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  • Motivational Techniques

    Assume a managerial role in your current organization or an organization that you have workedat in the past (if you currently hold a managerial position, you don’t have to pretend). Whattypes of motivational techniques would/do you use? How do...

  • Project Management Methodologies

    Ensure you address the following areas: 1. Define what a methodology is and the role it serves in project management. 2. Research and Study about various methodologies & processes in the list below. Choose two methodologies/processes from this li...

  • Essay on compare and contrast Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Essay on compare and contrast entrepreneurship and Innovation.Comparison of detriments of entrepreneurship and innovation....

  • Operations Management

    (a) For the banking industry discuss the external factors which are impacting on the industry. (b) Also, discuss the responses of the industry to each of the factor and indicate whether the industry has been successful or not in meeting the challe...

  • Strategic marketing plan for New Zealand as a tourism destination

    For many businesses, growth is only achievable by taking risks. Whether this means entering new markets, creating new products and services, increasing tourism attractions, or investing in infrastructure, all options present some degree of uncertaint...

  • Explanation of market Equilibrium using demand and supply diagram

    Supply and demand analysis allows us to investigate and understand the operation of markets. Using supply and demand analysis identify which you believe to be the main factors in the determiningthe price of Polo mints in the UK....

  • The topic is " How does technology threaten individuals' health and well being?"

    Students are required to submit a research report/essay which analyses and presents the main findings on a topic related to Information Systems and the role of the bicultural context of NewZealand within the discussed topic area. The topic is " ...

  • Essay on the effective and behavioral aspects of cultural diversity

    The aim of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to reflect critically on a cultural experience, and to link your experiential knowledge to concepts and theories related to culture and cultural diversity. This is an essay on the effective and...

  • Domestic violence in Australia

    One important aspect of community work, whether in a local government setting, a large government department or an NGO, is to ‘brief’ decision makers on an important issue or situation. A briefing paper aims to provide a concise and coher...

  • Essay on Islamic Revivalism in the Globalized World

    Assignment Task: Minor Written Essay on Islamic Revivalism in the Globalised World. Essay Question It is often said in the scholarly sources that Islamic revivalism is a response to the social transformation of modern societies that took place all th...

  • Health Care Facilities in UK

    1. Demonstrate a deep and systematic understanding of the current changes in health and social care policy and reflect on their impact on the strategic delivery of healthcare provision.2. Critically evaluate the effects on health and social care poli...

  • What does the Qur’an say about Zakat and its contribution to the economy?

    Muslims believe that the Qur’an is a book of guidance. It provides guidance across all spheres of life – social, cultural, spiritual, political, and economical. In relation to the economic sphere, what does the Qur’an say about zaka...


    Using your organization or an organization you are familiar with, describe your IT decision making. You have been tasked with the job of reviewing the current IT decision making structures at your organization. Your review must include the details of...

  • How effective are e-cigarettes compared to other nicotine replacement therapies for smoking cessation in adults?

    Scenario: Hans is a 24 years old environmentalist. He has always been a smoker and realizes the conflict between his work and his personal habits. Has desperately once to stop smoking and has decided to try either e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement...

  • Expansion plan of Food Canner Ltd in Germany

    In this project, you will work as a consultant to help a large Mauritian consumer product company, the ''SUNNY FOOD CANNER' to enter the following countries: GERMANY. The company should have not entered the selected country yet. Write a p...

  • Reflection of learning on Cultural Identity and Concepts of Health or Determinants of Health

    The focus of this task is to demonstrate what you have learned about: Cultural Identity (topic 1) and Concepts of Health (topic 2) or Determinants of Health (topic 3) and Primary Health Care (topic 4) through your discussion, readings and set learnin...


    Identifies patient cohort with diagnosis/chronic illness from your practice. Identifies the relationship between the symptoms with the symptom cluster. Identifies one presenting symptom, related to the above diagnosis/chronic illness, relevant to you...

  • Driverless AI Bus: An Innovation in Electrical and Electronic Vehicles in India

    In assignment 1 you need to describe the value proposition of your innovative concept and competitive advantages. It is important to know differences between the two. Your task is to do come up with an innovative concept to explore the possible solut...

  • Article about Global Business on cross-cultural differences.

    Read two magazine articles about a global business that includes issues about cross-cultural differences. After reading the two articles, write the following for each:1. Article information:article name, source (magazine name), date/edition, pages, w...


    Write about Principles of Project Management....

  • The impacts of fake news on social media

    Assessment task 1: Topic identification and relevance The purpose of this assessment task is to identify a research topic and make a compelling case for its relevance. The assessment task consists of two parts: First, you will need to identify a rese...

  • Assignment on Cyber Crime

    Assignment on Cyber Crime...

  • Reflection on ‘Coming into the Murdoch community’

    Part 1: Reflection on ‘Coming into the Murdoch community’. Part 2: What the literature says about the art of ‘coming into a new community’...

  • “A Research Project on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare”

    A research project – where the main output is a mini-thesis. In this type of project, you will conduct a complex piece of research relating to a singular research topic. These projects will require you to collect, analyze and report on primary ...

  • Learning Reflection on Sustainable Tourism

    Essay scenario relates to the three pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) 1. For your chosen scenario and scope, how would you describe some of the differentsustainability concerns that you think need to be considered under e...

  • Experimental Essay on " Cultural Diversity "

    This is an essay on the effective and behavioural aspects of cultural diversity from an experiential perspective. Start your essay by discussing why you chose this particular incident/issue and its significance to the topic of cultural diversity i...

  • Reflective Journal of Dyson company

    The purpose of this reflective journal is to understand, analyze and assess the organizational behavior, its effectiveness through Goal approach and Strategic Constituencies Approach. Using these two approaches, It is intended on assessing the effect...

  • Critical appraisal of non-communicable disease aetiology: Diabetes

    The overall objective for this assignment is to select a journal article relating to a non-communicable disease outcome in order to summarise the putative aetiological mechanism of the outcome, assess the evidence-base for the association, and to con...

  • Executive Summary using Memo Heading:Factors impacting on communication in today’s workplace

    Your boss, the Director of Communications at Company XYZ, has been invited to speak at a local conference on the topic Factors impacting on communication in today workplace. She has asked you to prepare an executive summary highlighting three key imp...

  • The world of cyber

    Research Report on the world of cyber....

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