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Guide to a Perfect Case Study Assignment on Coles Supermarket

There are various methodologies to assess a student or a candidate for his/her proficiency in a particular subject matter, however a case study is the most elaborative and preferred method. This is so because a case study involves a holistic analysis of a subject from all its possible dimensions and aspects. It allows the writer to analyze the problem along with finding sustainable and accurate solutions to them. This implies that a case study allows the writer to showcase his/her skills of critical thinking as well as problem solving.

The academic journey upholds numerous assignments and tasks for the students to achieve in order to prove their ability, however there are certain specific assignments that throw students some serious challenges. The task of accomplishing an infallible case study is one of them. Many students find themselves in a limbo while dealing with the tasks related to a research paper, a thesis or a case study, and this is mainly because they lack the right technique or methodology to pursue it. And when this case study involves the case of a big firm, then the task becomes all the more uphill and tedious.

One such assignment that poses some difficulty for students is the one related to Coles Supermarket. Coles Supermarket makes for one of the most common subject matter to assign students with in order to assess their skills in the domain of critical thinking and problem-solving. If you are also struggling with any of the assignments pertaining to Coles Supermarket then Livewebtutors is the answer. You have landed yourself at the very right page. In this article, we will be dealing with all the possible tangents that go in to making a perfect case study for Coles Supermarket. Read on and by the end of this article, all your major inhibitions and queries will be resolved.

Why is Coles Supermarket a perfect case to base one’s study on?

First, to begin with, let’s get to know more about Coles Supermarket. The retail outlet chain is one of the largest and leading chains of retail outlets in Australia. Its presence all over the continent-nation and numerous outlets in almost all the big cities of Australia, allows it to garner humongous customer base. And this large customer base requires equally large employee support, thereby making Coles Supermarket an ideal firm to base one’s study on.

Being a firm of this large a scale, the kind of challenges that the company must be facing, make it all the more appropriate for a case study. Big firms, like Coles Supermarket have different challenges of different magnitude and basing one’s study on such big corporations enables one to broaden the horizon.

When the organization in question is big, the opportunities to explore it also big. Therefore a case study based on Coles Supermarket allows the writer to explore the challenges in the organization and analyze them holistically. It provides the writer an impeccable opportunity to prove his mettle in the respective filed of interest by providing accurate and sustainable solutions. Therefore, whenever assigned to conduct a case study on any big organization, the candidate must make most of the opportunity and showcase his/her proficiency and capability.

The Perfect Guide to an Infallible Case Study:

The task to accomplish a case study, specifically based on a leading firm or organization, is equally rewarding and challenging. On one hand, it provides the candidate with an opportunity to analyze the working of such big organizations and coming up with solutions to add more efficiency to them. On the other hand, it poses a great challenge on how to deal with multi-dimensional and exuberating challenges that arise out from them. Apart from the adept knowledge that forms the pre-requisite to accomplish any case study assignments,

We bring to you some important points that would help you frame and structure your case study in a more presentable form:

  • First, a big organization like Coles Supermarket poses some difficult challenges for the writer. Here, one should remember that while beginning with any case study, research in detail about the organization in question. Read all the reports and analyze the overall health of the company in detail. Then focus on the best performing and worst performing departments of the firm. Once these departments are known, it implies that the two core areas of your research are finalized. Research on these two departments in detail.

For a big retail company like Cole Supermarket, focus your areas of study on the following line of thoughts:

  1. Marketing Strategy: For any firm which is dealing with the end consumer directly, market strategy plays a very crucial and vital role. Analyze the market strategy so adopted by Coles Supermarket. Analyze how the current strategy regarding marketing is affecting the company in an overall situation. Mention whether the strategy is capable to achieve its motive of garnering more customers or not. Then, talk about the market strategies of the competitor companies of Coles Supermarket. Highlight the similarities in the strategies followed by other companies and that of Coles Supermarket. Also mention about the differences thus observed in various strategies adopted by different companies. While concluding this segment, mention your opinions about the marketing strategy of Coles Supermarket. Analyze it critically and highlight the shortcomings and loopholes that you must have observed. Remember, that a case study requires you provide with adept solutions also, therefore, mention all the viable and efficient solutions from your end that will help the company better in the long run.
  2. Human Resource Management: Another critical point which plays a decisive role in a company’s growth is the company’s efficiency to manage its valuable resources, that is, human resources. Firms as big as the Coles Supermarket are home to multiple thousands employees and managing this huge base of employees is not an easy task. Therefore analyzing a firm’s human resource management becomes a vital aspect to be included in a case study. While dealing with this aspect, begin by researching all about the firms policies in this regard. Refer to various valid reports and data (probably from company sources) and analyze the company’s human resources growth over the past few years. Highlight the important aspects of the company’s current human resource policies and analyze how it has helped the company to retain its employees for longer stints. Then compare the company’s approach towards its human resources with the set standard and also with that of its competitors. Analyze which policy has been able to retain the maximum employees for longer duration. The focus should be on the stay of employees after joining a firm. Longer association with the firm indicates loyalty towards the company. After complete analysis of the current policy, conclude it by providing your insights and opinions. Also, include solutions to problems that might have surfaced before you while dealing with subject. Ensure that the solutions you provide must be coherent with the problem and must be sustainable and long-lasting.
  • Financial Stability: Now, we have come to the most important part as financial viability of any firm is the most crucial aspect for its existence. Analyze the firm’s financial audits and reports, highlight the area which are faring well and also mention about the areas which need improvement. Highlight the factors that are affecting a particular department negatively and hence are hampering the overall growth of the company. Also mention about the policies that are doing more harm than good to the company. Suggest the alternatives for such aspects. Find solutions that are viable in the long run and would help the company to improve its financial health over the course of time.

The above mentioned are some of the most crucial aspects of a company that must be dealt with in a case study. It is highly advised to include as many more aspects as required in the study. Remember, that a case study is one such assignment that allows you to deal with a problem holistically and even gives you space to include your suggestions and opinions.

Common Mistakes that better be avoided to create a flawless Case Study:

In the article, we have dealt with the process to create a perfect case study. Now to ensure an error-free document, we bring to you some of the common mistakes that must be kept at bay to produce an impeccable case study:

  • First, remember that a case study is not a descriptive piece of writing like any dissertation or research paper. A case study is an analytical piece of writing that requires the writer to analyze a set of problems from all the possible dimensions and accordingly suggest viable solutions. So, keep this point in mind while dealing with any case study. Do not overbear your case study with bulky information but utilize that information to reach your conclusion.
  • The next important point to focus is that a case study needs various resources and data to analyze a particular situation, so make sure to use only authentic and genuine information from credible sources. Also mention sources alongside stating any facts or information, this validates your data and also prevents plagiarism.
  • Keep the language of the entire document simple. Though a case study is generally technical and specific in nature, created for a particular set of audience but it is widely accepted practice to use easy and simple language. Ensure that you successfully convey the message to the reader without creating any confusion.
  • Another important point is to remember that structure and format your case study well. A well-structure case study implies professionalism and proficiency.

Seeking Right Guidance for an infallible Case Study:

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