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Check these essential points before taking up your accommodation keys

Finding a perfect accommodation set in a new city is quite a stressful task and once you find your dream house you get quite eager to sign on the tenancy agreement and move into your new place. However, it is important to stay patient and understand that moving into a place where a legal contract is also involved, should not be taken lightly. It is only appropriate and wise of you to raise any concerns and check the place thoroughly before you move in to start a new chapter of your life.

This article will focus on the key admin tasks that you should cancel from your checklist moving in your accommodation place

  1. Ensure that you're satisfied with the inventory list

After you finalize the place you want to rent you should ideally receive an inventory list at the very beginning of your tenancy. This list basically keeps a record of the condition of the property when being rented to you along with the details of the furniture items or machines that come with the apartment. Read the list properly and make sure that everything is accurate as it will be the condition of these items that will determine whether you should get your deposit amount back or not when you plan to move out from the apartment.

It's only fair that you shouldn't be charged for something which is already broken. It is recommended to take photographs of things in the inventory list to keep as a record for your own benefit.

  1. Check out the gas safety certificate

All the landlords are legally supposed to provide a gas safety certificate to the tenants to ensure that all the gas appliances installed in the rented apartment are put up by a professionally certified engineer only. The validity of this certificate lies up to 12 months and requires renewal after that. If you haven't received it yet, ask your landlord for it before settling in the rented property. This is a measure taken to make sure that the apartment is safe and sound before a student moves in.

  1. Check out the basic utility appliances

Make sure that you read the electricity meters and gas meters installed in the property to ensure the proper working of the two. You can also lookup for a cheaper deal in energy if possible to sort out the things as quickly as possible. Make sure you know how to pay the bills and how to save up the money on energy deals.

  1. Pay attention to cleanliness

Make sure that the rented apartment is squeaky clean at the time you move in. If it's not kindly ask the landlord to get it done so that you can settle in comfortably. Remember that the condition of the property should be either up to your satisfaction levels or should at least match with the details mentioned in your tenancy contract. Cleanliness is an important part of maintaining hygiene in your place thus even if you get a spotless apartment it will get ruined during moving and unpacking thus, make sure you have your vacuum cleaner ready to whip-a-round and dust everything to have a sparkling place.

  1. Double-check the security systems or locks

This should ideally be added to your inventory list but if missed out, remember to check that all the locks are in proper shape and work appropriately. Check the windows to ensure that they shut down securely. Your apartment will have expensive furniture and gadgets we don't want any mishap taking place, it is better to be safe rather than regretting it later on, therefore, do not forget this checkpoint at any costs. If you have any issue, raise it with your landlord and resolve it before moving in.

  1. Sort out the functioning and placement of smoke alarms

Installation of a smoke and CO alarm is necessarily done before a tenant moves into a property but just to have your mind at rest, please check these out once before you settle down in the house. Make sure that their positioning is appropriate. Keep in mind that it is the duty of your landlord to get at least one smoke alarm put up at every storey and a carbon monoxide alarm in at least one of the rooms which include a solid fuel burning place like a coal fireplace.

  1. Get your broadband requirements sorted

If a broadband connection is not a part of your rental cost, you might have to get it sorted on your own. There is a long waiting period to get a broadband line installed at your house hence you need to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Most of the broadband contracts last for a longer duration of time thus it is highly advisable that you put in some extra efforts to find a broadband service provider with monthly billing deal or with an annual contract. This is a well-known fact that after the year is completed you might move out of the property thus, why pay extra for something which might not use.

Once the above-mentioned admin tasks are completed it is time for you to share your new address with everyone, not the strangers of course! Admin tasks might appear as monotonous or dull but are actually sorted out pretty easily once started. Make sure that you reassess your budget after getting everything out of the way to have a final figure demonstrating how much you need monthly and annually to live on comfortably in your new haven.

The most essential point of renting a property is the contract clauses to understand what you're up for. Do not rush in to sign your agreement, get a copy in advance from your landlord and read through it properly. Raise your queries to clearly analyze the contract document. Once you're sorted with all these things, move in decorate your place as it is finally time to celebrate your new accommodation while you complete your education away from home. 

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