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Result Section of dissertation

There might be some confusion when you have to present the results of your dissertation and need to discuss these results. This is not uncommon and many people face this confusion especially when they do it for the first time. You must make sure that you are aware that how do you want this section to appear and what would like to recognize as important outcomes, and patterns from the data collected by you in the primary research.

The following steps would be helpful for you when you are working on the results section of your dissertation.

You should establish the results to be presented by choosing the ones that demonstrate relevance to the research questions regardless of the fact that the these results maintain the hypothesis or not. However, it needs to be remembered that the results subdivision in the dissertation need not incorporate all the results that you derive.

The data in this section of results should be organized in a sequential order as per the methods. It can also be organized in order of importance, mostly from most important ones to the ones that are not so important.

Establish the form that will be best for the data to be presented. These can be the representation in form of text, graphs, figures, or tables.

You should them provide a summary of all your findings and lead the people reading the dissertation to the pertinent data that is available in the figures, text, and/or tables. It is important to note here that the all the text that is provided here complements well the tables and/or figures, and do not repeatedly mention same information again and again.

The data as well as the results should be described and all of the observations must be mentioned, especially the ones that are not or presented through a table or a figure.

A clear portrayal of the response’s magnitude should be provided. If it appears appropriate, the change percentage should be used, than making use of the exact data.

You should ensure that all the data that is provided is precise and have consistency all through the text.

Summary should be provided for the statistical analysis and the actual values should be reported for all of the principal analyses.

While writing the results for the research, you should make use of the past tense.

The tables and the figures should be numbered successively in series that they are mentioned in the results’ text.

A heading should be mentioned for every table and figure.

The entire result section should be written with accuracy, clarity, and brevity.

The result section should progress in a logical manner. It should be remembered that that arguments presented in the dissertations are referred to while the results are presented, since, this would demonstrate the general knowledge and understanding, which you possess pertaining to the process of research. Some discussion should be presented, which should have evaluative nature for ensuring that the result section provide complete contribution to your dissertation.

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