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Amway Case Study- Essentials of Amway Brand and why you need our help

A case study refers to the process or research centred on a particular brand. This research strategy investigates a real phenomenon offering a real-life context. Are you confused about writing a well drawn case study? offers a simplified and well executed help towards writing a perfectly tailored case study.

A case study undoubtedly is a difficult task to ace that involves a wide array of norms and regulations to offer a well researched approach to it. In this article, we will be dealing with the case study of Amway, the popular networking brand and the ways in which the professionals can help offer you an in-depth guidance writing one. Let us first know a few vital details of the brand.

About the company

Amway is a private company with American origin and is associated with multi-level marketing. Being founded in the year 1959, Amway (short term for American Way) is a revolutionary business model promoting direct selling. It was founded by Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos. Based in Ada in Michigan, the company is still thriving on the same properly where it was founded. It is a family owned company that manages to be the largest family owned business.

Amway Corporation has today successfully established itself as one of the leading marketing business on a multilevel platform. It has been well built on strong values along with founding principles while continuing to sustain till the very present. This business is essentially built on the integrity that helps individuals lead an improved lifestyle. At present, Amway is a multibillion-dollar business that represents freedom and opportunity to a million people in more than 88 countries across the world.


Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel, the founders of Amway had made a pact in high school to become entrepreneurs and set their firm footing in the same business. This was started with a flying school along with a drive-in restaurant. This is from where Amway was founded, from the basement of the homes in the year 1959. The brand was founded on the sole motive to building their success out of the goal to make others successful.

This was marked by the brand launching its very first product, the liquid organic cleaner which was one among the very first biodegradable multipurpose cleaners. The organic cleaner soon became a high seller with motivating the founders to take on the business seriously.  Soon the year 1962 marked the setup of very first international office in three cities of London, Canada and Ontario. No sooner did the ever popular artistry cosmetics brand debuted with 11 products and has introduced Artistry cosmetics brand. Artistry has now grown to becoming one of the top premium skincare brands across the world.


The brand attributes the sales growth to a wide array of significant investments in the field of digital tools and mobile experiences along with product innovations. This has paved way for the brand to attract while retain more number of customers. This includes social and ecommerce selling while connecting the additional products with the digital experiences. It also includes the personalization of nutrition and beauty products. The last recorded revenue of Amway is 880 crores USD, with China being the third largest market for Amway. China tops the global market with a revenue of USD 2.5 billion in the annual revenues, followed by Korea, the US, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and India.

India is a key market and holds a lot of potential to grow. With time, it is all set to become the third largest market in a decade. It is a USD 8.6 billion company which has rolled out the omni-channel platform in the second half of 2019 by paying large emphasis on digital platform for fuelling the next growth stage. The number of India’s sales accounts to USD 300 million with the top line been estimated to touch an USD 1 billion in the next decade. By comprising a group of active direct sellers of 550,000, 60 percent of the population is women.


The vision of the brand seems to be quite simple where they wish to work each and every day in order to help individuals live better lives. The company has further achieved by aiding people across the world to achieve the targets of attaining names internationally. The truest potential has been recognized by achieving targets and selling quality products to buyers worldwide. This has paved way for the company to develop Global Cause Program that enables the brand to reflect their concern for individuals worldwide. As the vision has been achieved by Amway, a set of another mission needs to be proposed.

Apart from bringing their vision into reality, the brand also seeks to ensure individuals worldwide that each of them has the perfect opportunity to attain the required goals through marketing and sales plan. The mission is only going to be effective with the association of distributors, employees, and founding families and undoubtedly the quality products in hand. Alongside, Amway also believes in the proper usage and management of the resources while protecting the environment. By producing products that has a minimized impact on the environment, Amway seeks to offer prevention to pollution and set a different standard of goals.

Along with being compliant with the environmental standards, Amway has established the objectives very well. The objectives cater to building satisfaction and loyalty among the business owners while enhancing the reputation like that of a caring organization. This tends to form a real difference in the lives of human beings. Amway rewards the business owners for the commitment, contribution and the efforts. The campaign offers independent business owners for the contribution and efforts they make in business.

The growth of the company has largely been witnessed due to the brand making significant efforts to developing a sustainable brand reputation and offering care towards the large business team. It seeks to commit to the activity that helps in improving the lives of children and family. It further enhances the reputation as being a caring organization that concentrates towards the care of its members and team.

The sales of the company have constantly been increasing starting from the year 2007-2009. The operating income to sales measures the profitability of the company. The year 2007 had witnessed a return of 20.6% on sales with the company incurring 2-% in 2008 with 14.9% in the year 2009. The growth in its sales is merely a result of the sharp focus that Amway laid on the experience of the business owners and that of the customers while buying, selling and using the products. The managing group still believes on continuing to making investments that enables them to enjoy and witness every single opportunity for the success.

The growth of sales attributes to significant investments been made in the mobile experiences and digital tools in addition to the product innovations that have made a considerable impact on retaining more amount of customers. Some of these factors include the facilitation of social selling and ecommerce. This has led to the facilitation of additional products with a wide array of digital experiences. It has also led way to personalizing an increased amount of beauty and nutrition products.

These investments have caused a reasonable impact which has been mostly seen in China that is also the largest market of the business. The year 2018 marked about 70% of the sales in China were performed through orders made on the mobile platform. With investments been made in the digital forum, Amway has been able to meet the growing appetite for ecommerce. Momentum has already started to build with a justifiable growth due to the digital innovations taking place. Healthy and steady growth is hugely anticipated to continue in the future.

Recent new programs:

  • Along with adding an ecommerce and other digital platforms, Amway has also introduced a wide array of applications and initiatives that has paved way for the ABOs to manage the businesses on the go. At the same time, it also manages to enhance the experiences of shopping making the experience a worthwhile one by achieving the following:
  • The business app is available in countries including United States, Dominican Republic along with Canada that efficiently allows the business owners to manage as well as monitor the business from the fingertips. All processes can be handled here including the registration process, checking the volume of sales, action report viewing and so on.
  • Nutrilite has introduced a traceability program that has been introduced in China, Korea and Japan is quite a unique differentiator. It tends to increase the visibility of the ways in which the botanical content in Nutrilite vitamins can be traced throughout the ingredient journey. This is able to reflect the who, what, how and when behind the products.
  • Artistry has introduced the beauty app that allows the users to try and use distinct cosmetics and skincare products of the beauty chain. Reports state that a total of 260,000 people accounts to have downloaded the application.
  • The first ever connective device of the business module, Atmosphere Sky continued to form a great impact on the global scenario along with its app Atmosphere Connect. It offers users the best quality air remotely. Amway is currently developing units in United States that can work on the basis of voice activation through Alexa.

Amway has further combined the digital inventions with its expertise in the field of nutrition, health and beauty while leveraging a high demand for achieving more personalized and natural range of beauty products.

  • The United States witnessed the implementation of BodyKey SmartLoss program which refers to a personalized program. It also includes a distinctive line of meal replacement shakes which essentially serves as a personal coach. It does so by helping the users to achieve proper goals related to the management of weight.
  • The line of Nutrilite Traditional Herbs was launched in India, a market that attracted the advent of ayurvedic products. The supplements became quite a hit among the young generation who became more inclined on the ayurvedic products.

Present Status of Amway:

Looking at growth prospects, Amway now targets revenue of INR 6000 crore by the year 2025. The brand also expects India to be on the top 3 list achieving the biggest market of the brand. Amway is also eyeing a three-fold growth in the business module by 2025. The growth is due to be fuelled by a lot of digital advancements along with innovations. It is also to be fuelled by a wide array of young customers entering the direct sellers group.

Globally, the brand at present is over 59 years old and has a turnover of USD 8.6 billion. The brand now plans to invest another 100 crore in the next 2-3 years in India with a proper distribution of 70 crore in the sector of R&D, with 20 to 30 crore in digital initiatives and 10 crore in the manufacturing sector. With a plan of investing 1000 crore in India, Rs 600 crore has already been invested for manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu and Madurai.

With a motive to invest in online platforms, the company intends to stock up their sales up to 40 to 50 percent in the next few years. Amway is looking at achieving a 6-7% growth next year by being driven the beauty and health segments. The year 2018 has witnessed the brand earning a sales of Rs 1900 crore with   50 percent of the sales been achieved by healthcare, 30% by beauty or personal care with the remaining 7% by the consumer products.

At present, Amway seeks to build a considerable focus on the health and beauty sector and achieve a double digit growth in the category. This growth is likely going to contribute to about 20% of the revenue in the next 5 years. It has recently announced the launch of Artistry Intensive Skincare Advanced Vitamin C+ formula. Laying a strong emphasis on the beauty category, and premium quality skin range, Artistry today has contributed to making a double-digit growth with slowly achieving to become the leading brand in the segment of skincare.

 At the same time, Amway is also laying a considerable focus on boosting the sales while expecting a 50% rise in the revenue through the channel. A lot of investment is been made to get the website deliver an improved user experience. With an aim to revamp the logistics and distribution, Amway aims to cater to the needs of an increased number of users.

Marketing Content

One of the biggest business modules serves more than 71 million households; it has paved way for being the top direct selling firm. With a presence in more than 110 countries worldwide, the brand strives to continue to become an organization that is customer centric. The prime strategy involves the commitment to manufacturing and developing quality products to serve the needs of a million users.  By competing with other big direct selling companies including Modicare, Avon, Oriflame, VLCC and others, the brand works on two tier business models that comprises of B2C and C2C

The customers usually are in the age group of 20-60 years and are acquired by positive word of mouth marketing. The customers play a huge role in the business as each customer is seen bringing forward new customers and achieve incentives as a result. With a pyramid structure module, the business model seeks to bring in new set of customers each day. Each product that a customer buys from a retailer, it tends to benefit the entire chain system.

This, as a result, benefits the entire chain and brings in revenue for each person associated in the chain. This is one of the biggest strategies that Amway has implemented to bring a considerable impact in the scenario.

The competency is the commitment to manufacturing innovative and quality product while empowering each of the business owners and propagating benefits with the aid of face to face interaction with other set of customers.

Amway also intends to bring about several promotional offers for its regular customers. It offers special discounts as rewards and achieves customer loyalty. It offers discounts, schemes on a number of products at distinct periods. This is done in an effort to attract a new set of customers while keeping present ones happy and satisfied. The brand makes use of the brand image, products and services as essential tools for gaining competitive benefits. It also offers warranty for each and every product for a particular time period.

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