab without him. Many thanks to my family members who supported to carry out this study in proper manner. In the entire study my subordinates supported me in conducting especially at the ...Read More

    subject : Dissertation Visit : 10524 word limits : 24918

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  • Influence of Digital Marketing in Enhancing Customer

    Acknowledgement I would like to thank my tutor and family members for supporting me in completing the present research. My professor has supported me a lot in the different areas such as deciding the topic, conducting the research, providing knowledge regarding selection of methodological tools etc. I would like to thank my classmates and friends also who have supported me in entire research as without their support it would not be possible for me to complete the study. With the support of different individuals I was highly motivated in the research and I actively participated in the every activity. Abstract In the modern era, practices ...Read More

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