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It is important to understand what goes inside preparing a case study. To start writing a case study and ensuring that it has covered all the points required is not a small task. Students have to give in their best by analyzing the facts deeply and then present their views. Talking about drafting a case study on Adidas is a big short thing as it's a name in the sports industry.

It falls under the category of business case studies. You have to deeply analyze the brand like its history, growth, revenue, marketing, present status, ups & downs etc. It becomes crucial for students to present a high-quality case study so that they can secure their grades for the finals.

But, what we often see is that students face trouble in researching well, and they are unable to draft proper case studies due to the lack of knowledge. Therefore, they move toward taking reliable Adidas Case Study Help. 

At LiveWebTutors you will get high-quality case study writing service. We have a team of expert case study writers who have experience in drafting Adidas case studies for students. They can easily perform a SWOT analysis on Adidas brand and every time come up with new and fresh content.

Our writers know the techniques with which an extraordinary case study can be developed which fulfils the requirements provided by the universities and colleges. Our Adidas based study is in-depth which answers every question that gets raised.

You get a benefit of submitting high-quality work within the deadline, that will 100% impress your professor. Our Adidas case study help service beats every other service in the market because we have grown ahead by learning from mistakes. Our experts know what can go wrong and what things the professor may not like. They totally avoid those mistakes and therefore can create a piece that gets appreciated. 

Were you looking for the best Adidas Case Study Help? Here you go!

Writing a case study on a global brand like Adidas can actually be really tough and tiring. It needs students to actually work on the concepts in detail and give their full time towards creating the best. When we say that you need to analyse a brand, what do you think needs to be done? Just going through a few pages? Well, we wish it could have been that easy.

But, it is not only about referring to web pages but also about reading other published papers and articles where you can find relevant data which is accurate and approved. We can't just mention theory on our own without even justifying the source.

Then there is a need to do actual surveys from where you get to know the reality. Various other methodologies get included when you have to prepare a case study.

Students often lack the energy and time to do all this research and therefore they want someone to help them. Some of them are unable to find relevant sources from where data can get collected. It’s ok as we understand the pain. It is always better to take help rather than submitting low quality work.

The Adidas case study help experts at LiveWebTutors have access to various trusted and genuine sources from where they conduct thorough research. They can deliver both quantity and quality. Our assignment help services are recognised as one of the best in providing satisfactory results.

If you are worried about the deadline and price, then we have got you covered. Our writers have never missed any deadline up till now and our prices are the best in this industry. You can avail our Adidas case study help service at an affordable price. Let's see what our experts have to say about Adidas.  

Adidas History

Adidas is one of the most renowned sports brands that designs, produces and creates various sports accessories and clothing. Two brothers from Germany named Adi and Rudolf Dassler founded this company in 1924. The company's initial name was Dassler Shoes.

But later, in 1948 Rudolf left the company and went away to start his own company which he named Puma. Puma became one of the competitors of Adidas. Then, Adi changed the name of the company to Adidas from Dassler Shoes.

Adidas got its name registered in 1949. It started to gain a lot of popularity as one of the leading athletic footwear brands until 1972. In 1972, Nike was launched in the 1972 Olympics.  But, Adidas was still doing fine. It again gained popularity when one of the famous hip-hop dance groups named Run-DMC wore the label and got it updated.

What is the target market for Adidas?

Adidas mainly focuses on the audience which is around 13-30 years of age belonging to sports or any other discipline. The rates of their products are affordable but the quality is of high end.

Earlier it was launched only for sports people who are into playing different sports, but then as per the changing trends, people of other disciplines also started purchasing the products due to its high quality. Adidas has kept its rates in such a range where middle-class people can also afford the products.

Its main target audience is teenagers who play different types of sports. Football is one of the sports where the demand for Adidas shoes was rising and the shoes are used till date. Then there is another type of audience who are not into sports. They go for the brand name and the looks of the shoes. This range of audience is generally between 16-25, both males and females.

Adidas is not picky about its outlets. Other than the original Adidas outlets, the brand products can be found in any of the high-street ranged shops. The sections may differ like fashion, football, footwear, swimwear, etc.

Adidas also allows online outlets like Asos to sell their pieces, based on their reputation and market value. The pricing strategy that Adidas adopt is a premium pricing strategy which comes in contrast with its competition i.e., Puma, Nike, etc. Adidas with its pricing depicts that it offers premium quality than other brands and it also offers a higher-end lifestyle than its competitors.

What is Adidas Marketing Strategy?

Adidas group has always been working on one spirit i.e., "make athletes perform better." The brand has been reaching out in the market with this motto and has connected with the sports industry like none other brands. Adidas has always kept its technologies and campaigns up to date. They launched a campaign with the slogan "impossible is nothing." They have sold this idea to their consumers really well.

Adidas uses strong PR skills to spread their brand awareness among people. They are into sponsorship and endorsements. Famous football celebrities like David Beckham and Lionel Messi have done brand endorsement for Adidas. This outshined their brand well.

Soon, apart from footwear, Adidas moved ahead and started its clothing line with tracksuits, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. The Rap Group Run-DMC also did a brand endorsement for Adidas. They released a song about Adidas named "My Adidas." In this song, they expressed their love for the clothing line of Adidas.

Adidas kept on changing with the trend like it started with just shoes but then slowly moved on to clothing line, then fashion, swimwear, etc. Adidas keeps on analysing the needs of its consumers and then jumps in the market from different angles. This also helps Adidas to get less affected by various market risks.

Adidas keeps on growing ahead with the innovations in its products. It provides an open platform for future growth and therefore it is different from its competitors. The brand works with different famous sports personalities in partnership so that its face can come upfront in different disciplines.

Adidas also has a rich association with the Olympic movement and they are proud to accept the fact that Adidas supports 26 out of 28 Olympic disciplines. This is something big and no other brand has been able to achieve it.

Adidas target market is expanding and it keeps on experimenting with its strategies. It works on advertisements with top known personalities and runs public relations campaigns. It also sponsored the FIFA World Cup 2002.

S.W.O.T Analysis of Adidas

Here are some of the crucial points that got analysed under S.W.O.T Analysis of Adidas. If you feel at any moment that you need expert help, then our experts will immediately provide you with the best Adidas Case Study Help. You simply have to order from us and we will guide you through. 

Strengths of Adidas:-

  • Brand Endorsement of Adidas has been done by various famous celebrities like the Run-DMC band, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, etc.
  • Adidas has a strong brand value. All products of Adidas are of high quality and you can avail them at a reasonable price which is not too expensive.
  • Adidas has the largest market share in Europe.
  • It promotes the wellness of the athletes and therefore it has spread its wings really wide in the sports industry and is trusted and prefered by most of the sportspersons. It is also because of its strong marketing strategies.
  • Adidas knows its consumers well and understands what they want. Therefore, it can deliver the best as per the consumer demand.
  • Most of the income that Adidas adds on in the bucket is from sports and that also from football shoes. It is one of the most played games in the world.
  • Highly recognisable brand name and logo among various households in the world.

Weaknesses of Adidas:-

  • Overseas factories of Adidas show poor working conditions.
  • It has poor customer service at some places that sometimes result in customer complaints. The employees at the outlets didn't know how to deal with the customer queries.
  • E-commerce still needs to expand more.
  • Company is releasing a limited budget for its advertisement. They need to plan more for much better results.
  • Focuses more on football boots. Should also focus on other products too.


  • Nike is coming up with more budget than Adidas and is gaining a larger market share in sportswear, mainly in footwear.
  • Some brand endorsements went wrong which lead towards a negative impression.
  • In future, the company needs to be prepared as they might face some common threats like recession and economic crisis.
  • Other competitors are investing more in advertisements and promoting their brand. This is a threat to Adidas.

Opportunities for Adidas:-

  • Adidas can easily expand more by growing its branches of retail outlets internationally and through e-commerce outlets.
  • It needs to increase its endorsement programs.
  • Adidas can increase positive outcomes really fast by working on its marketing and sales strategies. One great solution is to start working towards the advertisement of its products with the help of different technologies.
  • Include more fashion base endorsements and expand its fashion market.

Why do students look for Adidas Case Study Help?

Whether it is SWOT analysis or pestle analysis, students find themselves in the mid of a sea where there is a lot of data but not the right techniques to sail through. They fail to understand which side they should start to paddle first and how they should dive in the right place. There are various types of issues that students face. We have mentioned some of those issues below.

Our Adidas case study help experts will guide you to sail away safely to the shore:-

  1. The burden of various assignments- Students often stressed by different assignments assigned to them by their professors. On top of this, there are various personal commitments which they need to deal with like part-time jobs, activities like sports, extracurriculars, etc. which needs their time and are equally important. So it becomes hard to find time for completing a case study. This is the reason they have to take assignment help online.
  2. Poor Time management skills- Some students fail to finish their case study on time.  They face a lack of time. We feel that the reason behind it is poor time management skills. Students even get bad dreams as they get tense due to the thought of scoring low grades or performing poorly in exams. 
  3. Insufficient Information- Another common issue that students face is not getting enough information to lead a case study. Due to this reason, students start feeling helpless with their case studies and start looking for help.
  4. Getting bored easily- Some students face this issue. They submit low-quality case studies and sometimes even fail to submit their work on time. Students face this issue when they start to write on a topic that is unable to hold their attention. They feel the topic is boring and therefore is uninteresting. It may be a tough topic that needs in-depth research, but students fail to do so as well. 
  5. Distractions- Anyone can easily get distracted if they are surrounded by their favourite things. Students easily face such distractions when they sit and study. These Distractions include watching T.V. shows, using mobile phones, the internet, music, etc. It becomes really tough in such situations to just prepare your assignment. 
  6. Incorrect formatting- Students often fail to maintain the format from top to bottom. You need to make sure that the format is the same from the beginning until the end in all the sections of your case study. There are various formats like Harward, Chicago, Oxford, APL, etc. There are chances of getting a rework due to the formatting error.
  7.  Lack of Referencing- Putting relevant referencing in your case study is crucial, but students often fail to do so. They are unable to generate references due to insufficient sources. The fact is that these citations & references make your case study look authentic. You also stay away from Plagiarism issues. If you want to avoid this problem, then the best thing is to take Adidas case study help from a professional who knows how to generate accurate references.

How can you avail our Adidas Case Study Help?

It is very easy to avail our Adidas Case Study Help. You just need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below, and you will receive a perfect case study delivered to you within the deadline.

STEP 1- Submit your requirements :- The first step is really easy. You just have to fill up an online order form so that we can know what you require from us. In the form, you will have to fill in basic details like subject, no. of words, deadlines, etc. Once you are done, just quickly upload your document and submit. Our team members will take a look at your requirements and will soon share a quote with you via email.

STEP 2- Make the Payment :- Once the amount is settled, you have to make the payment via suitable means. We use the safest payment gateway that is, PayPal. It is very safe and secure. No need to worry about the security of your money. You can also pay via debit or credit card. As soon as we receive your payment, our team will send you the confirmation email. A writer will quickly get assigned for your case study and he/she will start working.

STEP 3- Download your case study :- Be rest assured as all our writers are professionals. They understand the cruciality of submitting papers within the deadline. So, you will receive your case study within the provided time frame. The papers that you receive will be 100% plagiarism-free. There will be no complaints regarding errors in the papers. Our quality team edits & proofreads your paper properly. That's why we are considered as one of the best online assignment help services in the world.

Why choose LiveWebTutors for Adidas Case Study Help?

LiveWebTutors has helped over thousands of students of different academic levels. All those students went back with satisfaction and we helped them score well. Students prefer us over others because of the genuine features of our Adidas case study help service. Our experts can easily save you from entering into stress by guiding you in the best way possible.

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