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(122) Solution in "Nursing"


    You will need to explore the pathophysiology, pharmacology and psychosocial aspects of the scenario and demonstrate your understanding in the answers you provide. Your answers should be informed by your reading of current research and literature. ...

  • NCS2102 Mental Health & Illness || Mental Health in the Community

    Discuss the concept of holistic nursing care in mental health. Is it more or less holistic than other nursing disciplines? Explain your response. Discuss this statement and identify factors that contribute to mental illness. In your answer, you sh...


    Nurses have a duty to practice ethically and morally. Maintaining safe care is the first ethical and legal duty of any hospital, and of all health care professionals. Ethical or moral conflict emerges when the nurse is unsure of which ethical princip...


    CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE AND What is the significance of Pulmonary rehabilitation in improving quality of life for subjects with COPD? This summative assessment will enable your Assessor to make a judgement of competency based on the ...

  • Reflection on Observation

    Choose one person to observe. In choosing the person to undertake your General Survey health assessment, you must not breech the person's privacy or confidentiality, as noted in the QUT Student Codes of conduct.Respond to the task instructions be...

  • Health Behavior Theories

    Conceptually map theories of health behaviour to physical activity and/or sedentary behaviour interventions; Critically review theories of health behaviour, particularly as they apply to active living;...

  • Nursing Change Project: Progressive Discipline

    From the perspective of a nurse leader/manager, the student will choose a current nursing practice in his or her work area or practicum area that does not follow currently accepted evidence-based practice and is in need of change. The student will &l...

  • Nursing Case Management, Peer Coaching, and Hepatitis A and B Vaccine Completion Among Homeless Men Recently Released on Parole

    The study focused on completion of the HAV and HBV vaccine series among homeless men on parole. The efficacy of three levels of peer coaching (PC) and nurse-delivered interventions was compared at 12-month follow-up: (a) intensive peer coaching and n...

  • UTI with sepsis

    Answer the following questions- 1. analyse the pathogenesis in relation to the clinical manifestations in the case study. 2. Select ONE (1) appropriate nursing strategy, and explain the underpinning evidence base for this rational 3. Critica...

  • Qualitative Research Report

    1. Select one topic area from those listed below, which relates to the case scenarios: a)The experience of living with diabetes mellitus (for patient or family) b)The experience of living with chronic kidney disease c)The experience of post-...

  • Diabetes || Assignment for epidemiology of non-communicable diseases.

    The objective for this assignment is to select a peer-reviewed journal article relating to an intervention to prevent a non-communicable disease outcome. Complete the following questions based on the article you selectQuestion 1 Provide the reference...

  • Mock Human Rights Hearing Group Project || Pratt v. River City Oral Surgery Clinic (RC)

    The complainant, Derwin Pratt is a dental surgeon employed by the River CityOral Surgery Clinic (RC), which is a privately owned Alberta clinic that performs various oral surgery procedures. RC requires as a condition of employment that surgeons w...

  • Indigenous Australian

    Define self determinate as it applies to Indigenous Australian and discusses how it can contribute to improving health outcomes. Describe how Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services is an example of local communities exercising self-determina...

  • Nursing assessment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

    Case Scenario Mrs. Gina Bacci is a 49year old Italian lady (with poor English) who was admitted to hospital 2 weeks ago for surgery following complications from an alright foot ulcer. She underwent surgery under general anesthetic, for partial amputa...

  • Nurses’ experiences and perspectives on medication safety practices: an exploitative qualitative study.

    Exploring the influence of workplace supports and relationships on safe medication practice: A pilot study of Australian graduate nurses. What is nursing research? What is a critical appraisal of literature? How does a critical analysis of r...

  • Physical and Psycho social Function in Residential Aged-Care Elders: Effect of Nintendo Wii Sports Games

    This mixed-methods, quasi-experimental pilot study examined whether the Nintendo Wii Sports (NWS) active-video game (exergame) system could significantly improve the functional ability, physical activity levels, and quality of life of 34 older adults...

  • NSB 231 - Integrated Nursing Practice

    Assessment name: Nursing Priorities - Case StudyTask description: For this essay, select EITHER Case Option 1 (adolescent case) or CaseOption 2 (adult case). Review your chosen case and the clinicaldocuments. Using the clinical reasoning cycle you ar...


    • Refrences that will guide uNew Royal Adelaide Hospital• Google search “royal adelaide hospital project agreement”Check the Government of South Australia Auditor General Department report (2015 and 2017 Supplementary report).&b...

  • EVIDENCE FOR NURSING - Understanding research questions

    1. Referring to the Registered nurse standards for practice (2016), explain the role of evidence based practice in nursing profession? (Max 100 words, 2marks) 2. How the Evidence Based Practice model can be integrated in to the tanner’s mode...

  • Health Project

    The aim of the assignment is to provide a deeper understanding of the applications of primary health care....

  • Ischaemic Stroke in Australia

    For this assessment, you are required to write a report on Ischaemic Stroke in Australia. The assessment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of ischaemic stroke by clearly describing the incidence and cause of is...

  • Cultural Safety Essay

    Cultural Safety Essay Respond to the following assessment tasks: Step 1 (written in third-person)Demonstrate your understanding of the following key concepts: a) Compare and contrast personal racism and systemic/institutional racism. b) B...

  • HSA-5114 US Health Care System

    HSA-5114 US Health Care System: Week 6Health Services for Special populations Objective: To provide an overview of Population-based strategies and community-wide interventions make the greatest impact on the health of communities overall. That is ...

  • NURS1004 Social Media Sites and Nursing

    Essay question Critically evaluate and discuss the above statement. In your essay, you should address the following: • The potential effects of social media on the professionalism of nursing; how nurses’ practice; and patient/family ...

  • Global and Environmental Health Issues || Environmental Risk Assessment

    Describe the driving forces, pressures, state changes, exposures and effects relevant to your chosen region and environmental health issue. Are there any social, political or economic influences on the issue that aren’t captured by the DPSEE...

  • Assessing the quality of the evidence and rethinking a public health issue/intervention.

    This assessment requires you to write a 300-500 word reflection.The assessment title and not write about something elseare familiar with the marking criteriause King's School of Bioscience Education's author-date referencing style....

  • Nurses experiences and perspectives on medication safety practices: an exploration qualitative study.

    Exploring the influence of workplace supports and relationships on safe medication practice: A pilot study of Australian graduate nurses....

  • Assignment-professional communication in nursing

    Assignment-professional communication in nursing...

  • HSA-5114 US Health Care System:Analysis of Managed Care in USA

    For this assignment, you will generate, designate, Organize, investigate and, present a ManageCare Control Cost Plan: Under traditional indemnity insurance, the money follows the patient.Patients select health care providers and visit them as they ch...

  • NSB303 - Partnerships in Health and Illness

    This document contains: Assessment requirementsand background information. Detailed instructions forcompleting the task. A list of resources to assistyou to complete the task. Task DescriptionChoose a chronic condition from the list below...

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