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An ultimate guide to Foxconn Case Study Assignment

Business case studies are an inevitable part of a student pursuing his education in the field of business or management studies. Case studies have always been a huge part of any business school teaching a course in business studies field at the undergraduate, post-graduate, or doctoral level. Each of the business case studies is developed around a principal element of the academic curriculum so that the students can effectively imply their theoretical knowledge in practical real-life situations.

By paying attention to the relevant and interesting issues of the featured and popular companies in the business case studies a student can bring forward the real complexities a business faces and engage the readers to learn the effective way of tackling those problems.

One of the major companies that students often include in their case studies is Foxconn. This article will help you to know what Foxconn is and how can you write an influential case study focusing on the company.

An introduction to Foxconn

Launched in the era of seventies when the competition in the field of electronics was at its peak, Foxconn emerged as a brand name that nobody could challenge. The premium quality of work and outstanding service standards were the aspects that made the company acquire the best reputation amongst its competitors all around the world.

As time passed the company expanded its business and product lines to a huge extent and in today's era its name is associated with almost all the categories of electronics.

They are active both in the field of manufacturing and distribution. The headquarters of the company are located in Tucheng, Taiwan. Started off in a small town of Taiwan, the brand has now scaled a lot higher with having the greatest customer base from countries all around the world.

The company has an incredible sense of standing out in the competitive market and thus invests a lot of time, resources, and intelligence in improving its standards regularly.

The most popular products manufactured by the Taiwanese company are Xbox One, iPads, iPhones, blackberry mobiles, and even the PlayStation 4. Founded by Terry Gou, the company came into the market with a vision to ease up the life of common people. If you pay proper attention to the journey of the Foxconn you will get to know how smartly the company has situated itself in today's electronic market.

Amongst all the positives, Foxconn has also been in news because of its unremarkable outreach towards its employees. A student who plans to focus on the strategies of Foxconn Technologies in his business case study, he surely will have a lot of options to explore and present to the readers and examiners.

What does a Foxconn case study entail?

A Foxconn business case study examines the specific challenges faced by the company in their journey from the beginning until they reach new heights. You can also pay attention to the goals the Foxconn has achieved and how has the organisation worked to fulfil those goals. Your case study can include a scenario where you are demonstrating a successful business partnership between Foxconn and another business venture. In order to measure these factors, various metrics are used in your case study.

These metrics would be agreed upon by the Foxconn group then only will be considered valid. You can include details of the KPIs, revenue generated, a number of leads generated, etc. to support the arguments you made in your case study. If written accurately, a case study can increase the positive impact your business has on the existing customer base.

A step-wise guide to writing your Foxconn case study

There are various types of Foxconn case studies that you can produce for successful completion of your academic program namely, illustrative in which you can provide a description of a specific event, cumulative in which you collect information to provide comparison, exploratory in which you investigate about a certain situation or issue, and critical in which you examine a specific topic with a cause and effect the outcome. Similarly, there are numerous purposes of writing a case study ranging from influential academic research to provide evidence of corporate achievements.

Once you get familiar with all the types and styles that you can use in your case study as per the instructions set by your university, you can follow the below-mentioned steps that can help you to write your case study smoothly and ensure that the development of your document is uniform and it proves a relevant point or highlights the accomplishments of your company accurately.

Step 1 Get started with your Foxconn case study assignment

Determine what type of case study you want to write for your assignment and also, finalize on the design and style of the same according to your target readers and examiner. If your writing on the behalf of a corporation illustrative case study will be the best choice for you as it will clearly represent what has been done for the clients. If your writing for academic purposes you can opt for a cumulative or critical type of case study and if you are writing a case study for a legal area, you can go for the exploratory case study as it will help you to provide relevant factual evidence.

Remember that whatever method you select for your Foxconn case study, the objective is to analyze a scenario or situation thoroughly so that it reveals new and unknown factors that might interest or surprise the readers. These new factors or information can be about the entire Foxconn group, a particular branch, or even a specific individual. T

hese points can be written on random things like the rules and regulations or the absurd practices in the organisation. It's as simple as you can write about it if you can think about it.

Select an interesting and relevant topic for your case study. After you've decided upon the angle you want to give to your Foxconn case study, it is time for you to decide what will your case study be about and where will you locate it? You can start researching your case study at a nearby library or via the internet sources to explore a particular issue in depth.

Research as much as you can about the selected problem from multiple sources and make relevant notes about the information you find important for future use. You can use books, DVDs, magazines, journals, newspapers, and websites to research your problem area.

Look for similar case studies that have been published earlier on the same Foxconn business topic or a closely related topic. You can consult your professors, surf the internet, or go to the library to find case studies that match up with your selected topic and use them as a reference to get an idea of what has been done before. This will help you to avoid replicating the content of your case study.

Figure what information has been provided earlier and read out all the important published articles about your topic. This process will help you to identify an existing problem that needs a solution or you might come up with a unique idea of your own that will suit your situation. Reading previous case studies will also help you to take a look at the format and composition you can follow in your case study.

Step 2 Prepare yourself for conducting the interviews of Foxconn employees or management or any other related individual.

Make a list of the people who you want to be a part of your Foxconn case study. These people will be the participants in your case study. Interviewing the experts of the organisation, who have actually implemented a scheme or service, will serve you with the most relevant information about your selected case study topic. Find out the people you want to interview they can either be present currently in the Foxconn organisation or might have worked there in the past.

Ensure what will suit the subject of your case study interviewing an individual or interviewing a group of individuals. However, interviewing a group always provides a clear and in-depth insight into your selected problem area. You can conduct personal interviews as well if your case study focuses on some personal topic, medical issues, etc.

Collect as much information as possible about the topic so that you plan the interview in such a way that it helps you to collect the most beneficial information about your case study.

Create a list of potential interview questions and determine the mode via which you will conduct these interviews. You can conduct your interviews via telephone, e-mail, or even in person as per your convenience and the requirements of your Foxconn case study. Your drafted questions should help you to understand the opinion of the participants on a particular situation, how could a different approach be tried, and provide you with facts that are not available in any previously published case studies or articles. The interviews should contribute effectively in making your case study different and relevant.

Set up the interview with SMEs of the Foxconn group. You should always make sure that your participants are well- informed about what you're trying to do and the purpose behind it. Also, make sure that the questions you've drafted for your interview are decent and not controversial or offending in nature.

Step 3 Gather the data for your case study.

Conduct the interviews as planned. You can ask similar questions to different participants in order to get different perspectives about a particular question, service or issue related to your Foxconn case study. When you ask a question that requires a participant to explain things in great detail, you basically seek to record his take on a particular topic of the case study. It is highly important to keep your interview questions open-ended.

You can also request the participants to provide you with supporting documents to increase the overall credibility of your case study. Participants can usually provide you with statistical data related to the usage of a new service or tool, photographs that support the claims they are making in their answers, and their quotes to show that the information is not bogus or made-up.

Gather all the relevant documents like the archival records, observations or artefacts to organise all the data of your case study at one place for easy access while writing the case study. Be logical and reasonable while adding evidential documents in your case study. DO not add every bit of the papers you have collected throughout the journey of your case study writing process. Think logically and include the ones that will be most useful to support the topic of your case study.

Arrange the selected documents in such a way that they are easily understood by the readers. Put up all the gathered data together at once and then finalize what to include and what to exclude from your case study document.

Conclude the identified issue in a sentence or two. When you are analysing your data for the Foxconn case study, you'll also need to think about the way in which you can summarize the issue to formulate a thesis statement for the case study. This process will help you to identify which supporting documentation is essential for the case study. You definitely will get some relevant information from the interview participants that should surely make the cut towards getting added in your case study.

Step 4 Start writing your Foxconn case study

Now that you've gathered all the required data and finalized on the pattern of your case study it is time to pen down the thoughts on a paper. Use the collected data, interviews, and information from the conducted analysis to start developing the content matter of your case study assignment. Your case study should have four essential parts i.e. an introduction, background information of the company and also for the purpose of the case study, presentation of what you've found, and a concluding paragraph to bind the entire piece together.

The introduction of your case study should set up a strong foundation for the other sections of your case study. Just like in a thriller novel the murder happens right at the beginning of the story and the police collect and process the information to solve the mystery, your introduction should open up your case study with a loud bang and engage your readers to continue reading ahead. You can hook up your readers to your introduction by either starting it with a question or a quote of a participant you’ve interviewed in the process.

Provide adequate background information about the Foxconn organisation followed by including the background info about your case study topic. Explain why your interview participants are a good sample for the case study research and why the issue selected should be of importance to the readers of your case study. Provide an overall view of the selected problem area or issue to the readers. If you're submitting your case study in a digitalized form, you can also include videos or photographs to persuade the readers and give a personalised touch to the case study.

Add in the collected data in your case study document. While presenting the data in your case study you can include quotes, testimonials, percentages, awards, and other relevant data to support them take you've presented on the selected case and increase the credibility of that point of view. Provide information about what the answers gathered in the interviews say about the issue or problem being highlighted in the case study.

All these details should be followed by information on how the issue actually developed, what the previously proposed solutions, along with the byte/ point-of-view of the individuals working at Foxconn or visiting there. A student might make extra efforts from his end to back up any claims made in the case study.

Once you've provided an analysis of your gathered data, it is time to wrap up the case study by providing details of possible solutions to the highlighted problems in the case study, however, you don't have to panic about solving the entire case presented. You can refer to some of the statements made by the interview participants to do the work of concluding for you.

Your case study should be presented in such a way that the reader leaves with a complete understanding of what the problem is and should be able to come up with their own solutions to resolve it. Your conclusion can also end up with a question that can cause the readers to think for themselves about the issue presented in the case study. A well-written case study also leads to a lively class discussion.

Provide the references or appendices in support of your case study. Just like you add references or citations in other assignments of your academic discipline, you need to provide references to your sources in the Foxconn case study assignment as well to ensure the authenticity in your assignment. There might be terms in your Foxconn business case study that might be difficult to understand for readers from other backgrounds, hence you can add those in the appendix section of the case study.

Add or omit the content presented in the case study. As you're producing your case study you might notice some gaps or unexpected objects occurring in the case study document which might require some modifications to set the smooth flow of the assignment. If such a situation arises, you can make additions or deletions in the content as per the requirement of the case study assignment.

Finally, proofread and edit your case study. Now that your case study is developed, take a short break and back to the assignment again to start with the editing process. Look for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or transitional errors in the case study assignment. Make sure that everything is placed and worded as efficiently as possible.

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As you might have observed that writing a business case study is not like a walk in the park. A student might have to apply various theoretical business world policies to the real-life situations which can most probably lead him to get confused and ultimately panic about the grades. In order to produce an impactful case study, a student will be required to demonstrate competency and withstanding capability towards the understanding of the business concepts which often gets quite challenging for them.

It becomes very difficult for students to research well and write influential case studies along with managing top grade in other subjects of the program as well. The major confusion begins when students are not well versed with business theories and principles. In order to get you out of this trouble, there are plenty of online assignment writing service providers available that can help you develop a plagiarism-free and unique Foxconn case study assignment to score high grades in your degree program.

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