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Australian National University - Journey

The Australian National University is a public university in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. It is located in the suburb of Acton, the main campus encompasses seven teaching and researching colleges, in addition to the several national institutes. It was established in 1946 and is the only university created by the Parliament of Australia. Australian National University enrols 10,359 undergraduate and 9,674 postgraduate students and employs 3,958 staff. Undergraduate students are represented by the Australian NationalUniversity of Students’ Association and postgraduates by the Postgraduate and Research Students' Association. The university is ranked 25th in the world by the QS World University Rankings. The university is a member of the Group of Eights and the International Alliance of Research Universities. The university has also close relationships and exchange partnerships with the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Yale University and the University of Copenhagen which helps the students to exchange their culture within their boundaries.

College in Australian National University

Arts and Social Science: The Australian National University college of arts and social science is divided into Research School of Social Science which constitutes the history, philosophy, social science and political science and Research School of Humanities and Arts is the other part of the arts and social college in which the knowledge of art history, archaeology, English drama and film studies are given. In 2013, ANU ranked 9th in the world in linguistics and 16th in the world for modern languages.

Asia and Pacific: The ANU College of Asia and Pacific is the specialist centre of Asian and Pacific studies and languages, with the largest number of experts in these fields of any university in the English speaking world. The Crashaw school of public policy comes under this college.

Business and Economics: The ANU College of business deals with the four main types of research and teachings of economics, finance, accounting and management. The college is professionally accredited with the institute of chartered accountants, CPA Australia, the Australia computer society; the actuaries institute Australia, the institute of public accountants, the association of international accountants and the chartered financial analyst institute.

Engineering and computer science: The ANU College of engineering and computer science is divided into two parts as with the topics. The first is the engineering science and the second one is computer science. Research groups in ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science include Algorithms and Data, Applied Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems, Computer Systems, Computer Vision and Robotics.

Law: The ANU College of law includes the teachings of legal research and teachings, centred to dedicate the commercial law, international law, public law and environmental law. There is a number of programs and researches done by the professionals L.L.B and J.D’s. Students are given chance to spend three weeks in Geneva concerning the institutional practice of International Law.

Medicine, biology and environment: the ANU College of medicine, biology and environment encompasses the ANU medical colleges. JCSMR was established in 1948 as a result of the vision of Nobel laureate Howard Florey. Three further Nobel Prizes have been won as a result of research at JCSMR—in 1963 by john ecclesand in 1996 by peter DohertyandRolf m. zinkernagel.

Physical and mathematical science: the ANU College of physical and mathematical science comprises the research schools of astronomy and astrophysics.ANU has been home to eight particle accelerators over the years and operates the 14UD and LINAS accelerators. Professor Brian Schmidt received the 2011noble prize for physics for his work on the accelerating expansion of the universe.

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