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  • Famous entrepreneur ELON MUSK

    Solution Preview : Elon Musk is an owner as well as the founder of Tesla Motors as well as PayPal as well as the founder of an organization called SpaceX. He also worked...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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    Solution Preview : Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is a computer engineer turned entrepreneur, and is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and em...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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  • MA619 Accounting Research Professional judgement

    Solution Preview : The literature review highlights the importance of professional judgment in the financial industry, here we have review and research over more than 20...

    Price : Original Price: $ 27.30 Now at : $ 21

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    Solution Preview : The concept of project management can be stated as one of the areas, which involves a crucial role in the management area of projects. In this concept...

    Price : Original Price: $ 27.30 Now at : $ 21

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  • H16006 Competitive Strategy

    Solution Preview : The essay will analyze the four strategic development tools. The four strategic development tools are PESTLE analysis, Porter’s Five Forces anal...

    Price : Original Price: $ 16.90 Now at : $ 13

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  • Comparative analysis of the performance of firms and investment decisions.

    Solution Preview : Financial information of a company is reflected in its annual report, which is prepared by the business analysts of the company, and checked by its di...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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  • Warm farming of aluminium alloys.

    Solution Preview : The metal forming has an important manufacturing process in automotive, production, oil and gas component production company. The sheet metal componen...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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  • Stamping material processing of AHSS for automotive applications

    Solution Preview : The lightweight and crash resistant vehicle demand increases as the application of advanced high strength steel have utilized in the theautomotive veh...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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  • HI6006 TOOLS & ANALYSIS || SWOT analysis of ANZ Bank

    Solution Preview : We would be deeply accessing the strategic tools that can be considered with the assessment, and we would help to relate with the company's future...

    Price : Original Price: $ 11.70 Now at : $ 9

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  • Network Design || Communications network in a conveying and packing system.

    Solution Preview : The packing industry is gaining value in global business. The reason behind the evolution is the increased incomes in the countries that are less deve...

    Price : Original Price: $ 26.0 Now at : $ 20

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