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(74) Solution in "Engineering"

  • BE203 Design of Radar Systems for Weather Forecasting and Navigation

    Solution Preview : Introduction: RADAR is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging. it is a system which detects objects and by using radio waves it determines...

    Price : Original Price: $ 20.80 Now at : $ 16

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    Solution Preview : Effective time management for day-to-day activities of each student is very much needed specially for university students. It increases the academic p...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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  • BN201 - Professional Issues of IT

    Solution Preview : 1.0 Introduction Many people think that a robot should be autonomous or it does not need to do follow the command at every step. The study focus on...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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  • BN208 - Networked Application

    Solution Preview : What is Data Center? Data center is familiar to the computational storage, applications and power which are basics and essential for supporting the...

    Price : Original Price: $ 26.0 Now at : $ 20

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  • SEB725 - Engineering Entrepreneurship

    Solution Preview : Executive summary The advancement in science and technology will lead to the invention of the high quality of drones. In modern days, the business ...

    Price : Original Price: $ 52.0 Now at : $ 40

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  • BN206 - System Administration

    Solution Preview : Linux operating system provide the support of the command line tool to preform daily task by the System administration. Without command line tool it w...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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  • MN503 -Overview of Internetworking

    Solution Preview : Introduction A web may be a cluster/social affair of interconnected PCs/machines. In system the term internetworking suggests that sharing and gett...

    Price : Original Price: $ 13.0 Now at : $ 10

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  • Wireless network and security

    Solution Preview : 1.Explore the ethical implications in the design and implementation of a secure enterprise wireless network. Wireless network are very popular now ...

    Price : Original Price: $ 19.50 Now at : $ 15

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