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Life has never been always a bed of roses. In your journey, you will face lots of ups and downs and those will make you anxious, feel depressed and stressed out. Being stressed out is not a matter of growing age anymore; a kid of standard 2 can also be too much stressed out because of lots of reasons.

It can be his study, overall performance at school, peer pressure, and lots of other things. When you grow up, the reasons for stress and anxiety become more vivid and you feel trapped to fight against those. The more you feel the stress the more you grow several physical ailments. Meditation can be a great remedy to save you from stress.

Meditation can help you in stress management and also increase a sense of positivity in you so that you become ready to face the challenges of life. If you practice meditation on a regular basis, it can keep your mind calm and you can identify your problems and deal with those methodically; and when you do that, you become able to fight any kind of stress and anxiety. Today, you will get an overview of how meditation can help people to manage their stress.

Benefits of Meditation in Stress Management

One has to understand that stress is not any kind of outside virus that affects you. It builds inside your body and mind when you are in an unfavorable situation and can’t find any solution to get out of this. At that time, your body goes on a fight or flight mode and that causes increased heartbeat, a sudden rise in your blood pressure and sugar level, and also has lots of other side effects. If you practice meditation on a regular basis, you become strong enough to fight against such a situation with a calm and concentrated mind. Let’s find out the benefits of meditation in stress management-

  1. Meditation Can Reverse the Effects of Stress Response

While you meditate, you make a journey from activity to calmness. Through this process, you take your mind from the chaos of mixed thoughts and reach a stage of mental serenity. This is the stage when your body takes rest, but your mind is completely awake and alert. When you are at this stage, your body gains energy to fight back the fight and flight condition and gets back the stability of your body and mind that you were losing because of stress. How your body recovers?

  • Your heart rate decreases
  • Your blood pressure becomes normal
  • You get a stronger immunity
  • You can breathe deeply and easily
  • Oxygen can reach everybody part of yours more steadily
  • The production of stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, becomes lower
  1. Meditation Can Give You Comfortable Sleep at Night

If you are too stressed out, a peaceful sleep can lower your stress. But, when you are so tensed, you find it difficult to sleep tight, and due to lack of sleep, your stress level increases a lot. Instead of consuming sleeping pills, you can put your trust in the methods of meditation. During meditation, the human brain produces more brainwaves, like alpha and theta brainwaves, which make you relax. The feeling of deep relaxation lingers throughout your mind after a meditation session and that will keep you calm in the adverse moments of the day. Therefore, when you go to sleep, instead of thinking about the adversaries throughout the day, you prefer to sleep and that is for the entire night.

  1. Meditation Increases the Effects of Neurotransmitters in Your Body

When you meditate, your brain achieves calmness that helps in triggering the secretion of the neurotransmitters. Thus, you become more focused, calm, and free from any kind of anxiousness.

Here are certain types of neurotransmitters that are released during meditation-

  • Serotonin: During meditation, serotonin releases from your brain and it lowers the tension level and makes you feel more focused and relaxed.
  • Dopamine: This is the neurotransmitter that makes you happier and feels rewarded. It also induces sleep and regulates your mood.
  • Endorphins: These are certain types of chemicals that are responsible for your mental well-being and also reduce the pain and effects of stress.
  • GABA: It is the abbreviated form of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid which works to control the sense of fear and nervousness in the human body, especially when the neurons overreact due to stress.
  1. Meditation Can Make You More Attentive

When you are stressed, it really becomes impossible to concentrate on anything important to you. Besides, researches have proved that a conscious brain can never do multi-tasking and when you want to do that, you become stressed out. For example, if you are reading something important and also checking your mails, it is not possible and you become tensed when none of the jobs gets done properly. Meditation can help you to put your concentration in one task at a time and you can do it with excellence within a limited time. For students, meditation can help a lot to make them focused on their studies and do well in the exam. Also, if you are too stressed with work pressure at the office, you can meditate and that will enhance your concentration power by lowering stress level.

  1. Meditation Is Effective in Changing the Stress Pattern of Your Brain

This is really something unique that many of the people are unaware of it. Once you meditate on a regular basis, it can change the regions of your brain and also build up new neural connections. There is a structure of stress point in the human brain that can be changed due to the regular practice of meditation and makes you calm. Regular meditation can improve self-awareness, memory, stress regulation, empathy, and the ability of learning.

  1. Meditation Helps You to Handle Emotional Outbursts

When it comes to stress management, controlling your emotion and guiding it towards the right way is one of the most important benefits of meditation. Suppressing emotion can result in negative emotional outbursts which can make you more stressed out. It is very important to learn how to make your mind calm and guide your emotions in a fruitful way while dealing with problems and adverse situations. Meditation can help you there.

What Are Other Benefits of Meditation?

Apart from these above benefits, there are lots of other types of benefits that you can get from a regular practice of meditation; those are-

  • Normalizing your heart rate and breathing
  • Improving your immunity functions
  • Lowering the age of your mental state
  • Clarifying your mind and making it creative
  • Controlling excessive sweat

While you meditate regularly, you can also stay away from bad habits, like smoking, drinking, and even drugs, which are vital reasons for stress building in your body. Along with making your mind calm, meditation also fills you with the inner strength to face the world.

How to Make Your Meditation the Most Effective for You

You can’t meditate anywhere or at any time. You need a proper place to concentrate and meditate. Here you will get certain simple tips of meditation that can work the best for stress relief. Have a look-

  1. Find a Comfortable Place

While meditating, you can sit on the floor or a chair. A straight-back chair will be good; if you are sitting on the floor, take a cushion to make it comfortable. When sitting on a chair, you need to keep your back straight and both feet should be on the floor. On the floor, you can sit in a lotus position, by keeping your hands on your lap.

  1. Concentrate on Your Breath

Meditation is the process of inhaling and exhaling in a proper way. In the beginning, you can count your each inhales and it will help you to get more focused on the method. You can count ten inhales and then again start from the beginning. It is true that your mind will wander and you will find to concentrate at the beginning. But, if you concentrate on counting inhales, soon you get back your focus on your breathing style.

  1. Let Your Thoughts Appear and Disappear

During meditation, imagine that your mind is a clear sky and the thoughts are clouds. Instead of forcefully staying away from those, allow your thoughts to come and go. Once you observe your thoughts without any feelings, soon you get detached from those and those won’t affect you as they did before. Thus, you can also stay away from stressful thoughts and have control over your emotions.

So, here you get to know how to manage stress with meditation. Today, life is very fast and you have to come up with it. So, it is a vague saying that you can stay away from stress. But, what you can do is to control your stress and learn to fight back to run on the way of your life. Meditation can help you by improving your concentration power, making your mind calm and peaceful, and also help you to find solutions to problems which, usually, seem disastrous to you.

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