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Here’s why CBT is Best Stress Therapy

Chronic stress is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. People dealing with stress find it impossible to cope with their day to day responsibilities. They fail to focus and think clearly. There can be secondary health implications of stress as well. If your stress has taken an uglier turn, it is better to seek a therapy for stress.

Prior to talking about the best therapy that works for sure, let us have a quick look at the various options available for dealing with stress.

Treatment Options for Managing Stress:

  • Psychotherapy:

Mental health professionals like psychiatrist and psychologists or similar other type of mental health professionals can help you identify the underlying causes of stress so that you can develop a coping mechanism and a strategy to deal with it and improve the quality of your life.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy:

Among several other types of behavioral therapies, CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works the best and have successfully cured many patients. This therapy is one of the most beneficial ways to deal with your stress levels. In this therapy, people are taught to locate their stress triggers that can enable to change their negative thought patterns. This relieves stress to a great level as people learn to be less hard to themselves and realize that it is good to forego some burdens in the life rather than accepting them as a failure. In this therapy, people are thought to recognize their negative thought patterns and check them out.

  • Laughter Therapy:

It is a full-scale therapy for the work out of your facial muscles and relieves you from stress. It gets people laughing in individual and stress busting sessions. This releases a neurotransmitter called endorphins that burst your stress and make you feel utterly relieved. This therapy can be practiced as a daily ritual.

  • Alternative Therapies:

There are a lot of other methods also that can help you deal with stress successfully. There are a number of activities that help people in alleviating their stress levels. Acupuncture, meditation, social support, massage etc. can ease down your stress and pressure levels.

Which Therapy Works the Best for Beating Stress?

Undoubtedly, the best of all therapies for managing stress successfully is CBT. This therapy is aimed at stopping all the negative cycles of thoughts and breaking down those things that can make you feel scared, tensed up and stressed. When you seek the help of this therapy, you would feel your problems are easier to manage and your thought patterns are improved exactly the way you feel.

When you seek the help of a professional, your problem is broken down into these five major areas:

  • Situations
  • Thoughts and apprehensions
  • Emotions
  • Physical Feelings
  • Actions

CBT is an effective therapy which is based on that these five core areas are interconnected and one factor affects the other. For instance, your thoughts about certain situations in your life can affect how you are going to feel emotionally as well as physically and you act accordingly.

How CBT Different and Better Than Other Therapies?

There are so many therapies for dealing with the problems of CBT. But, CBT differs from a number of psychotherapies because:

  • It is Pragmatic:

It helps in identifying specific issues and aims at solving those issues.

  • It is Better Structured:

Rather than talking all about your life, your therapist discusses the specific issues and set out the goals, that you want achieve. It is targeted to resolve your problems primarily.

  • Focused on Present Problems:

The main aim of CBT is to get focused on the current problems that may be ruining your physical or emotional health rather than attempting to resolve the past issues.

  • It is Collaborative and done under the Guidance of Experts Only:

Your therapists would not just suggest you what to do but would work with you to find the possible solutions so that you are better prepared for dealing with difficulties and hardships leading to stress.

  • CBT Helps Stopping Negative Thought Cycles:

There are useful and not so useful methods of reacting to a particular situation which determines how you think about those problems. For instance, if your marriage has ended up in a divorce, you tend to feel stressed and depressed about not able to give your relation a meaning. This will create a number of negative cycles making you feel lonely, tired, hopeless and depressed. This is the point where the negative thoughts begin to creep into your minds.

However, rather than accepting the thought in a negative way, you can accept that you are finally relieved from your day-to-day fights, chaos and tensions. You can learn, just move on and feel optimistic. This will help you in being socially active, presentable and confident. With the regular sessions of CBT, you can learn to take out all the negative thoughts and can be happier. This therapy stops negative cycles and make your problems much more manageable. The therapy is all about making you abler in tackling problems efficiently.

  • Exposure Therapy is a form of CBT Enabling You to Face Fear Methodically:

Fear sets after the stage of a chronic stress resulting in phobia. In such extreme cases, exposure therapy a form of CBT therapy is particular helpful. It is also an effective, methodical and structured way to deal with stress. It involves beginning with the items and the situations that can be the possible cause of stress leading to anxieties. A professional therapist can ask you to repeat exposure exercises thrice a day. On doing so you would feel utterly relieved and calmed down.

In this therapy, you need to involve with a trained professional for at least 6-15 hours. In this session you will get to learn a set of techniques that you would need to practice to overcome your emotional issues as a result of which you would be able to empty your mind and get prepared for a positivity.

How CBT Sessions are carried Out?

CBT sessions are carried out with therapists in one-to-one sessions or in groups with other victims of stress. If you are trying this best therapy for managing stress, you would meet with a therapist for about 20 weekly or fortnightly sessions. Each session lasts from 60 minutes or one hour and it can take place in a clinic or outside your homes wherever you feel comfortable. This therapy is given only by healthcare professional trained in CBT. You can take help of a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

  • Fist Sessions:

The first few sessions in the clinic are spent to make sure that CBT is the right therapy and that you are utterly comfortable with the process. During this session, therapist would ask you questions about your background or personal lives. There may be questions like does your stress or anxiety is interfering with your family, social life or with your family. Therapists may also ask you about the other problems or the treatments and what you really want to achieve from this therapy.

Besides, during your course of treatment your therapist would also let you know what to expect from the treatment. If you think something is not suiting you, you can go in for an alternative treatment.

  • Further Sessions:

After an initial assessment, you would work with your therapist for the purpose of breaking down your problems to separate parts. You can keep a diary to record where you can note your thoughts and behavior patterns.

In these sessions you and your therapists would analyze thoughts, your feelings and your behaviors and determine whether these thoughts are unrealistic and not helpful in determining the effect. Your therapists would also suggest you to change a course of action if something is not working. You are guided for changing your negative thoughts and behavior patterns.

You and the expert together will work out on what changes can be bought to your day to day lives for managing stress. Therapist would work out how you should practicing replacing thoughts that upset you with more meaning full ones. Something that is really troubling you out is figured during CBT therapy sessions. You learn to put the changes suggested by your therapist and would be able to conquer your fear successfully. Also, throughout the sessions therapist will seek your suggestions and will keep on asking you which method is suiting you the best

This therapy is the best one in managing and cutting down stress as well as anxieties and other mental-related problem because a professional expert works with you and guide you the best possible practices. Your improvement is analyzed in each step and something that is not working can be done away with. You can practice all the techniques which are working the best for you and feel comfortable.

You can seek the help of a specialized CBT therapist directly or can make use of interactive online tools to benefit from CBT.

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