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Learn to Write Case Studies With British Airways as Example

Being a business management student you may have dealt with writing case studies assignment more often. But, do you know how to write an effective case study that can help you secure high grades? Do you know what all important things to be incorporated to make it presentable and desirable? If not, we are here to guide you step-by-step and have chosen British Airways as an example for a better illustration.

What is a Case Study? What is Its Importance?

A case study is a sort of market collateral published by the company to outline its success in meeting the challenges faced by it. This marketing collateral is written with the aim of dealing with the aim of letting the clients of the company know the efficacy and professionalism of company in meeting any challenges that come across.

Case studies are an important part of a management curriculum. Assignments on case studies are given from time to time to prepare the students for meeting their professional endeavors in future. A well-crafted case study can be an effective tool of business promotion. If you are asked to take up case study as an assignment and are not confident about writing deal with its technical orientation, we are here for your assistance.

How to Structure a Business Case Study?

A good and properly written business case is the one that explains the problem then focus on identifying and analysing it and coming up with the suggestions and measures to be taken that can prove to be the best for organisation. To write a good business study a critical bent of mind and skills to analyse are required.

Here are the steps needed to be followed:

Conduct an Extensive Research to Find What Has Happened:

Case studies are the summaries of either real-life situations faced by the companies or just a fictious assumption. If you are supposed to write a case which is already happened, begin with a fair amount of research into that case and try to find its possible solutions simultaneously because the problem is to be discussed at length in the beginning.

Since a case study is meant for a simple sail through for those who read it. They come to know the problem, various solutions available for it and to choose the best one is left on the readers.

Following are the different sections of case studies:

Executive Summary:

This particular section is meant for summarising the case and a recommendation can also be included in this. It is wise to write this particular section at the end when you know and amply clear about what particular course of action should be taken in that particular case. Make sure to include all the relevant things in this section as it is the most crucial part.


Executive summary is followed by introduction where the business case is talked about in brief.

A Statement about the issue to be talked:

This is a brief paragraph where the problem is stated in brief. This should relate to the strategy that organisation takes or about a vision that can include why solving the issue was important to the company.

Analytical View:

In this particular section, a more detailed and elaborative account of the problem is presented. This is an analysis section and hence the reason as to why that problem needs to be addressed is discussed here. You can present any hard evidence that you may have found while conducting the research like the cost that the company has to incur, number of people affected and more. Factors responsible for the issues can also be discussed here.

Discussion of Possibilities:

The section is about identifying all the possible options for resolving the problem. It is an elaborative section where things like the benefits, possible risk, cost to the company etc. can be discussed.

Benefits of the solution: You need to bring out why it is good idea to follow the measure suggested by you and how good the idea is for solving the problem.

Costs involved: You can include the resource required for addressing the issue and can include figures, facts and graphs here.

Discussions on ROI and Time frame etc:

Discussion on the ROI with the reasons, time-frame etc. need to be discussed here...

Risks Involved:

Risks that can prevent the successful implementation of any strategy suggested by you should be discussed here. Make very sure to be realistic and back up that strategy with a solid data. You can cite a reasonable source.

Elaboration of the option you choose:

With the help of supporting data, you can choose to incorporate an elaborative analysis. You can choose to include appendix or provide a report with details.


Conclusion is written as a reminder which highlights the concern of addressing the problem. This is an influential section and you need to make clear here why your proposal is the best solution for addressing the problems.

How Should be the Style and Language?

Case study is a detailed knowledge of a typical case. You need to avoid jargons and keep the language as simple as possible. Make use of short and simple sentences with plenty of sub-headings. Paragraphs should not be two elaborative. 4-5 lines are more than enough. Shorter they are, better it would be. A sense of urgency needs to be developed with all the palpable supporting evidences.

British Airways Case Study:

History of the Company:

Origin of the company dates back to the early days of civil aviation somewhere near the end of World War I. AT & T or Aircraft Transportation and Travel Limited launched the world’s first daily global flight between London and Paris in the year 1919. It was a simple single-engine de Havilland bi-plane that used to carry just one passenger and took about three hours to reach a French airport called Le Bourget. In 1924, the airline company merged with the three other fledging airlines and formed Imperial Airways Limited.

In the year 1920s and 1930s the services were offered to India, Egypt, Singapore, South Africa and West Africa. Meanwhile, other airline companies also merged with the original but privately owned British Airways Ltd. in the year 1935. British Airways and Imperial Airways were nationalized in the year 1935 to form BOAC or British Overseas Airways Corporation.

The 1950s saw the dawn of the passenger jet age and BOAC led the way flying a Comet to Johannesburg in 1952, halving the previous journey time. BOAC also operated the first transatlantic jet services in 1958, with two Comets flying simultaneously between New York and London.

In 1960s, a number of other British airways began to offer competitive services and in the year 1967, the British Government consolidated these independents and formed the third carrier by the name of British Caledonian. In 1972, the boards of BEA and BOAC were combined to form an airway giant in the year 1974 and it came to be known as British Airways.

The pioneering spirit of British Airways launched the first supersonic passenger service along with the Air France in 1976. In 1987, British Airways was privatized and more than a million applications were received for its shares. On-world alliance came into the operation in 1999 combining the services of different airways like Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Iberia and Lan Chile etc. This alliance serves more countries than any other type of alliance.

With the passage of time the airline major developed a strong bond with Qantas that operates a joint-service agreement. This enables sharing of revenues in the Australian and European services. This also has a very simple code-sharing arrangement with the other airlines. The partnership has strengthened the presence of British Airways in the market.

Products of the company:

The company has a fleet of more than 220 aircrafts including 56 Boeing 747s, 7 Concordes, 38 Airbus A319/320 and 45 Boeing 777.

Introduction to the Company and Setbacks:

British Airways is one of the most illustrious and largest airline companies in the United Kingdom. It is considered as the largest airline as far as passenger capacity is concerned. Plans of the airlines land up mainly on the Heathrow Airport which is the main British Airport. The airways have a long history and the airlines run by the company covers as many as 133 countries. At present the company has about 60,000 employees and it has the repute of being one of the largest employers in the United Kingdom.

The airline carries the repute of being the largest international airline in the world that carries more international passengers than its competitors. The company came into being in the year 1974 and with the creation of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, the relationship between the two airline majors began to grow tense which resulted in an extended and bitter libel actions which is a landmark of the aviation history.

The airline suffered a major jolt in the year 2001 when there was a global shutdown following the terrorist attacks by a commercial aircraft. The company had to incur losses due to the sharp drop in the demand and it was the biggest challenge faced by the aviation company in a decade. The incident that occurred on September 11th dent the long-term growth of this aviation major.

A year on from September 11th, the airline market was still a long way from making a full recovery, although the current opinion is that these events will not dent the industry's longer-term growth trend or its economic importance.

Achievements and Awards Won by BA:

One of the most noticeable achievements of British Airways was in 2002 when it announced a new short haul pricing structure for the European and UK markets. This new commercial proposition promotes the low cost competitive fares on full-service offerings.

Introduction of the low cost fares and the removal of restrictions by thus aviation major like that of Saturday night stay rule lured the customers as they have a better and more flexible choice and they were able to get the best value for their money. This led to the increase in demand and hence the marketing strategy of offering competitive prices both for the leisure and business customers worked. The price advertising strategy boosted the revenue growth and now the aviation major offers fares beginning from just 59 £ on domestic flights and 69 £ return to European countries.

BA received a number of awards in the year 2002 including the Best Airline in the Western Europe, Best International First Class by OAG, Best Transatlantic Airline, the Best business class, the best short haul flights, most innovative airlines (awarded by business traveler magazine), best frequent flyer programs etc. In 2002, British Airlines achieved the NOP World Business Super brands award for being the best community member.

Market Revenue:

More than £200 billion revenue is generated by the air travel and it provides as many as 28 million jobs in the world. In the highly competitive market of the aviation industry more than 260 airways on the loggerheads to win a slice of 1.6 billion passenger journeys every year. Airline passenger numbers are growing by leaps and bounds and traffic on the scheduled airlines are rising.

Airline passengers numbers are soaring rapidly and the traffic on the scheduled airways are rising at an average rate of about 5-10% and the volume of cargo is increasing at a faster rate than this.

Recent Promotions:

Recent promotions of the company includes the highly successful “Be there campaign” which focused on the fact that it is always better to do business face to face. This particular promotion of the company won the “Best Television Advertisement in 2002.

The company has a dedicated marketing team and B2b sales force which is aimed towards promoting stronger links between the corporate customers and airways. A newly designed corporate communications in place is meant for ensuring consistency in quality that maintains the brand image.  

British Airways Executive Club has recently set up a loyalty program which has helped more than 3 million members across the world. Advantages include the dedicated phone and a number of other facilities for an added convenience to the passengers. There are benefits like the priority boarding and the ability to earn BA miles when British Airways or any other airline is used.

There is a loyalty program developed by the company by the name of “on business.” According to this program, companies are able to earn points when they board British Airways flights. This helps them to save costs.

A wide range of check-in options are available to passengers flying with the British Airways like online, self service, telephone, London Paddington and also the air departure gate check-ins. Online check-ins enable the travelers to have the opportunity to save their time at the airport by checking in online. It is important to note that the e-tickets of the company can be amended up to about half an hour before the check in. This is done by BA for the convenience of their customers as they no longer have to make queues for self-service check-in machines.    

A sound customer-care in place is a strong point of the company. British Airways has a dedicated extranet site meant for travel the customers primarily. The site provides all the information about the products and service that include promotional offers also. The site is very popular help for the customers and a communication channel.

Things You Do Not Know About British Airlines:

  • British Airways is the only airway that delivers morning news to its customers in 126 languages.
  • The innovative fully flat bed in the new club has enabled the British Airways to offer Breakfast to as many as 7000 people.

Why Do You Need a Professional Help for Writing Case Study?

It is true that a case study is an assignment that cannot be ignored. Students of business studies need to write case studies from time to time. Either owing to the lack of time or lack of knowledge if you think you cannot manage to handle them proficiently, reach out to the professional having expertise in writing them.

By virtue of their vast experience these services know how to write exemplary case studies that can help you secure high grades. These professionals are committed towards delivering high-quality and timely submissions are their priority. Apart from that, they are available to their customers round the clock and are always available to answer their queries or maintain a touch with them to know their exact requirements.

There is yet another benefit of hiring a professional help and that is you get the samples of what exactly to write. The case studies are written by them can be kept for the future reference as they are written with professionalism and perfectionalism.

A customer-care staff is always ready to assist the students and they make sure to know the exact style and formatting needs of their department. If you want the best value for your money, you can avail their services. They are subject experts and are highly experienced. By virtue of their extensive experience, they know how to deal with these typical assignments.

When you are short of time or the burden of exams approaching near, you can reach out to the professional that can help you out with this assignment. It is always wise to invest in them as you get a high-quality, on time delivery and all the requirements met on time.

How to Find the Right Professionals?

To find these writing professionals that you can depend on for writing case study assignments all you need to do a thorough online research work. Market is deluged with a number of professionals delivering these services. Check out whether the service provider that you have chosen is worth relying on by looking for these factors:

Round the Clock Availability:

A good service provider is more than willing to help you out with your queries anytime you want. They are available to you 24X7 and ready to resolve any problem that you come across. They would maintain a constant touch with you via Live chats or SMS or any other mode.

Check out Market Reputation:

Writing case studies is a technical task and ordinarily students do not know how to write high-marks fetching case studies. When these case studies are written by the professionals a high quality is assured. So, check market reputation of the service provider and ask for previously written samples. You need to find out whether they meet your quality standards.

Take Referrals:

Your Peers are the best ones to be consulted when you want to hire a professional expert. Check out whether they have chosen the same service and ask about their experience with the service if so.

Hiring a professional writing service can enable you get presentable case studies when you need them. If you are a student of business management you cannot avoid writing case studies. However, if a professional help is by your side you would be able to get the professional guidance you require. So, seek the help of the professional writers and know how to deal with writing case studies.

Conduct an online research, find the one suiting your budget and needs and select the most suitable one. Make sure to check their market reputation before hiring them.

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