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Failure is an essential part of success. It is not a means to end your efforts and never try again but it is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Failure extends to all fields of life and dissertation writing is no exception. Many scholars face failure at a point or the other while writing their dissertations. The major reason is the lack of adequate preparation for the most important assessment of their life. A great deal of time and effort go into the planning and structuring of a successful dissertation but if you will pursue it half-heartedly, there's no wonder that you are bound to fail.

Taking the right decision at the right time is very important while writing a dissertation. One mistake can cost you some major grades in your degree discipline. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to be aware of the potential drawbacks before beginning your dissertation project.

Here's a list of some common reasons that result in a failing dissertation project

  • Lack of undivided focus:

There are other assessments and course modules that a student needs to focus on along with the dissertation project. Unfortunately, it is the coursework that might often distract the scholar from carrying out extensive research resulting in the production of an unimpressive dissertation and hence the failure.

  • Lengthy abstract:

Overenthusiasm to share your findings is a strict no-no. An abstract is the first thing you write after completing the research work so, naturally, you start pouring out words not knowing where to stop. This causes the chapter to stretch beyond what is acceptable. A dissertation is meant to be a lengthy document but each chapter has its own significance and word limit. Wordy abstract brings damaging attention to your research paper and causes the experts to mark it negatively.

  • Sloppy mistakes and errors:

Prevention is always better than cure. Errors in the dissertation can cost major grades to a scholar. Save your efforts by giving a good read to your paper and checking it under the lens of spelling checker software. Silly spelling mistakes, misplaced words, inappropriate words, etc. are a big turn off for the examiners.

  • Creating too much suspense:

Building up suspense in your dissertation can be nice but only if it doesn't ruin the interest of the examiners. An interesting dissertation should be presented in a storytelling style but too much drama gets frustrating. If you keep the purpose of your dissertation hidden for too long, the examiners, as well as the readers, might abandon your piece of work and focus on something else.

  • Writing confusing sentences:

Incoherency is one of the most common mistakes conducted by scholars while writing their dissertations. An impactful dissertation should be clear and concise to impress the examiners. However, many times too many thoughts get jumbled up in our minds that we end up writing meaningless, random sentences in a paragraph. This will prevent your dissertation from reflecting a logical and eloquent progression of concepts between the texts and a dissertation with no sense is of no worth to the examiners.

  • Lack of evidence to defend your claim:

The importance of a dissertation project is such that the examiners tend to thoroughly check and investigate every written word and claim. You need to add enough proof in your dissertation that it successfully defends your claims and thoughts. Citing plays a crucial role in presenting evidence for your claims but it should be done systematically. It is important to follow the institute's rules and regulations regarding the formatting of citation. Lack of proof will land you in an unfortunate situation with the examiners.

  • Dissimilarity in data and its explanation:

It is essential to be super careful while writing and elaborating on a set of data while writing your dissertation. This is not a frequent mistake but is an unforgivable one. Scholars tend to accidentally present two different data about the same thing in the same paper. The figures or measurements mentioned in the charts or tables are not same as the ones explained further. The examiners cannot stand this act of irresponsibility from the scholars. They seem to get irritated when presented with mismatching data which often leads to them to question your seriousness towards the dissertation paper.

  • Vaguely presented methodology:

Every step involved in writing a dissertation paper is extremely important. Scholars tend to believe that results are the only thing that will matter to the examiners. but that is not the truth. Examiners are always curious about the methods used while conducting the dissertation research and it gets really upsetting when a paper doesn’t provide a clear view of the methodology. The authenticity of your research is at stake when you cannot explain how the results were obtained.

  • Conflicting views in different sections of the dissertation:

Usually it is one idea that a scholar keeps in mind while being his journey to write a successful dissertation. However, with so many options to explore the smooth trajectory is often hampered. The student might be supporting one angle of the topic in the introduction but by the time he reaches the results the support changes. This creates major confusion for the examiners. It represents the scholar as careless and ruins his impression altogether. It is important to skim your dissertation paper for such major errors and revise it immediately.

  • Unexplained terminology:

Scholars think that it is okay to use complex vocabulary, jargon, and terminologies in their paper because the experts will certainly be aware of them. But this is not the case. If someone has to frequently check a dictionary to understand your paper it would blow off their interest earlier than expected. Examiners look for something that is easy to understand yet is extraordinary. The purpose of your dissertation will remain unfulfilled for the examiner despite your hard work.

  • Mismatched chapters and page numbers:

This might seem to be a minor issue to many of you but is a strong turn off for the examiner and readers of your dissertation. It is frustrating to open a page in hopes of getting directed to the corresponding topic but it, unfortunately, leads you to some other chapter. Institutes have specific rules about numbering the pages in a dissertation project. It is an essential part of the paper and can lead confused examiners to quit reading your paper.

  • Chapters not compiled properly:

Writing a dissertation is quite tedious and time taking. Scholars want to finish it as soon as possible to focus on other assessments as well. But in this rush and hurry, they often miss and leave out chapters from the project leading to the submission of an incomplete dissertation. Well, the result of this mistake is not unknown to any of us. It is crucial to cross-check the entire dissertation project before the final submission. After all, it is a matter of your entire academic grade.

  • Submitting a plagiarized dissertation:

Using ideas for inspiration is a common and expected part of your dissertation but if you try to copy and present someone else's idea as your own work it is unacceptable. Plagiarism while writing a dissertation is treated very seriously and has strong penalties varying according to your institute.

  • Adding heaps of appendices:

An examiner will never award a student with extra grades for all the photocopied documents attached in the appendix section of a dissertation. In fact, this often leads to a reduction in the grades and quality of your dissertation. Examiner or the reader do not have time to look over every minute document you collected during the research process. It is important for a scholar to churn out irrelevant data from an overstuffed dissertation paper.

Unforeseen circumstances can also hold you back from completing your dissertation on time. In such cases, the institutes are supportive and allow you to extend the deadline by submitting an explanatory form with valid clarification of the causes.

If you know you are struggling with your dissertation take out time to discuss the issues with your mentor and address them when you still have time. If a student receives a 'failed' outcome on his dissertation report, he will not be awarded the degree for his respective bachelor's or master's program whereas, in case of a doctoral degree, he won't be allowed to proceed ahead to the oral examination.

However, the scholar has an option to revise and resubmit a failed dissertation by submitting a professional notification, to the respective authorities, within a time frame of approximately six weeks (depending upon the institute). He will be required to submit an approval letter from his supervisor to take the process ahead.

The revision is not applied in the case of plagiarism errors but in all the others. Success is not an easy thing to come about in any area of life. It is created with lots of hard work, determination, preparation, and confidence. It is important to keep moving forward and never give up on the hurdles of failure. Face your dissertation challenges head-on to prevent them from turning into catastrophes.

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