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  • Internal Controls on IT

    You are the auditor of A Ltd. In your planning for the audit of the client you discover the following issues: (1) The Finance Director has full control of the IT function. The daily operations of the IT function are the duty of the IT manager who ...

  • The gap between both fields can be addressed based on the current challenges of science-policy interfaces with visualizations.

    According to Shneiderman and Bederson (2003), information visualization emerged from research in human-computer interaction, computer science, graphics, visual design, psychology, and business.With this revelation in mind, identify, and discuss the b...

  • UTI with sepsis

    Answer the following questions- 1. analyse the pathogenesis in relation to the clinical manifestations in the case study. 2. Select ONE (1) appropriate nursing strategy, and explain the underpinning evidence base for this rational 3. Critica...

  • Fake news in social media || Critical literature review, problematical and envisioned contribution

    The purpose of this task is to critically review the body of knowledge on your topic of interest, problematize the current body of knowledge, and articulate your envisioned contribution to help solve this problem. The report will discuss in detail...

  • Qualitative Research Report

    1. Select one topic area from those listed below, which relates to the case scenarios: a)The experience of living with diabetes mellitus (for patient or family) b)The experience of living with chronic kidney disease c)The experience of post-...

  • Reflection on the Course

    I want you to reflect on the process of writing, research, revision, and argument. Devote a paragraph to each of the questions in a brief essay that uses specific evidence from the course and your writing this semester: What have you learned about...

  • Strategy development models

    Write an essay explaining what the main strategy development tools are and how they are used in business. Your essay must contain a comprehensive discussion of 4 of the following: PESTEL,Five Forces, Resource-Based View, PROFIT, Input/Output, SWOT An...

  • Critical Review of Articles

    Task involves reviewing Three preselected journal articles. Students are required to write critical reviews for each of the 3 journal articles.The submission involves a formal style of writing and the word limit for each critique should be between 30...


    Chose a learning topic, skill or procedure to teach. Choose a theoretical perspective. Design a technologically integrated and/or digitally-delivered lesson to teach your topic to a specific audience. The lesson should include: 1.Topic being learn...

  • Research Paper: Seventh Day Adventist Believe or Faith

    The introduction willbe the proposal of the topic assignment previously submitted. The bibliography will obviously be moved to the end of the paper. Humanity’s relationship to sin. Sin as a condition vs sins as an act. Current topics a...

  • PMN610: Project Management Principles || Feasibility Study of Affordable Housing Construction Project

    Individual Feasibility Study Report The objective of this assignment is to assess the feasibility of a project, which would be undertaken during the initiating phase of the project lifecycle. The feasibility must be based on how the intended benef...

  • Marketing plan of Target Corporation

    Question: Identify Marketing issues or problems of a company, for Example Target. Based on the current situation of the company that you analyzed, select and prioritize the issues that the company should address in its new 12-month term marketing pla...

  • PUBH6003: Systems thinking or intersectoral approach for obesity

    This assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:1. Apply systems thinking and an intersectoral approach to public health issues. To prepare for this assessment, choose one public health issue (e.g. obesity, a chronic disease) in any country...

  • PMN610: Study of Construction || Project: May-field Housing

    Individual Feasibility Study Report. The objective of this assignment is to assess the feasibility of a project, which would be undertaken during the initiating phase of the project lifecycle. The feasibility must be based on how the intended benefit...

  • Ebola Is A Condition With Global Dimensions

    Ebola is a condition with global dimensions. Explain briefly the source of the condition and how it is transmitted? Why do you think the condition has taken so long to get a vaccine compared to other conditions that do have vaccines? Describe public ...


    Prepare a report to Chief Operating Officer to evaluate the processes, risks and internal controls for its expenditure cycle. In your report, you need to include the following items: • Data flow diagram of purchases and cash disbursements system...

  • Public health problem arising from ageing population in Australia or Not.

    Formulate a research question for a public health problem. Choose either an issue arising from the ageingpopulation or mental health issues in Australia or the Northern Territory. Include a literature review, frame the problem, develop a problem stat...

  • Hospitality industry

    With reference to the concepts and theory learned, students are required to draw a service blueprint of the service process that they have consumed recently and write a report on service experience improvement based on their analysis of service proce...

  • Report on E-WASTE

    Write a report on e-waste? Write a report by choosing a perspective such as environmental perspective one waste and how it affects the environment and what are the factors that affect the environment its problem and solution....


    You are recently employed as a business analyst at Bell Studio, an Adelaide-based wholesaler of art supplies. Bell Studio sources its inventories from manufacturers in Australia, China, Japan and NewZealand. The company has a centralised accounting s...


    In this assessment, you are required to select one sector from the followings for security analysis:• medical • Manufacturing • Education You have to write an essay to answer the followings related to the selected sector: 1.Intro...

  • Project development process

    Create an APA formatted paper in Microsoft Word.Your organization has decided to undertake a new IT project.Describe the details of a project your organization might undertake. Which project development processwould you recommend?...

  • MN621 Advanced Network Design || Local Area Network Design and Setup.

    Main objectives of this assignment are to enable the student to understand networking devices, gather requirements for a given business case study, plan a network design and setup LAN appropriately using physical networking devices. After successful ...

  • Job Application

    You are applying for an advertised position . You mustprepare a ‘response to selection criteria’ for the position you select. You are to respond to the essential, desirable,other and qualification criteria for this job. You can draw on yo...

  • Sustainability and Ethics

    Demonstrate an understanding on regulations, the law and business ethics in organisations. Demonstrate an understanding of the organisational values that support ethical decision making. Evaluate the implications of social and public pressure f...

  • Management Information System

    You are required to identify the key issues and findings from your learning outcomes Reflection on learning and progress is besed on the following: 1.After studying differeent types of information system that can be used for business management. D...


    Part 1 Write a Business Report addressed to the FRC which:  Distinguishes between non-audit services and audit services  From the company’s perspective, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of engaging itsauditor to also perfor...

  • Diabetes || Assignment for epidemiology of non-communicable diseases.

    The objective for this assignment is to select a peer-reviewed journal article relating to an intervention to prevent a non-communicable disease outcome. Complete the following questions based on the article you selectQuestion 1 Provide the reference...

  • Performance Management System

    Report on performance management systems and recommendations.In this report, you will need to ensure that you cover:• The foundations of theory, models and concepts that relate to the performance management and performance management systems&bul...

  • Mock Human Rights Hearing Group Project || Pratt v. River City Oral Surgery Clinic (RC)

    The complainant, Derwin Pratt is a dental surgeon employed by the River CityOral Surgery Clinic (RC), which is a privately owned Alberta clinic that performs various oral surgery procedures. RC requires as a condition of employment that surgeons w...

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