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(122) Solution in "Nursing"

  • PUBH6002: Global and Environmental Health Issues

    PUBH6002:Global and Environmental HealthIssuesReport-Environmental Risk Assessment Individual learning Outcomes A.Understandtheconceptofenv;ronmentalfactorsinfluencinghealth,andtherelevancetopublchealthfromtheglobaltothelocallevels.B.Describ...

  • REFLECTION OF CLINICAL ASPECTS ON AN INCIDENT:child suffering from Chickenpox

    Using Gibb’s (1988) reflective cycle, reflect on an incident in your nursing practice which, has raised ethical issues for you. Gibb’s (1988) reflective cycle provides a framework for you to describe the incident, identify ethical issues,...


    Overview of research methodologies commonly used in nursing and health sciences research: To provide the overview on the following methodologies:- 1. Grounded theory 2. Phenomenology...

  • The importance of patient education in nursing

    Write on the importance of patient education in nursing? Write on key challenges in implementing patient education?...

  • Discuss the benefits and risks of using telehealth in contemporary healthcare

    Topic: Discuss the benefits and risks of using telehealth in contemporary healthcare. For this assessment, a report will be used as education for your nursing peers on a contemporary nursing topic. A report is divided into headings and subheadings to...

  • Reflection of learning on Cultural Identity and Concepts of Health or Determinants of Health

    The focus of this task is to demonstrate what you have learned about: Cultural Identity (topic 1) and Concepts of Health (topic 2) or Determinants of Health (topic 3) and Primary Health Care (topic 4) through your discussion, readings and set learnin...


    Identifies patient cohort with diagnosis/chronic illness from your practice. Identifies the relationship between the symptoms with the symptom cluster. Identifies one presenting symptom, related to the above diagnosis/chronic illness, relevant to you...

  • “A Research Project on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare”

    A research project – where the main output is a mini-thesis. In this type of project, you will conduct a complex piece of research relating to a singular research topic. These projects will require you to collect, analyze and report on primary ...


    The topic is leadership and innovation in health care system nursing practice. The topic chosen, prevent urinary tract infection in IU department with monitor by electronic chartingPlease be careful about the citations. To prevent most common Hospita...


    Using the Health Promotion program YOU are developing for the Expo Assessment, demonstrate your understanding of how the key Ottawa Charter actions apply in regards to your target population or community. This essay should discuss how health literacy...

  • Medical Education

    Question 1)The communication between the gut and the brain is influenced by a variety of neural, immune, endocrine and humoral signals. A.Discuss how gut-derived peptides/hormones modulate neural circuits underlying energy homeostasis and cognitiv...

  • Infection Control

    Choose a current article on evidence based public health and in 3 pages summarize and critique the approach and resulting conclusions drawn....

  • Community Nursing Practice

    Poor health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is an effect of marginalization and discrimination.Nurses can promote healthcare equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through socially inclusive nursing roles....


    Within public health, growing rates of overweight and obesity worldwide are generally considered to be a health crisis.This prompts questions about the causes of this public health issue,and thus how it can be addressed.There is much societal debate ...

  • Health Information System

    Alternative submission method Task back to top Background NewAccess is a mental health intervention which initially targeted youth aged 17 to 25, and is in the process of being expanded to young people as young as 12, and also to Indigenous youth. He...

  • Nursing Care

    Nursing is often described as the art of both science and caring. In this course, we introduce you to a framework of caring. This framework can be used as a mindful process to consider the care of others and that of yourself. To provide high quality ...

  • Health care services

    Outstanding CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION OF ALL MAJOR CONCEPTS AND KEY ISSUES related to human factors and workplace performance. Compellingly establishes THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO QUALITY AND SAFETY IN HEALTHCARE....

  • Diabetes in indigenous people in LA Perouse, NSW

    You will be required to identify and analyse a contemporary health issue that requires attention and action at a local or national level. The health issue should reflect a primary health care orientation. You will then be required to develop a progra...

  • Health improvement intervention to increase physical activity in a local population

    The health department of a country is concerned about the lack of physical activity in children. They haveappointed an expert (you) to advise them on how to develop a health improvement intervention toincrease physical activity in a local population,...

  • Health Improvement Implementation

    Drawing upon an example from your own country, write about the challenges around health improvementimplementation and evaluation, the multiple agendas from different stakeholders, and the potentialunintended consequences of promoting a ‘healthy...

  • Public Health System

    What should be the components of a successful national public health system?...

  • Approaches for health condition: Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension

    Write a short report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of population-wide versus targeted approaches to health improvement. Illustrate your discussion with an analysis of a specific health condition with respect to screening and the concept ...


    writing powerpoint on Oral Helth Presentation of minimum 25 Slides make order points like the below presentation but in oral health policy in Saudi Arabia

  • Leadership In Nursing

    Reflect on a recent clinical practice experience* where you have observed a situation that has demonstrated either exemplary leadership in action or where leadership was inadequate during the care and management of clients and / or staff. Your essay ...

  • Health Problem Associated with Poor Air Quality

    Write a report which recommends a programme to control one of: 1) Hepatitis C 2) Schistosomiasis 3) Health problems associated with poor air quality The programme should be considered within the context of a specific country which you can...

  • Medically Supervised Injecting Facility

    Write an essay on the following topic:A medically supervised injecting facility has recently been established, as a two-year trial, in North Richmond, Victoria. The development and subsequent implementation of this policy has taken more than 20 years...

  • Introduction to Veteran Treatment Courts in US

    Police and Court Banning Orders are used in Queensland and other Australian states to address violence in and around licenced premises. (See

  • Operation of Public Health Services

    What are the main principles for the operation of public health services? Write an essay...

  • Prevention of falls and injury among old people in hospital settings

    Rating ; 40 % Referencing style : APA guide 6th edition, should be recent dates (2014-2017). If needed you can write old reference too. Assessment. 1: Capstone experience outline in health care This assessment task provides you with the opportunity t...

  • MBA623- Healthcare Management, case study analysis

    Assessment Description An important skill that a healthcare manager must develop is the ability to analyze a health service or organization in terms of how well it is meeting its stated mission and objectives. From the documentary information that...

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