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    • Refrences that will guide uNew Royal Adelaide Hospital• Google search “royal adelaide hospital project agreement”Check the Government of South Australia Auditor General Department report (2015 and 2017 Supplementary report).&b...

  • NURS3002 Inquiry for Complex Care

    This assessment requires you to identify pertinent legislation and ethical issues using the attached case study. You are required to integrate theory, demonst rate analysis using evidence and include other pertinent literature to support your answers...

  • What is ‘fake news’? Is it a problem and, if so, how should it be dealt with?

    The essay title must relate directly to the content and spirit of the module, focusing upon the key contemporary issues we discuss in the class and the examples we use.What is ‘fake news’? is it a problem and, if so, how should it be deal...

  • MNG93002 - Strategy and Case Analysis

    Instructions:This assessment focuses on the student’s understanding and application of strategic concepts associated with Strategic Position andStrategic Choice; outlined in Parts I and II the textbook.Read the short account of the US airlines ...

  • Gold-standard of tonometry - Advantages & Disadvantages

    Applanation tonometry is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ of tonometry. Yet, there are cases where non-contact tonometry is preferred. What are some advantages & disadvantages of each tonometry technique? Why is one preferred over...


    Choose one of the following NGOs or mission agencies: World Vision, Tear Fund, Oxfam, SalvationArmy, Christians Against Poverty, Island Reach (YWAM), Amnesty International, Refugee Services, Red Cross Prison Fellowship Habitat for Humanity. Identify:...

  • Reading Response Shakespeare’s Othello

    Questions:1. Following what transpires in each Act, what is the over-arching plot of the play? What is the conflict which propels the plot forward and what is the resolution or conclusion to theconflict?2? Discuss the following characters in terms...


    For this assessment item, you are required to watch the film ‘WIT’ by Mike Nichols and prepare an analysis based on the questions/instructions outlined later on this page. There is insufficient time to view the entire film in class, so pl...

  • Illustrate, contrast and discuss profit maximization under perfect competition and oligopoly, in both the short-run and the long-run

    Illustrate, contrast and discuss profit maximization under perfect competition and oligopoly, in both the short-run and the long-run....


    For this assignment, you will write approximately reviewing a current issue in management using a recent late July to December 2018 or 2019 newspaper article and scholarly publications to summarise the issue and make an argument for or against the vi...


    Choose one of the health issues below and write an evidence-based parliamentary submission. Your submission should be making a clear link to relevant social determinants of health (that is, you; re arguing for a position and linking it to the Social ...

  • Numerical Modelling and simulations of connecting two dissimilar metal alloys.

    1. Background The main goal of this section is to identify a problem that is worthy of investigation. An a preliminary literature review is necessary for the purpose of identifying the research problem. The following issues should be considered wh...

  • Performance Improvement Project (PIP)

    Performance Improvement Project (PIP) As part of the requirements for this course, you will be asked to design and write-up a behavior change project of your own choosing. The purpose of this project is to give you an opportunity to apply the tech...

  • Organisational Behaviour (OB) and Human Resource Management (HRM) - MOTIVATION AND PERFORMANCE

    Module Assessment The assessment for this module will consist of a 3500 (+-10%) critical literature review. The review must to be submitted on TURNITIN and should reflect the individual effort of the student. The task accounts for the full 100%...


    Assignment 1 is writing a commercial proposal in response to the tender. The assignment is to be done individually by students. However, this should not prevent collaboration between students. The aim of the assignment is to develop a commercial prop...

  • BSBHRM512 - Performance management processes for STAR Industries

    BSBHRM512: Assessment 1 What you have to doYou are required to develop and manage performance management processes for STARIndustries.Follow the instructions in the task to format your responses. The word count guide isapproximately 2000 words.As ...


    The Topic of Bail assignment is as follows: The remand prison population in Victoria has increased in recent years. This is undesirable because refusing bail to defendants violates their right to liberty and the presumption of innocence. Criticall...

  • EVIDENCE FOR NURSING - Understanding research questions

    1. Referring to the Registered nurse standards for practice (2016), explain the role of evidence based practice in nursing profession? (Max 100 words, 2marks) 2. How the Evidence Based Practice model can be integrated in to the tanner’s mode...

  • MNG81001 Virtual Marketing Team

    Your boss, the Marketing Director of Company ABC, is deciding whether to introduce a new virtual marketing team with staff located in Melbourne, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Bangalore. The alternative is to keep things the way they are and continue to ...

  • Business Report

    You are required to prepare a business report that deconstructs an organisation's business model and identifies the critical success factors that make the business sustainable. Your analysis will demonstrate your critical thinking skills and your...

  • ITECH2002 -Systems Modelling (Requirement Specification ‘Amazon’)

    Your assignment will be assessed by your tutor or lecturer if your lecturer is also your tutor.You will receive your mark and written feedback via Moodle two weeks after the due dateor submission, whichever is later. 2. INTRODUCTION You have be...

  • SRR721 – Construction Research Project. A Project report on Indian Construction management.

    Your Thesis Title - Submitted for the degree of Master of Construction Management. This assignment will consist of a refined research proposal, which will provide a theoretical background for the study, a rationale for the choice of research topic...


    RMIT is one of the oldest technological universities in the Australian (founded in 1887). One of the unique features of RMIT is that it is a cross-sector university and among all Australian Universities, RMIT has the largest number of overseas studen...

  • HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development Reflective Paper: Insights Gained

    To provide an opportunity for learners to reflect on their learning experience throughout the course and to reflect on key concepts covered while analyzing how they will incorporate key insights gained into their own future practice as specialists an...

  • Health Project

    The aim of the assignment is to provide a deeper understanding of the applications of primary health care....

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    A) Go to " Ethisphere" which rates the most ethical companies. Choose one that you have used or know or worked for. Go to their web site and research how they ...

  • Ischaemic Stroke in Australia

    For this assessment, you are required to write a report on Ischaemic Stroke in Australia. The assessment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of ischaemic stroke by clearly describing the incidence and cause of is...


    Undertake a Literature Reviewon - ‘Strategies for Building Organisational Commitment’.The review is to focus solely on refereed academic journal articles....

  • 7111AFE Accounting

    PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to provide hands-on experience to 7111AFE students on financial analysis using real-life data. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate, through an extended exercise, their ability to apply their a...

  • HRES 2302 Grievance Management

    You are a Labour Relations Advisor working in a unionized workplace. A manager has come to see you as they have just received a grievance from an employee who the manager had terminated for willful misconduct. This is the first grievance the manager ...

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