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Case studies are an effective medium to convert leads into customers. Case studies help to establish your brand, illustrates how your product solved an actual problem for an existing customer, in addition to helping leads see how they too can experience success with your products and services. Case studies are effective tools as they tend to directly position your products and services as an excellent solution in the minds of both potential and existing customers.

Even though there are various opinions on whether a company should directly advertise its products and services through a case study or not, there is no harm in doing so as the claims put forth by a company are supported by real data, concrete results and evidence, leaving no scope for doubts. Unlike blog posts, case studies are not created by everybody and hence are more effective as a good case study relating a true customer story cannot be false.

Our team of scholars and experts at livewebtutors provides help in writing case studies and ensures that your case study on Coca Cola or on any other company is free from plagiarism and the content is original and authentic. We provides assistance to students in writing all types of case studies, regardless of which multinational company it is and provide assistance to students for writing case studies in addition to offering them academic assistance on other subjects.

We adhere to strict quality control and ensure that their case studies are proofread. Our team checks the language, spelling, grammar, syntax, and construction of sentences, punctuation, consistency, style and the tone used while writing case studies. We assist you with the structure of your case studies, provide validations through cases, in addition to providing insightful arguments that are relevant to your case. We edit and proofread your work and also ensure that it conforms to the prescribed guidelines of your university.

Format of a Case Study:

The chief elements of a case study:

  1. Title or Headline: A case study should provide a description of the customer, the problem faced by the customer and the result.
  2. Executive Summary: An executive summary summarizes the contents of a case study.
  3. The Subject: Who is this case study about?
  4. Problem or Challenge: It gives an account of the problems or difficulties they had to undergo before arriving at a conclusion.
  5. Solution: A detailed account of how your company or your product resolved the issue faced by a customer and how it benefitted a customer.
  6. Results: It is always advisable to use percentages where possible.

Steps to writing a Case Study:

  1. Identify your subject: There are primarily three criteria to consider while finding the subject of your study.
  2. How much does the said client use your service or product?
  3. Have they experienced positive results that can be created into a good story?
  4. Did your client switch to your service or product from any of your competitors?

 To gather this information, you could consider doing the following steps:

  1. Talk to your sales team in order to find out if there are any clients of yours who wish to participate. Ask your customer support team if they can recommend customers who have had good experiences with your company. Evaluate new customers to see if any prospective clients have bought your products and services.
  2. Get permission from them to tell their story: In order to that, create a permission letter informing the participating customer what the case study is going to be, what it will eventually look like and what the customer will gain from the case study.
  3. Get to know them through an introductory questionnaire: The introductory questionnaire will give you the requisite information that you need and will help you to form an effective case study. Some probable questions that you could include could be:
  • What difficulties did you face prior to using our products?
  • What made you choose our products over a competitor?
  • How was our product able to solve a problem that you were facing?
  • What are your objectives as an organization or a business?
  • Can you provide us with data displaying your success?
  1. Formulate questions for the interview keeping in mind the detail you will need: Some questions that you may consider including in your interview include:
  • What problems were they facing prior to using your products and services?
  • What guided them in their decision to choose your products and services?
  • How did the solutions provided by your organization benefit them?
  • How did they use or implement your services and your product?
  • What results did they get and if they were happy with the service or product offered to them?
  1. Set up a time for interview: First you should decide how you are going to conduct an interview with the participating client and then set up an interview accordingly with the customer. You could choose to conduct your interview through phone, video call or face to face meeting. It is always advisable to document the interview with your client, either by recording the interview or taking notes for accuracy. If you choose to record your interview, make sure you inform your client.
  2. Write the case study: The information that you gather should be used to write an effective case study. The format of a case study as follows:
  • Title: It should be able to draw the attention of the reader and should state who the case study is about, explain what was done and clearly communicate the result.
  • Executive Summary: The executive summary should not usually exceed three sentences and should describe the story of your client. Statistics can also be used to illustrate the success of your customer or client.
  • Subject: The subsequent part of the case study should state who your case study is about and provide a short description on the industry that they are in, the services they provide, and mention the time they have been working with your organization
  • Problems they have faced: You should write about some of the problems or difficulties that your client was facing prior to working with you and explain some of the tactics they were using as well as state the previous goals of your client.
  • How your organization helped them: This section should exhibit the solutions that you company provides in addition to highlighting the changes that your products and services brought to the client. You should also provide them with links to your website highlighting your products.
  • Results and Progress: The final section should highlight the progress that your client has made after using your products and services. It is advisable to add visuals to this section tracking their growth and progress.

Promote and advertise the case study that you have created through email, organic search and social media. Promote it by creating a webpage that features your case study and customer testimonials. Include your case study in your email campaign and create social media campaign for promoting your case study and organization. 

An Overview of Coca Cola:


Coca- Cola was first made in Atlanta, on the 8th of May, 1886 by Dr. John Stith Pemberton, who was a pharmacist. He took it to a pharmacy called Jacobs' Pharmacy, wherein people sampled the drink and pronounced it "excellent".  Customers had to pay five cents for a glass of soda drink. The new drink was teamed with carbonated water to produce a delicious and a refreshing drink.

Dr. John Stith Pemberton’s bookkeeper and partner called Frank M. Robinson was the one who suggested the drink be named Coca Cola as he felt two Cs in the name would look good in advertising. The first advertisement for Coca-Cola was in a newspaper called The Atlanta Journal that invited thirsty people to come and try the new drink, which was marketed as a soda fountain drink. Oilcloth signs which were hand-painted read Coca-Cola were placed at store awnings, and a suggestion "Drink" was added in order to inform people that the drink was a soda fountain drink for refreshment. The average sales of Coca Cola in the first year was nine drinks a day.

Dr. Pemberton could never realize the possibilities and the potential of Coca Cola, the drink that he had created. With time, he slowly sold parts of his own business to several partners and in 1888, he sold of the remaining interest of his in Coca-Cola to a person named Asa G. Candler. Mr. Candler an Atlantan, continued to procure additional rights thereby acquiring complete control.


Coca Cola is a multinational beverage company with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and they have a presence in over two hundred countries worldwide and over five hundred brands from Coca Cola to their coconut water called Zico to their Costa coffee. They offer over eight hundred varieties of drinks in the US. Their beverages can be classified into five categories such as soft drinks, waters and hydration, juices, plant-based drinks, dairy, coffees and teas.

They use cutting edge technology and source their ingredients ethically and sustainably. They offer a plethora of drinks that includes organic tea, milk, coffee, soft drinks that provides a wide range of variety to customers. This is reflective of their policies to focus, on consumer, choice and convenience. They also offer beverages having no sugar or very low sugar for the health conscious populace.

The Present Status:

Coca Cola has a customer-centric policy wherein their focus is on the customer and at present, the company is striving to meet the ever changing needs of customers and that includes cutting down on calories and sugar in their drinks, in addition to providing consumers health benefits through their drinks like nutrition and hydration, introducing smaller packages like mini cans which help people control the amount of sugar intake and providing calorie information in every drink so as to enable consumers to make an informed decision without guessing and assuming the calorie content.

The goal of the company is to produce sweeteners of zero calories and provide people with drinks having zero or very less sugar but at the same time ensuring that the products carry their unique tastes which customers love. This is reflected in Coca Cola offering a wide variety of drinks that have very less sugar such as organic tea, dairy, coconut water, juices, purified water and coffee to people. They aim to put the customer at the center of their business and aim to do business in a responsible manner.

The purpose of the company is to refresh the world, people, communities and the planet. They strive to build a better future for the communities, customers, employees, volunteers, shareowners and their vision is to bring about a difference to the lives of people, planet and communities and make a difference. They follow practices of sustainability and aim to reduce carbon footprint, recycle their bottles and cans in order to preserve the environment. They aim to make their global packaging hundred percent recyclable within the year 2025.

They also intend on collecting, recycling and reusing every bottle that they sell as plastic has a dangerous effect on our planet. Excessive plastic chokes ocean and kills marine life and so Coca Cola has adopted this policy of recycling their plastic bottles in an effort to curb consumer waste and make an effort to adopt sustainable solutions to protect the environment.

Revenue and Growth:

In 2018, the company earned almost thirty two billion dollars in business worldwide and have over seven lakh employees. Their aim is to conduct business the right way and not the easy way.

Coca Cola believes in creating a better future for their employees, communities etc. This is reflected in their program that empowers women by imparting business training, giving them access to various financial services and providing them access to mentors and peers. Together with their bottling partners. They create equal opportunities and employ over seven lakh people coming from diverse background worldwide thereby following an inclusive policy and building inclusion.

Their workforce is diverse and they believe that people from different background bring with them different perspectives, and greater the number of perspectives, better are the decisions that the company make. They value workplace rights and human rights. This has led Coca Cola to build a reputation which is built on respect and trust.

Coca Cola gives back to its nation. During the Second World War, Coca Cola pledged that all soldiers who are in the field will be able to procure a Coca- Cola only for a nickel, irrespective of what costs the company had to bear. In order to meet this demand, Coca Cola set up sixty four bottling plants all over the world in order to make Coca Cola available to soldiers serving and fighting for US and also those belonging to all races, genders and classes.

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