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A Perfect Helping Guide to Ace an Impeccable Case Study in Finance

Case Studies are foundational assignments that are assigned to a potential candidate to assess him/her on the analytical and problem-solving skills. An infallible case study requires a candidate to possess adept knowledge on a particular subject matter and the capability to use that knowledge and information to solve problems that may persist. Though a student comes across n number of assignments to accomplish during the academic curriculum but a case study is an ingenious and novel method to test overall ability and potential in a candidate.

Solving case studies is not only an outstanding way to assess any candidate but it serves the dual purpose as it also enables the candidate to get hands on experience by solving problems from the real-life situations.

The assignments that a student faces during the academic endeavor are mostly descriptive in nature that often involve documents containing plethora of information, for instance a dissertation is basically a descriptive piece of information on a particular topic or subject matter. However, a case study is a unique blend of information and analysis which aims to utilize that particular information to achieve the desired solutions. While dealing with a particular case study, the writer is expected to study the problems related to that topic in depth and analyze them from all the possible angles.

This analytical feature of the case study helps to assess the candidate on his/her knowledge and proficiency in a particular matter. The analysis is followed by finding the accurate solutions to the problems thus found. And the feature that requires problem-solving skills helps to analyze the candidate’s ability to think critically and find the required solutions.

Therefore, the task to accomplish a case study is different from any other college assignment. It holds much more importance and requires better skills and technique to ace it. Accomplishing the task to produce a case study is not a cake walk, it is a tricky path for a candidate to tread on. It requires out of the box thinking and quick problem-solving ability. Therefore it is advised that whenever one is assigned with any case study, pursue it with absolute zeal and enthuse. It is often observed that many students in spite of having ample knowledge and expertise on a particular subject matter fail to produce a case study that they have expected.

The main reason for this disappointment is mainly the absence of right approach and technique. They deal with a case study in the similar manner as that of a dissertation, hence it is crucially important to realize the difference between various assignments and thus choosing the right approach, based on their requirements.

A case study in itself is a tricky job to accomplish and a difficult subject matter makes it all the more difficult to ace it.  Similarly, a case study related to Finance often proves to be a tedious task for the students to accomplish. Therefore, in this article, we bring to you a detailed step by step guide that will help you create an outstanding case study in Finance.

How to produce an excellent case study in Finance:

As mentioned above that this article will revolve around how to create a case study based on Finance, let us cut to the chase and come straight to the topic. Finance, a word that makes most students nervous as it is often thought of as a discipline that requires a lot of numbers to be dealt with. But it is often ignored that how important it is as a subject discipline. Without the appropriate financial records, any firm, organization, or a person would perish. A sound financial health is the backbone of any organization.

Therefore, whenever a case study is assigned to a student based on Finance, it is expected out of the candidate to analyze the financial aspects of the organization in question. Therefore, it implies that a case study not only involves figures but it mainly focuses on the analysis of the situation that led to arrive at those numbers.

Keeping in consideration, the tedious nature of a finance case study, we bring to you a number of important measures that would help you ace a perfect case study:

  • The very first step that must start your case study is the analysis of the main motive behind assigning it at the very first place. Remember, if the goal in itself is not clear then how would one ensure the path to be smooth. So, read the question multiple times. Think over it, analyze it. Analyze why that question is asked, what it aims to achieve. Once you encircle the main motive behind the assigned case study, remember half the battle is won. Many students fail at this very first step as they do not put required efforts in analyzing the main motive of a case study and when the question itself is not known, then how would one arrive at the expected results.
  • When the main aim that the case study seeks to achieve becomes clear then the path to proceed appears smooth. It is a known fact that a case study is based on real-life scenarios and hence the case study assigned to you must be having a particular organization or firm in consideration. So, the next step involves a thorough study and research about that organization. Study the organization in a holistic manner and not only from the financial aspect. Holistic research on the organization in question is critical as finance has a direct and indirect emphasis on almost all the departments of the organization. Studying the firm as a whole will help you join the dots that connect the financial health of an organization to its overall performance. It will help you analyze the crucial role that finance plays in the growth of any organization. Invest your time in the research as it will help you throughout the entire course of writing the case study.
  • Once you get an overall idea about the firm’s performance in various departments, come back to the main points that are asked to be accomplished through that case study. As the case study would require you to analyze the organization’s financial aspects, focus and research about all the required information that you might need in order to analyze it. This is an important step as it revolves around the core area of interest. Look out for all required data like all the important ledgers, entry sheets and financial reports of the company covering a span of a few years. Remember here, that all this information must be acquired from authentic and genuine ways and must be used with prior permission of concerned authorities.
  • The case study dealing with the financial analysis of any firm requires the writer to analyze the firm’s financial records thoroughly. Analyze all the balance sheets, ledgers and official financial statements of the company. Analyze all the crucial points from all the possible dimensions. Highlight all the flashpoints indicating any possible faults in the firm’s financial prospects.
  • Next important aspect is to study and analyze the firm’s current and previously adopted policies in regard to its finance management. Compare the policies with best globally followed practices and highlight the differences that might have any indirect or direct bearing on the company’s current financial growth. Also mention about the policies that might result in to negative implications for the company in the long run. The job does not end here. After narrowing down all the major problems, the next step involves the search for appropriate solutions. Here, your expertise on the subject will play a crucial role. Find solutions that might work for the financial prosperity of the firm. The solutions thus arrived at must be well thought out, must resonate with the problem in question and should be sustainable and viable in nature.
  • Once the problems related to the firm are known, then proceed by digging in to the policies adhered to by the firm’s leading competitors in the same domain, that is, finance management. Compare the policies on the grounds of efficiency. Mention about some of the best features that you might discover in any policy of the competitor firm. Include it in your opinion how the firm in question can adopt or include the feature in their policy so as to make the company more efficient. Comparing the firm with its competitors make the case study more compelling and strong. It adds the dynamic dimensions to the case study by incorporating additional relevant information to the document.
  • When the entire set of problems to be dealt with is known, the main work left is to find relevant and accurate solutions for those problems. The task of finding the solutions to the associated problems is mainly on the candidate writing the case study. It is purely a work of knowledge and expertise that is required to find adequate and precise solutions to those problems. However, it is highly advised and suggested that one must supplement the solutions with appropriate reports, data, graphs, researches, and others. Providing solutions without backing them up with relevant references will be like a shot in the dark. And if you want your shot not to miss the target, then provide relevant backing information to support your solutions. Providing relevant references adds validity and authenticity to your work. It inflicts the confidence and precision in one work. Make sure that you use any external source of information with due validity. Give due credit as and when required. It serves the dual purpose – one, it adds originality to the case study along and second, it protects your work from plagiarism.

The above mentioned are some of the important points and are majorly suggestive in nature. One is free and even encouraged to produce a case study by modifying or adding some more steps to the process. Always remember that any document that you wish to produce is solely yours. It is your project, so, own it up. Take charge and strive to create an impeccable and excellent case study so that you can take pride in it. Work with zeal and never give up, no matter how difficult the subject or task might be.

A well-structured and formatted case study is the key to success:

Till now, we have become familiar with the contents of a quintessential case study. We now know what all should be included in a case study to make it an infallible piece of document. But it is not all. Remember, presentation is everything. Even if you have excellent information and data to include in your case study, it would not leave a mark until that information is processed correctly and presented in an effective manner. Therefore, to ease out the task for you, we have curated a list of all the important points that would help you to structure and format your case study perfectly:

  • A right title ensures right beginning: Begin your case study by choosing a catchy yet appropriate title for your case study. While choosing a title, remember that the title must resonate with the main motive of the case study. It should justify the entire case study. The title should not be too lengthy as long sentences often lose the essence. Play with the words smartly. Choose each word carefully as every word will reflect the entire document. The title must justify the main theme of the case study.
  • Important aspects prior to the main contents: Always remember that a case study is an analytically descriptive document. It should be structured coherently like any other descriptive assignment. Therefore, work on structuring the case study. The following points provide a chronological order, using which a case study can be structured perfectly:
  1. After the title page, comes the introduction. Write a relevant and appropriate introduction to your case study. The introduction must include the main theme of the case study and what is seeks to achieve. Mention all the crucial aspects dealt with in the case study. Do not be too descriptive in introduction. Just write briefly but in engaging manner. Remember that the introduction acts as a reflection of your work and readers would decide to whether to proceed with the reading of the case study or not based on the introduction. Therefore ensure that the introduction must be engaging and engrossing so that it compels a potential reader to dig further in to the case study.
  2. Then comes the table of contents page. It is a crucial tool for an elaborative piece of document like a case study. Create the table of contents page after the completion of the document. The table of content includes all the prospective features that are a part of the case study. Include all the components of your case study in the table of content in same order as they appear in the document. Number each and every page of your case study and indicate that number against its mention in the table of content. A correctly prepared table of content acts like a navigating tool for the readers to refer to any part of the case study as and when required therefore it must be prepared with utmost attention.
  • Then comes the creation of acknowledgements. Acknowledgements are vital to a research-based document like a case study. As a case study often involves references and use of external help therefore it becomes crucial for the write to include all the people in the acknowledgements that have contributed in any possible way to the successful completion of the project. Acknowledgements are like a personal account of the writer and gives the document a sense of belonging. Make sure that the acknowledgements you write include all the people who helped you to make the case study a success.
  1. Next comes the abstract. An abstract is basically the essence of the entire document. It is generally written after the completion of the entire document. In an abstract, a writer includes the main motive behind taking up that case study and the main objective that he/she is eyeing to achieve by undertaking it. It includes the entire journey that the writer has gone through during the course of completing the case study. It mentions about that the challenges that the writer might have come across and how he/she overcame those hurdles. It also includes the methodologies and concepts that the writer resorted to while writing the case study. It is like a blueprint of the main document that reflects the entire journey of that document.
  • The main body: The above mentioned aspects form the front matter of the document. Now comes the main body of the case study. We have already discussed above regarding what constitutes the main content of the case study. We know what to include but now we will how to include it. So, let’s get started. Start the main body by introducing the main theme of the case study in brief. Then come to all the important aspects and dimensions to be included. Here is the space to analyze the given set of problems and finding solution to it. The important point to remember is that make the content engaging and engrossing by using distinct media in the document. Use a relevant picture, graphs, data sets, interviews, etc. All these additional features will enhance the presentation of the document and will also add emphasis to your inputs. Also use relevant references and citations as and when required to add value and authenticity to your opinions. Also, in case the main text of the case study is too long then divide the text in to relevant chapters and sections. This will ensure a smooth presentation and would avoid confusion and chaos.
  • The back matter: After completing the main text of the case study, comes the time to wrap it up.

The following are the important components that constitute the back matter of the document:

  1. The main text of the case study must be immediately followed by a strong conclusion. Write a comprehensive conclusion to your case study. Include all your opinions and insights regarding the case study here. Remember that the conclusion you write must complement the entire document. There should not be any overlapping or contradictions. Write a short and crisp conclusion.
  2. The next important aspect is the reference list. Create a reference list that contains all the references and external sources used in order to compile the case study. A reference list is a log that contains all the sources that are used in creating the case study. Structure your reference list in an alphabetical order as it will help the reader to navigate easily.
  • The next feature is glossary. A case study is typically subject-specific document and is created keeping in mind a particular set of audience. Therefore it is a common practice to include technical words and definitions in the case study. Hence comes the role of a glossary. A glossary is descriptive list of all the difficult terms and phrases used over the entire case study. Therefore, create your glossary by including the definition of all the important and crucial terms used in the case study. It helps the readers to comprehend the document in a more convenient manner. A glossary must be maintained in an alphabetical order.

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