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(94) Solution in "Others"

  • BRATZ DOLLS || Popular Cultural Genre.

    Solution Preview : Popular culture is an assembly of various human cultural products, such as art, music as well as literature, dance, film and literature and cybercultu...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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  • SBM4104 IT Infrastructure

    Solution Preview : The given IT Infrastructure Assessment Details for development of geographic and logical diagrams for IT infrastructures solution with the organizatio...

    Price : Original Price: $ 39.0 Now at : $ 30

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  • Python program || The goal of this program is to take a collection of rectangles and display them on a canvas so that none of the rectangles overlap with each other.

    Solution Preview :

    import tkinter
    from tkinter import Canvas
    import sys
    from operator import attrgetter
    from textwrap import fill
    top = tkinter.Tk() 

    Price : Original Price: $ 52.0 Now at : $ 40

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  • Plato’s Republic Book VII Allegory of Cave

    Solution Preview : The allegory of the cave is regarded as one of the utmost prominent passages in the antiquity of Western philosophy. Allegory does use some kind of sy...

    Price : Original Price: $ 6.50 Now at : $ 5

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    Solution Preview :

    I am William, a 23-year-old citizen belonging to the Aboriginal community of Queensland. I feel dejected ...

    Price : Original Price: $ 26.0 Now at : $ 20

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  • Blog of Communication Technology

    Solution Preview : There's an almost negligible difference between the great and terrible parts of anonymity on the Internet. One of the incredible parts of anonymit...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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  • Socioeconomic Factors and Birth Weight: Examining the Causes of Low Birth Weight and their Policy Implications

    Solution Preview : Abstract Over the world, Low Birth Weight (LBW) has turned into a significant medical problem. All things considered, the overall occurrence is 17%...

    Price : Original Price: $ 7020 Now at : $ 5400

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