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Tuition Fees in Australia for International Students

Tuition Fees in Australia for International Students
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The best hope for Australia is the ballot box and good education.”

 -John Monash

Tuition fee for the International students in Australia begins from $20,000 or $14,000 United States Dollars annually. The fee varies considerably and depends on where you want to study, what you want to study and the level of study you opted for. Annual fee for a course in any Australian University begins on the number of units that you take. This fee is the cost of two semesters for a full-time study which takes 8 units.

Some international students believe that studying in Australia is pretty expensive but in reality it costs lesser to study in Australia than in United States and United Kingdom.

Given here is a complete glimpse of the tuition fee for the international students in Australia

  • For the Master’s or Postgraduate Degrees:

Begins with $20,000 Australian Dollars ($14,400 United States Dollars) and goes up to $37,000 Australian Dollars (26,600 United States Dollars).

  • For the Research and Doctoral Degrees:

Begins with AU $14,000 (US$10,060) and goes up to $37,000 (US$26,600)

Tuition fee in this country is based on the number of units students take. Yearly fee for a full-time course that has 8 units is the cost of 2 semesters. A full-year course comprises of 2 semesters. Degrees in Australia are shorter in duration that reduces their overall costs.

Australian Degrees, Their Costs and Units

  • Bachelor degree in Australia is three years of full-time study consists of 24 units.
  • An honours or professional degree is of 4 years and take 32 units.
  • Masters degrees are normally one and half years and take 12 units.

*It is important to note that the high-value courses like medical or engineering or even veterinary degrees cost much more than the fee for other degrees. Tuition fee is calculated per unit and each unit comes under a fee band. Most of the students study here in a combination of units from different bands hence fee differs.

Most Affordable Australian Universities

Those who want to cut down on their budget can choose to study in these Universities that have affordable tuition fee:

  • Flinders University where the tuition begins at 10,350 Australian Dollars per year.
  • University of Wollongong where the tuition fee begins at 18,800 Australian Dollars per year.
  • University of New England where the tuition fee begins at 19,100 Australian Dollars per year.
  • Victoria University tuition fee begins at 21,800 Australian Dollars per year.

Most Presitigious Australian Universities

Here are the most prestigious universities of Australia and their respective fee:

Queensland University: Tuition fee ranges between 2,500 and 46,000 Australian Dollars per year.

Sydney University:  Tuition fee ranges between 36,000 and 57,000 Australian Dollars per year.

Australian National University: Tuition between 2,500 and 46,000 Australian Dollars per year.

The most prestigious university of Australia ANU or Australian National University publishes official fee estimates.

What Most of the Students do Not Know?

Degree courses whose duration is about 6 months would cost you somewhere between 12,000 Australian Dollars to $14,000 per semester. So, if you want to go in for a 3-year bachelor’s degree it would be 6 times more and will amount $60,000 Australian Dollars.

*International students who have done a diploma or an advanced level diploma in their country related to the degree course that they want to pursue in Australia, would be relieved from paying a hefty fee because they can complete their degree in 4 or 5 semester instead of 6 semesters.

The average cost for the tuition fee for the Master’s degree ranges between 30,000 to 40,000 Australian Dollars per year and the master’s degree takes 4 semesters. Public Universities are the more cost-effective options for pursuing Master’s degree.

Students who want to go in for diploma or advanced level diploma or certified courses available at various degree colleges have to pay lesser. Certified skill development courses cost about $55,000-$70,000 per semester. There are a lot of cheap colleges in the cities like Sydney and Melbourne that are as much as 50% lesser than the recognized University courses.

How Much You Need to Shell-out for a Bachelor’s Degree?

Students pay either per semester or per credit rate. However, most of the students choose to pay per semester for getting a better deal. For the academic year 2017-18, tuition fee for four-year in a private college costs $34,740. The public universities charge $9,970 and out of state students $25,620. The yearly price can increase by an average of 3.2% at the public colleges and an average of 2.4% at the private colleges. In the forthcoming year, students should be prepared to pay more.

How Much You Need to Shell Out for An Associate Degree?

A large number of students opt for associate degrees like two-years and they are earned from the community colleges. For the associate degree students need to pay an average cost of 3,570 per year at the public institutes. Private schools charge considerably more and their fee can go up to $14,587.

How to Study Free or on a Low-cost Budget?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions from the overseas students who want to avoid a considerably high fee of degree or doctoral courses in Australia. They can go in for these fully paid Scholarships.

EPLA or Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards:

Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards are one of the most popular ones and they are also known as leadership. They are fully-paid scholarships given to the students for studying in Australia. With the help of this Scholarship they can study in Australia absolutely free of cost.

This Scholarship is given for 2 years to the students doing Master’s course and for the period of 4 years to the PhD students.

Higher education institute in Australia are the host universities in Australia. PhD and Masters level studies are done from any Australian Universities.

Adelaide Scholarships International:

There are many aspirants who wish to study in the Adelaide University which is one among the best Australian Universities. This is a scholarship for Doctoral and for Master-level students. Host University is University of Adelaide and the level of study is any research, doctoral, research or Master’s level.

Sydney University of International Research Scholarships:

Sydney University is ranked third among the Australian Universities. The scholarship includes the tuition fee and living expenditures. Host University is the University of Sydney and level of study is any research, doctoral or Master’s degree.

Australia has won the reputation of offering the best education across the world. No wonder why students from far-flung places come to Australia to make their dream come true. If you too wish to enjoy the world-class education for fair tuition fee, Australia is waiting for you with open arms. Get the best education to get a career-boost.

Be progressive by being well-informed. We are here to assist you with enriching information that would satisfy your quests.

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